26 Yrs, 126lbs, 5'3" & 2 Kids - Scottsdale, AZ

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I have two beautiful children and I nursed both....

I have two beautiful children and I nursed both. Not happy with the size or volume currently. So I have decided to spend some money on mommy!

Currently I'm a Small 36B and I would like to be a 38D/36DD

Still in the beginning phases, have 3 conciltations booked over the next two weeks! Yay! Any tips?

Wish boobs

Looking to be about a D/DD

Stretch marks?

I currently have some small stretch marks on both boobs, will they get worst? Is there any cream or ointments that anyone would recommend?

Made my rice sizers

Tried a variety of sizes and I'm loving 475ccs! Tried all different bras and tops! Should I bring my rice sizers to my consultation?

1st Consultion!

Ekkkk. My first consultation is in 5 days. I've been up obsessing and I've been on this website literally every day. I'm looking to get about 475cc textured silicone implants. But I'm starting to wonder if I might need a lift too!

Which makes me really nervous! I wouldn't consider my boobs saggy, but they're not perky either. I guess I have to wait until I see the doctor. Either way my nerves are a wreck. I can't wait for the appointment it's on 4/26. Then I have a couple of their consultations booked, one on 4/29, 5/03, and 5/10. I've even looked up all the doctors medical licenses!

And my homemade rice packs have helped immensely. I wore them to work the other day, but I felt so goofy that I took him out before he went into the office. But it's great to get used to the size.

To tell or NOT to tell.....

I have 3 step children (from my husbands first marriage) and they are 18,16,13. Two boys and a girl. They live with us full time.

I'm debating on how much to share with them about my surgery. Obviously they will know I am having surgery of some kind, but do I tell them what for?
My husband doesn't think it's their business, but I think they will know something and then talk among themselves anyways. I think it may be better to share with them a small bit about the surgery but I'm not sure what and how much.... Anyone else in the same situation. Any help suggestions?

I think when it comes to telling others, I'm not going to. If they ask I will be honest but I'm not sharing it with people. My husband and my two closest friends know (one has already had an augmentation years ago). But as for my parents and in-laws I'm not sharing with. At least not right now.

1st Consultation

Had my first consultation today!!! Yay!

Was with Dr. Aldo Guerra in Scottsdale, AZ.
It went great! He said he doesn't think I need a lift. (Sigh of relief) He says I'm not a candidate for a lift.

We decided that 500cc, which scares me a bit, High Profile Textured, Duel plane under the muscle is the way to go!

I'm so excited!!!! Although I do have 3 other consultations in the next week & a half. We will see what the rest of the doctors say! Yay! Omg sooooo excited.

2nd Consultation

I had my 2nd Consultation with Dr. Repta in Svottsdale, AZ on Friday - 4/29. He was such a wealth of information, made me feel so comfortable. We decided that we would 500-650cc ((Highest amount yet)) to get the look I want with silicon mentor textured / dual plane. He does the surgery right there in his office in the surgery center in the building. So far I like his bedside manner the best. 2 down/2 Togo!!!

3rd & 4th Consultations

My third consultation was with Dr. Andres in Scottsdale. He was very nice he did a pretty thorough examination, but I felt like his two assistants did most of the work up and he spent very little time with me. He did give me some good information on the risk factors more so than other doctors. He suggested based on my wish pictures and what I told him I wanted to be that we should go with 450 to 500cc Silicone textured dual plane moderate profile. My 4th consultation was with Dr. Ramon Roblas in Phx. I really liked him. I was not too impressed with the office or the location of the office but as soon as I got to meet him I immediately felt very comfortable with him. He suggested 650 to 700cc (The highest so far) which intimidates me just a little bit. He gave me great information, and suggested that we do silicone memory gel, also called gummy bear, smooth, and ultra high profile. I was a little hesitant at first because I really do want textured implants but Dr. Robles told me that textured implants are more widely used with shaped implants and since I want round implants he would rather do smooth. Decisions decisions…… I'm hoping to do all my research on each of the doctors and make a decision sometime this coming week because I'd like to book surgery for mid to late June. Any other June surgeries booked?

Scheduled surgery!

I finally picked a doctor, Dr. Ramon Robles scheduled surgery for June 16. I am so excited! My preop appointment is June 9, and I don't really think it has sunk in yet. At my preop appointment we will be deciding on the specific size. Right now I'm leaning towards 600ccs or 650ccs, round HP silicone. Have looked at Dr. Robles's work and I absolutely love it, I feel that he can give me the exact results that I want. I am over the moon excited!!!

Surgery Day

Today was surgery day!
I'm on the other side now yay! My surgery was scheduled for 7:30am, so I checked in at 6:00pm at the surgery center. Met with Doctor Robles and the anesthesiologist, and then went back. I was done by 9:10am. We decided to go with 650cc HP, silicone implants under the muscle.
I'm in a lot of pain now, mostly I feel pressure. I can home and slept but I'm a stomach sleeper and so I was very uncomfortable.

Surgery day pics

Post Op day #2

Sleeping is so hard, I'm a stomach sleeper and having to lay on my back to sleep is very difficult. It's painful to try to move to my side so I have only been sleeping on my back propped up by pillows. I'm pain level is about a 4, i have been taking 800mg of ibuprofen about every 4-6 hrs and then a pain pill before bed and when needed during the day. I'm still very swollen and puffy. I hope it goes down, as I go back to work in 4 days. I ventured out of the house today with my hubby to get a few things from the grocery store. Felt good to get up and out of the house.

4 Days Post Op

Great day! I'm feeling good, each morning when I wake up I'm less and less sore. I was even able to sleep on my sides a little last night. Yippee! I go back to work tomorrow and I'm going to try to hid my puffiness a little. I tried on a couple tops and it's still so obvious. They still haven't quite dropped and fluffed out much. Although it does seem like my left is dropping faster. I took ibuprofen once today and I'm still taking my antibiotic, no pain in pulls today! I have my follow up appt with my doctor this Friday (in 3 days). Im already so glad I went through with it!

6 days PostOp

I'm feeling almost 100%. I'm able to sleep on my sides for a majority of the night. I'm having back pain/cramps towards the end of the day since I'm still getting used to the weight difference. I'm so happy with my results and they feel softer everyday!

2weeks post BA

Quick 2 week post BA update. I feel almost completely normal again, and I'm able to resume normal activity.

2 months Post Op

I'm two months post operative and I absolutely LOVE my results. Wish I had done it sooner!

3 months post op - So Happy!!

I am beyond happy with results. I'm 3 months post op! My results are fabulous!
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