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I have been unhappy with the way that my...

I have been unhappy with the way that my midsection always pours out above my waist band on my pants. I am constantly pulling them up to try to hide it or mask it. I decided it was time for a change. I went to sonobello and ended up deciding to have three areas treated with laser assisted liposuction.

Day of procedure

Went in and had the cocktail to relax me for the lipo. The numbing of the areas with the tumulesant (sp?) was at times painful and took what seemed the longest to me. Afterwards the suction began. We listened to my choice of music. By the time the lipo started I was not having to much feeling in reaction to it other then a twinge here and there. At one point towards the end I was feeling certain spots were getting sore as opposed to others.

One day after laser assisted lipo

Very sore this morning. I thought I'd be able to sorry before leaving the hose but my body hurt and I could barely to remove the compression garment. However i was leaking pretty badly so I just changed out the pads. I did go into town and was active thriller the day. I soaked thru my cloths in places. Make sure you wear dark cloths to help disguise the leaking but otherwise I feel movement is obtainable and I believe it helped me. I felt much better standing up. When it came to sitting down it was very painful and I noticed it was making marks on my stomach in the areas of my swelling. I was much more feeling up to showering later in the night. The leakage had slowed greatly with not all areas having leakage. One thing I notice is I still have a pooch. I'm a little alarmed what if it just hangs there? I suppose I should of asked for a better idea how I'd look after surgery specially in that area. The parts that have swelling are easy to tell from the ones that had less surface work done. Atleast that how I'd explain it in my observation and the stomach pooch has a bit more fluff as Dr Stutman calls it. The belly itself is the least sore. The pubic area, upper stomach and sides being the most painful. I took some pictures, no it was not done at hospital nor did I stay in one. It was done in a outpatient surgical center.

3rd day postop

Very sore yesterday. Getting up and sitting down like to kill me. One thing that I cannot do is bend over. God forbid I drop something as bending over is impossible, however if I stoop to my knee holding onto something I am able to do it. My vajaja is swollen and sore. Walking is a chore. I took pictures however things don't look much different then yesterday.

3rd day post op

I am so sore today. I feel like I'm tearing apart in certain spots. The area as a whole is sore however certain areas are very very painful.

5th day post op - OUCH

Woke up in the worst pain I have ever experienced. This is awful, got me wondering if something is wrong. The shooting pains, tightness in the areas are do painful. Not to mention if I accidentally hit into something the pains are extreme. ????
Scottsdale Plastic Surgeon

Dr Stutman is very laid back and will answer any questions honestly. Since the first time I met him I felt able to say or ask anything knowing he would give he honest answer. My only complaint would be that I would of liked him to cover common things that I didn't think to ask. I plan to ask those thing on my one week appointment.

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