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So, after several months of considering...

So, after several months of considering liposuction (and possibly a fat transfer), I have decided to bite the bullet! I finally narrowed it down and decided to go ahead and book a few consultations. I looked at several before and after photos, and even looked at some real self posts as well, to try and decide on my top surgeons to perform consultations with. I am super excited and nervous at the same time. My consultations are booked for tomorrow and Thursday!

Consultation Time

I just finished up my consultations. I had three scheduled, but by the second consultation I knew who I was going with. (Btw, I'm super excited with my decision!) So I will start out with my first one.
The first consultation I went to yesterday was at Sono Bello in Scottsdale. The office staff were okay, not overly friendly. During the consult I met with one of the girls. She was very young, so I asked if she had ever had the surgery. She had not. In the back of my head I was thinking how could this girl be giving me a consultation when she has never had the surgery herself!?! Anyways...she took my weight and height and told me she was calculating my BMI to help figure out the cost. She also took a look at the areas I was unhappy with and rushed me through the consultation and asked for my credit info. She was trying to run my credit and book my surgery right off the bat without me even making a decision! I explained to her that I still had appointments to see a couple other doctors. I never got to meet the doctor, I almost felt like it was just a strip mall consult. This really tuned me off. I just didn't feel like it was for me.
My second consultation was at Infini Cosmetic in Scottsdale with Dr. William Hall. When I walked in the staff was very friendly and accommodating. I actually met with the doctor which was a great surprise! He was showed me some pictures and explained the process as well. He then took a look at my areas, he also made some suggestions of what he thought would be best. (Whereas I met with only a young lady at Sono Bello who couldn't point these things out because she wasn't a doctor!) So this really did help me in my decision making process and choosing which areas would most enhance my overall figure. I then met with the patient coordinator and she literally walked me through the entire process step by step. She showed me the areas she had done the surgery on. (Which looked great and I couldn't even see the incision sites!) They spent a lot of time with me and made me feel very comfortable.
So I decided to cancel my third consultation because I felt like Dr. Hall is ultimately the best choice for me.

Photos of My Problem Areas

So here are a couple photos of the areas I am unhappy with.

Surgery Date

I finally booked my surgery today and I just had to put $1000 down to hold my spot, which will be deducted from my total day of surgery. I was quoted out for abdomen, waist/hips, and outer thighs with a fat transfer for a total of $9500. (The addition of the fat transfer is $3000, which makes my lipo surgery only $6500, which I feel is very reasonable.) My surgery date is scheduled for December 11th. Now that I have a date scheduled I feel like it is actually going to happen! Super excited!

Sx Update

I had my surgery scheduled for December 11th, but I had a family emergency, so I had to delay it a little bit. So I am super bummed out about that. But, I'm sure it will be here sooner than later. So in the meantime I'm very antsy (wanting the surgery soooo bad). So, I've just been watching all of Dr. Hall's videos on his website www.phoenixliposuction.com It's pretty cool becuase you can see the full surgeries and he goes into depth about everything. Just wishing it was me! I will keep everyone updated as soon as I can get back in...

Sx Date Finally Rescheduled

I was finally able to get back on the books for my surgery. I will officially have my surgery this March, on the 26th. I'm beyond excited, and can't wait to get into a bathing suit!

Pre-Op Phone Call

I received my pre-op phone call from Dr. Hall's office today. The office girl made sure I had all my prescriptions filled and supplies for after surgery. My surgery is scheduled for 3:30, but they want me at the office about half an hour early to start on paperwork. I was also instructed to not drink any caffeine day of surgery. After the phone call, I think the reality of having the surgery is finally setting in. I will post some more updated photos soon too.

Day Before Surgery

My big day is tomorrow and I'm extremely excited! So, this morning I was instructed to wash my surgical areas with Hibiclens, and I will continue to do so until it is all gone. I also started on my antibiotic. I purchased Arnica from the office, which helps with the bruising and swelling, so I am starting that today as well. When I get off work today, I am going to make sure I have a bag packed for tomorrow, with my extra clothing, pads, and all that good stuff.

Today is the Big Day

Today is the big day. My surgery is today at 3:30, so I am about to be en route after this quick blog. I thought I was going to be extremely nervous, but I'm really not. I think because I know I'm in good hands, it has put my at ease. I am super excited, I took some before photos of myself in an outfit, and I plan on taking the photos again after the surgery in the same outfit, so I can (and you guys too) really see the difference. But, I will try and post those today after the surgery. I will keep everyone updated once I am done, since I'm sure I'll just be hanging around afterwords. Excited to see the results!

Morning After Surgery

Yesterday I had my surgery, and I can't believe how easy it was! I will go through my experience step by step for those of you that are curious. I arrived at Infini Cosmetic about half an hour before my appointment as requested, and started on all of my consents for surgery. Once I was done, a nurse took me back into the surgery room. She gave me my medications, weighed me, and took my before photos. After that Dr. Hall came in and drew on me and explained the process. Then once in the surgery bed they wiped my down, injected some numbing solution and made the incision sites. After that he filled me with the anesthesia fluid, and let that work its magic. Then the surgery started. The worst part was probably the anesthesia because it had a stinging sensation, but on a scale of 1-10, it was probably a 2-3. So, not bad at all. The actual liposuction was even easier, I could barely feel it, it was maybe a 1-2, and it seems fairly quick. The Brazilian Butt Lift was about a 2, there were a couple little zingers, but all in all I would do it again.
I'm currently in an under garment which reduces the swelling, I don't think it's uncomfortable, it's just hard to move in it. I slept through the night very well, I only woke up a couple times, and took my pain med just twice so far. I also just took tylenol for my last dose, which seems to help just as much. I just feel a little sore, but I have felt way worst after squats. I haven't taken my first shower yet, but I will later today. As of now, I definitely could have gone to work today. Easy Breezy!

Photos in Clothing Before Surgery

Photos After Surgery

So I decided to take a shower, and snap a couple photos while I changed the pads and had the garment off. The shower stung a little, kind of like a sunburn. But I did clean the areas with hibiclens. I still have some draining and I can see some fluid in the abdominal area, which will go away on it's own. The garment was a little hard to get on, but manageable by myself. I definitely can see the change taking for already! The photos I have included are not even 24 hours post op yet.

5 Days Post Op

My recovery so far has been extremely easy. The worst part were the first couple days of just taking it easy because it got really boring just staying at home. So I had my surgery on Thursday evening and I actually went to a little get together on Saturday night. A majority of my draining had already stopped, so I only put two little pads on the outer thighs. I was able to put on form fitting clothes, although it did look a little bulky in the thigh area because of the pads. I had on my wedges too, and was able to stand all night without any complications. I still sleep on my stomach, just so I'm not putting and pressure on my butt. The next day, Sunday, I was out and about with no problem. By Sunday all my draining had stopped, and I put on normal clothes, this time with no padding underneath. I went to a party, I tried to avoid sitting as much as possible, but if i did I tried to take most of the pressure off my butt. I even got a massage that day, but I had the masseuse avoid below the waist. Yesterday, on Monday, I came back to work, and I got to wear a form fitting little dress, and I can't believe how amazing I look! My coworkers are all aware of the surgery, and they were in awe. After work yesterday, I went to the mall and two women actually stopped me. She asked if I worked out, and I told her sometimes, and then she proceeded to tell me that my body looked amazing, and she wanted my body. I literally couldn't be more thrilled. I'm so ecstatic that I got a complement from a complete stranger, and not even a week out of surgery.

6 Days Post Op

Still so far so good. But, today I really started to bruise in the outer thigh area. It may be because I had my garment off for a little longer that I was supposed to. However, I did get it back on. Tomorrow is my one week follow up with Dr. Hall.

3.5 Months Post Op

So below I included a link to my YouTube Video which chronicles my lipo surgery and story. Check it out!

5.5 Months Post Liposuction and BBL

So I am about 5 1/2 months out now, I had my liposuction On March 26, 2015. I have posted my after photos of the final results. As the time goes on the areas continually get better and better! (Which I couldn't have even imagined, because the results were already fantastic!) My clothes fit so much better, and I'm not embarrassed to be in a bikini anymore. Liposuction with Dr. William Hall is one of the best decisions I've ever made in my life!
Scottsdale Physician

Dr. Hall and staff did amazing! I will forever be thankful for my new body. I highly recommend Dr. Hall and Infini Cosmetic to any individual seeking liposuction or a Brazilian Butt Lift. The minimally invasive procedure had me on my feet the very next day, with very little to no discomfort.

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