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I had the procedure done on Fri, June 22nd. The...

I had the procedure done on Fri, June 22nd. The procedure took about an hour plus an additional 45 minutes prep time for photos and pain med.I had my lower abs and flanks\love handles done. They used 3 passes at 50 on 18 sites (12 on abs and 3 on each flank).

I did my initial consult about two weeks ago. They were very kind and interested in what I wanted. My dear hubby was there with me insisting that I looked "fine" already (gotta love him, lol). They asked me to show the areas that concerned me and then asked permission to pinch my skin to determine if the Liposonix or Cool Sculpting would be better for my desired outcome. We all agreed upon the Liposinix. They took out a piece of plastic with holes on it and measured the areas to be treated and then was able to quote me a price. All of their services are prepay at the time of booking the appointment. I booked my appointment and paid about two days after the initial consult. A few days later they called in the Valium (1 each) and Vicodin (2 each) to a Walgreen's near my home. The instructions on the pill bottles said to bring them to the procedure and give them to the Dr.

I arrived on time at the facility and was ushered into a room in the back (by Tina, I think) where I changed into blue paper underclothes, a hospital gown and a robe. I gave them the meds from Walgreen's and was asked if I had eaten anything. I had, as Dr Vandyke had called me a week prior to the procedure to see if I had any questions and to reminded me to eat before I came as well to make sure to drink plenty of water the days leading up to the procedure.

After changing I was led into another room that had a bathroom, TV, light dimmer and music playing. I was told that this would be my room until the completion of the procedure. I was VERY nervous so at that time I was give a Valium to relax. I was lead to a photo room where photos were taken at 6- 8 different angles.

I was also weighed and had my blood pressure checked and was measured. They marked up my stomach into grids with numbers. What was really good about it was that the two women (Heather and Grace, perfectionist for sure) were not initially pleased with the first outcome (of the markings) so erased them from my body and started over. It was as if they were sculptors going for the best design. By then the Valium had kicked in and I was very calm and a chatterbox. I don't exactly remember when they gave me the 2 Vicodin but I remember being instructed to only sip water (if necessary) after taking it because the water would sit on my stomach. Not sure what it meant but it didn't sound like a good thing so I didn't drink anymore until after the procedure. They did offer to turn on the TV for me to relax me but I am not a TV person so I opted to use my iPod instead.

Now to the procedure: I believe it was done by Grace Anthony and she was awesome. Pain? Yes there was pain, especially near the bottom of the abdomen but Grace did a good job of talking to me to keep me distracted. She gave me a hand held massager with feet on it to use to distract me and it worked so well I asked her if she could let me use two of them. She stopped the procedure, left the office and came back with another one, bless her soul! I love those things!

Grace went square by square, first spraying it with water and then placing the unit on it for 1 minute before moving to the next square. After completing all squares once, she started all over at #1 again until she have done all of them 3 times. The machine she used made it dummy proof.

I have to agree with most reviews here, take the meds. They take the edge off of the ones that spike. Surprisingly for me, the first round was the worst. The other two seemed more bearable. Please don't think that you will be in constant pain because that is not how it works. You may feel nothing in some place, warmth in others and literal pain (like electricity) in others. To me it was not unbearable and I would do it again. Actually, I will be going back in a few weeks to work on the back fat/bra fat. After the procedure Grace told me, to rest for a minute and the she instructed me to get up slowly and get dressed. Dr Van Dyke came to check on me and then I was give Arnica, set up a follow up appointment and was release to my son o go home.

Day 1: Immediately following the procedure my skin was slightly pink (I am light skinned African American) and swollen with a hint of tenderness. Was extremely tired, feel asleep in the car on the way home. Felt a little nausea from the drugs a little later in the evening but felt fine once I ate again. My son told my hubby I was a little out of it, I have to agree as I experience difficulties putting some of the events above in chronological order.

Day 2: So far so good, no bruising or pain. Still a little tender and very slight swelling. Moved furniture all day today, feel fine.

Will upload before pics when I have something to compare them to or if bruising occurs so that you can see the extent of it.

If I see a change, this will definitely be worth it!

The staff seemed like artist trying to create an...

The staff seemed like artist trying to create an award winning painting! Can't wait until 3 months are up to see if they were successful.

Day 4: Still tender but no bruising. Will update...

Day 4: Still tender but no bruising. Will update if anything changes.
Paradise Valley Dermatologic Surgeon

Very experienced personnel with awesome bedside manners. Extremely clean and homey feeling procedure rooms. Detailed and organized from start to finish. Treat you like a person not a slab of fat! Prices seem comparable to other facilities or better. Dr. Van Dyke took the time to personally check in with me twice. I can't say enough about Heather Anderson or Grace Anthony, my hat goes off to both of them along with Tina and LuLu. I thank them all for a wonderful experience!Updated on 25 Jun 2012:Although Dr Van Dyke did not do the procedure she personally checked on me twice. Staff was very courteous. Facility was immaculant with a relaxing atmoshpere. Wait time was short. Had to pay IN FULL at time of BOOKING procedure, wasn't exactly thrilled with this, but hey, it's their rules and they tell you that up front.

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