62cc of Face Fat Grafting combined with 35% TCA Peel to Lower Eye Lids at 53 years old by Dr. Shapiro

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Over the past 25 years I've always took the time...

Over the past 25 years I've always took the time to invest in myself with little pick me up surgeries to major evasive surgeries. However, a few of those past surgeries I've had...has lead to some major future disasters that I've had to back track & fix! One being a mini tummy tuck done 25 years (took 2 additional surgeries to finally resolve) and another was Lipo to my arms that was done 8 years ago, I'm now in the process of fixing!
Five and a half years ago, I had a neck lift...and a little fat transfer to my tear troughs. The results were amazing. Since my neck-lift, I've kept good skin health by doing a regular skin care regime (using ZO Medical Products), eating healthy ,thermage, botox and restylane. However, I'm not overjoyed with using restylane and would like to go back to using my own fat. I've never done anything to my eyes, cheeks, forehead except thermage & botox. At 53 years old...I feel as as though I'm beginning to lose volume in my face. Soooo because of that...I'm booked for a consult with Dr.Shapiro on September 21st for a GenXlift...following my Arm-lift on September 23rd we'll immediately proceed with my LifeStyle-GenXLift. Sooo excited! I know there are different levels of the GenXLift & that the procedure is custom made for each individual. I'm not sure what is all entails...but once my consult is done...I'll be able to post the details.

I'm booked for a GenXLift on September 23rd But....

I'm booked for a GenXLift on September 23rd, which entails a full face fat transfer, laser therapy, tightening treatments, and a short-scar facelift. The GenXLift is done in 3 phases...#1) Dr.S starts with a face fat transfer. #2) He then proceeds with a MicroLaserPeel, plus Ultherapy, or ThermiRF tightening of the neck to improve my results. #3) Lastly, Dr.S finalizes the procedure by making a tiny incision along the inside of my ear or along the back of my ear to gain access to the tissues of the face to give me a short scar face-lift! And this is ALL done in about 2 hours. Whew! But...

I was informed yesterday that I MIGHT NOT HAVE ENOUGH FAT on my body to do a a face fat transfer. If this is indeed the case...I just might CANCEL my GenXLift. I won't know until September 21st...2 days before my booked GenXLift! Sooo....I'll keep everyone posted!

You be the judge...do you think I have enough fat to harvest for a Face Fat Transfer?

Sooo the GenXLift involves 3 phases and it's phase 1 of the procedure that I feel will bring about the greatest changes....the FACE FAT Transfer! However, I was informed yesterday that I just might not have enough fat to harvest. I posted a few pictures...and I personally can pinch an inch or better from my sides.

Lastly, I'm posting a better up-close picture of my face...of course no make-up and before I wash my face. You can see here how I'm losing Fat around my eyes & temples and around my upper lips.

Once I'm done my consult on September 21st (only 2 days before the scheduled GenXLift) Dr.Shapiro will let me know if it's a "Yes, it's a Go" or 'No Go".

One more thing....I moved my review to "Mini Face Lift" from "Fat Transfer" because the Fat Transfer is only Phase 1 of the GenXlift.

24 Hours after Full Face Fat Transfer & 35% TCA Peel to Lower Lids

What an awesome consult with Dr.Shapiro!!! So after reviewing my face...this is what Dr.Shapiro thought the best course of action would be. Only Phase 1 & 2 of a GenXlift. NO Lasers or Skin tightening was required and NO Mini-Lift of any sort. However, he did pick-up a MAJOR mistake my last (and I DO mean LAST) Plastic Surgeon made. When Dr.Peterson did my lower face lift he pulled back my hair-line to much...therefore losing my side-burns. Dr.Shapiro said in the future this would be tricky to work around...ugh! But doable as he see's this all the time...basically a botched face-lift! Dr.Shapiro will NOW be my ONLY Plastic Surgeon, TODAY, TOMORROW & FOREVER:)))

So here's what was done: TOTAL of 40cc was injected to:

1. Periorbitals
2. Jawline
5. Angle of Mandiable
6. TCA Peel to Lower Eyes

Check out all the bruising from the donor sites. I must say I wasn't prepared for that!

So far....I LOVE what I see!

Day 2 Recovery!

OMG!! When I woke up today...My Full Face Fat Transfer hit me like a TON of bricks!! I'm Sooo SORE!


So from 1-10...I'd say today I'm at a 7!!! My entire mouth inside feels raw & cold sores are now forming on my lower lip. It's very hard to eat or drink or brush my teeth.


My entire backside is bruised & horribly swollen from the back of armpits right down to my lower back. It's very difficult laying in bed.


I have to sleep upright with my arms propped up and I'm not getting a solid sleep....I sleep for 2 hours...then wake up...then another 2 hours.


Well, it feels like I've been run over by a semi-truck! My whole body aches from waist up. Moving around is SLOW!


Thank goodness all the oozing has stopped!


So, I'm staying at the DAYS HOTEL which is only a 5 minute walk or 2 minute drive from Dr.Shapiro's office and I have my lovey daughter staying with me and caring for me.
I must say that the staff here are absolutely wonderful!!! They clean my room at a set time everyday....change my bloody sheets & pillows. They bring us tons of extra towels & pillows and when my room is being cleaned they set up a beautiful lounging chair under a huge cabana with water, pillows and MORE towels so I can rest while they clean. My Recovery Room is equipt with a fridge & micro wave oven. Everything is so perfect.

So...that's it today. I sure hope my swelling decreases so I can at least drink water without spilling it all over me:)))

Day 3 Recovery-AND today felt much better!!

WOW....what night & day difference from yesterday!

PAIN LEVEL for FACE: Maybe 1 at best!

My LIP Situation: I can floss my teeth and brush my teeth much easier and drink fluids without spilling half of it on me. However, lips still tender.

Under Eyes: Still swollen but less swelling today in the corners of my eyes! So glad!

Sleeping: Still on my back and I think it'll be that way for quite some time.

Overall: I'm so happy & excited with this procedure. I feel like my skin looks smoother and refreshed already and it's only been 3 days into my recovery. I'm hoping the TCA Peel begins to peel SOON...

How Different Plastic Surgeons See things...do your research!

I feel I was lucky enough to always look younger than my age, however no matter how slow the clock ticks we all end up at the same place...no matter who starts first.

At about age 45 I noticed my skin didn't look fresh any longer...and I didn't know exactly what route I should take for a little intervention. Here's a few of the subtle changes I noticed:

Age 43-45

Skin around eyes not as smooth
Skin under chin a little droopy
Skin texture & pigment changes

After tons of research on the internet here's what I did to perk things up:

Thermage of Face, Eyes & Neck
Botox to forehead, eyes and neck
Obagi Blue Peel

Age 46-48

So after being very proactive with skin care...I decided it was time to seek a plastic surgeon to correct the beginnings of a saggy jowl-line & neck. My aging skin really began to accelerate...even with my aggressive skin care program of thermage & regular Botox. When I first consulted my PS here in Canada...his 1st reaction was, I was too young for any surgery and he recommended Thermage!! I explained to him that I already did that along with an Obagi Blue Peel & Regular Botox. He then agreed to do a lower facelift. I did this at age 48! However, when he did my lower face lift he did NOT tighten my neck cords...so no incision was ever made under my chin, just a tiny little dot where he did lipo under my chin. He then lipoed fat from the corners of my mouth and a little tiny bit of fat transfer under my eyes. No fat was put any where else. As simple as this surgery was...the results were very amazing to me....that was 5 1/2 years ago.

Age 53 (TODAY) and soon to be 54!

Some 5 years after my Lower Face-Lift and NOW having access to better research tools (such as RealSelf) I noticed my lower face-lift results were now slowly changing. And it's not like I stopped being proactive with my skin health! Since my Lower FL I've:

1.Stayed with the regular use of Tazorac 2 to 3xs per week
2.Full ZO Skin Care Program to include SunScreens
4.Thermage to chin & neck

When I recently booked a Consult with my PS at home regarding a touch-up to my Face...here's what he said:

"You need nothing, there's nothing to be done on your face for at least 10-15 years"!

When I left his office, I almost felt humiliated & not acknowledged for what I was seeing. Here's my thinking...why can't a Plastic Surgeon have an eye for things??? Why am I the one to be pointing & showing what needs to be done? I went home and began researching Fat Graphing and Laser Skin Treatments. After quite a bit of research I posted a question on ReslSelf to the doctors...What Can Be Done? All doctors replied with: I needed a face filler! I then contacted Dr.Shapiro regarding a consultation regarding a possible GenXlift!

Monday, September 21st Face Consult with Dr.Shapiro!

Sooo when consulting with Dr.Shapiro, the first thing he said was, "what don't you like about your face"! Like OMG....I couldn't wait to tell him:

1. I feel under-neath my eyes are hollow
2. My temples are hollow
3. My upper-lip is thin with fine lines forming (and I've NEVER Smoked)
4. My chin feels a little loose!

He sat there and just listened...then I said, "may I show you my before and after pictures of my lower face-lift of 5 1/2 years ago. Dr.Shapiro got so excited to see the pictures. He then stared at the before, then the after, then looking at ME NOW. He did this back & forth for a few minutes. Then he flipped out a hand held mirror and said, "Here's what you need'!

Full Face Fat Graphing to temples, lips, mouth, jaw-line of somewhere between 35 to 40cc of fat. Then a 35% TCA to lower lids to even out my skin tone and erase line lines. He also said, your previous PS unfortunately lost your side burns during your lower face-lift. When Dr.Shapiro said this...I immediacy responded with...."YES"....I noticed this! He said it was unfortunate, but in the future, he could work around it.

What, I enjoyed about our consult is this:

#1. Dr.Shapiro took what I needed into his own hands! He made a professional decision based on his experience.
#2. He listened to me!!
#3. He didn't scoff at me for what I disliked about my face!
#4. I booked my procedure 2 days after the Consult...the decision was made in my mind as he was talking!

I now fully understand, that no matter who you choose as your Plastic Surgeon they must see what you see! They must listen! They must be confident in their procedures!

With all this said...I decided that Dr.Shapiro will be my Plastic Surgeon TODAY, TOMORROW and ALWAYS! I'm very excited to see my end result of this amazing procedure...I feel it was always the missing piece to my Lower Face-Lift...FAT VOLUME!

Day 6-Recovery of Full Face Fat Transfer

Day 6 of my full face fat transfer and I sure hope the bruising & swelling has escalated or peaked!

*Over the past 3 days I noticed NEW bruising or MORE bruising along my nose, above my lips & jaw-line.

*The 35% Chemical Peel on my lower lids is beginning to dry & crack (a little). Hope it begins to peel soon! Still putting on Polysporin.

*Today is the 1st day that I'm now washing my face every-day (now that I can touch it)

* Bruising & Swelling is heavy on the Left Side! Weird...

* Drank coffee today without spilling it all over me. Lips are feeling better...swelling decreasing & sores on lips pretty much gone today!

* Started using 30c Arnica Cream & Pellets TODAY!

Overall: I did expect major swelling & bruising but at this point I have no idea how long the bruising will last. I broke down today and took a trip to Starbucks (with Sunglasses on)...just can't bare to be house bound so long. Tomorrow is my 1st Post-Op appointment with Dr.Shapiro...I have tons of questions. But so far, I'm pretty happy!

Day 9 Recovery Up-Date...had my Post-Opp Appointment with Dr.Shapiro Today!

Today is day 9 of my recovery...and swelling is coming down just a little bit, overall looking better but bruising is still pretty intense. I'll post some pictures next week, so everyone can see the difference in my healing.

Today was also my 1st Post Op appointment with Dr.Shapiro and WOW I just can't say enough about him and how much I get that he loves his work. Sooo here's the scoop:

When Dr.Shapiro opened the door to enter the consult/exam room the 1st thing he said, "Whoa... can't believe how MUCH you bruised"!! He then proceeded to tell me...he planned on injecting 35-40cc of Fat BUT once he started he said I lacked so much dimension in so many places, from brow, temples, jaw, cheeks, etc; he ended up injecting a whopping 62cc of FAT. Like holy smokes...no wonder I feel like a little puffer fish! Ha...ha...all is good, I FEEL like I'm going to GET a BEAUTIFUL Result!

Here's a re-cap on my healing since my last post:

On Day 7:
I was instructed to mix half & half water & peroxide and soak gauze with the mixed solution & place over eyes for 10 minutes 3xs per day. Once that was done I would then apply Aquaphor healing ointment to under my eyes. This really helped to soothe my eyes and help to speed up the peeling of the TCA Chemical Peel.

Day 8...all the stitches from my lipo sites were removed

Day 9...I can rub my lips together but still with some difficulty. My entire face is still fairly numb. Bruises are just starting to turn yellow around the deep purple. Nice...a 2 tone look is going on! Lol!
Ventured out today...and did some shopping at Fashion Square Mall (I did get some intense looks as I was sportin two black eyes, swollen bruised jaw, you get the picture)...then to Starbucks to relax outside, in the shade under the misters. Pure heaven!

Still using 30c Arnica Cream & Pellets 3x's per day! Not sure that these products are actually working, but will keep on using them.

Ok. So I've been here in Scottsdale for 12 days and I fly out tomorrow. I just wonder what customs Canada is going to say when my passport photo looks nothing like me...lol! I do look like a women who was either mugged or in a huge fist fight!

Sooo my next post-opp appointment with Dr.Shapiro is January 28th...until then I'll keep posting my pictures & recovery :))

Recovery Day 11 of Face Fat Transfer of 62cc's

It's only been 3 days since my last post and the healing changes have been subtle...OMG, it's like watching paint dry on a wall to see my end result...whenever that might be??

Sooo...I packed up my things & left for Phoenix Airport late Friday morning. When we arrived it wasn't to busy. Thankfully. I first stood in-line for about 5 minutes...then a gentleman from the airline I was flying, instructed me to check-in at one of the Kiosks so I could get my boarding pass. So I left the line-up (which I was almost to the front of) and fiddled with the darn Kiosk and of course it wouldn't read or validate my passport. I had to pullout my i-phone to gain access to the flight #...finally back to the line (now the back) with NO boarding pass in hand. I waited AGAIN to check in my luggage. Once I made it to the check-out...I explained the Kiosk didn't like my passport. He could tell I was a bit frustrated. When, I removed my sunglasses, his mouth dropped open. I said nothing with my two black eyes and did my best to smile with over-sized lips...felt odd! Once he checked me in...he handed me my boarding pass and stamped PRIORITY BOARDING on it in RED. He then stepped over the luggage weigh scale and said, give me a hug! Sooo I did. You look like you had a rough day (I'm thinking try a rough week!) Sooo NOW I headed up stairs with my sun glasses back on feeling free without towing my luggage...I go through security (easy breezy) only a few hard stares....because once again...I had to remove my sunglasses. Finally, I sit down next to my gate....when OMG...I left my i-phone downstairs at that silly Kisok...ugh! Sooo I walked to the desk located at my gate and explained everything. Only 10 minutes passed and the lovely gentleman that checked me in found my i-phone. YES, I got another hug! I truly felt like a battered women getting all these hugs...lol!

Sooo, I should tell you all now...I never told my husband that I was getting a full face fat transfer and I was hoping & praying that ALL the bruising & swelling (or most of it) would have dissipated by the time I got home (NOT)! When I walked in the door, my dog greeted me 1st (always the way) my husband right behind him. My husband was in SHOCK...like what the hell happened? Of course I told him...it was supposed to be a surprise...

Today is Sunday and here's my Recovery update with my photo (taken today):

1). My entire face feels like constant tingling (like freezing coming out after a dental appointment)
2). My lips are still very swollen (a little more on one side than the other)
3). Bruising on one side of my jaw is still BLUE & swollen
4). My face doesn't look like me
5). All the skin under my eyes has finally peeled off (the peroxide solution really helped)
6). Still using Arnica Cream & pellets
7). It's very hard & awkward to smile. When I do, my cheeks lift up so high, my eyes look squinty.
8.) I'm still sleeping up-right on my back in hopes that this will decrease the swelling.

Sooo my husband is NOT sure if he likes my results...ugh. Only one great thing that he likes about it...I always look like I'm smiling!! Lol! Now that was worth it right there.

My first day of work is October 13th...OMG...I sure hope this FAT TRANSFER to the FACE picks up speed in it's recovery!

Recovery Day 12-1st Day with Actual Make-Up on!

Here's my 1st attempt to apply make-up to try & cover some of the bruising. Need to go out today and do some light shopping.

I do appear to be a tad better...

1st Side by Side of 62cc of Fat

Might be a little too soon...but here's a photo comparison. The first photo was taken 2 weeks before the fat transfer of 62cc's.

I have foundation on in both photo's and same make-up colors. Thought I'd feature a before photo with my hair down.

Biggest changes are around my mouth and below my eyes.

3 Week Post of 62cc Face Fat Transfer and I couldn't be HAPPIER!

Hey Everyone, feels like I'm a bit behind in my Review....so I decided to play around on my Apple i-Movie and create a short 1 minute video showing you my results!

I'm SOO ecstatic with my NEW look, other than my mouth is a little lopsided! Even my teeth are not really lined up. My whole mouth feels really, really swollen and lopsided, almost like I've been to the dentist (see video). I realize it's only been 3 weeks since my fat transfer and the swelling IS coming down day by day so I fully expect my mouth situation will improve. Other than that....OMG, I L O V E my NEW look. I actually have lips to put lipstick on...even though they're lopsided...lol! I just can't believe the difference in my appearance. Here's what I noticed:

#1) Overall Better Skin Tone
#2) Brighter
#3) Younger!
#4) Under Eye Skin is Smooth...and skin foundation doesn't sit in the wrinkles that I used to have!
#5) No Wrinkles!
#6) My Eyes have a better balance on my face! NO EYEBALL REDUCTION required! LOL! Just had to throw that in for fun!!

Lastly...I can't WAIT for that silly black eye to go away...

6 Weeks Post...and the results are very apparent and I'm loving this beautiful change!

Hey...everyone...it's been 3 Weeks since my last up-date! So I decided to grab a photo right now while I was having my morning coffee (day after Halloween) and thought I'd do a comparison as I feel the swelling is really coming down now.

Note: In the before photo I have ALL my make-up on including foundation. In the After Photo (today) I have No foundation, No Make-Up on at ALL!

Sooo here's what I see & feel about my 62cc face fat transfer:

At first my FT was alarming, I felt overfilled & tight & swollen. TODAY (at 6 weeks) my results are:

(a) subtle
(b) my face looks rested and natural
(c) my skin is soft & bright
(d) my mouth shape looks nice & not so frowny looking
(e) the dark circles under my eyes is 75% Improved!

Overall Healing:

(a) It's STILL very numb around my lips inside and out and top & bottom
(b) Very numb on my cheekbones
(c) Slight numb around my jaw & temples
(d) Overall my face still feels tight, however, I don't notice it as much.
(e) I STILL have a bruise under my eye but it's NOW slowly fading....

I know that Dr. Shapiro injected the transferred fat in layers...on the bone, muscle and some surface. I understand that the bruise under my right eye was a result of fat being injected on the bone so that's why the bruise was so deep and it lasting SO long.

Overall...I'm LOVING this AMAZING procedure. Can't wait to see myself at 3 months then 6 Months and Ultimately one year from now as this is when I do my final procedure...with Dr. Denneberg. My Rhinoplasy Revision!

Thought this was interesting...how WE lose FAT in our FACE as we age!

I think that once you hit your 60's no amount of skin care products are going to plump your skin BUT if you practice good skin care (as Miss Gotta pointed out), I think that procedures such as FL, FT & chemical peels will give you outstanding results. Also...I think just having a FL with no FT eventually shows up as time passes by.


10 Weeks Post...and I'm LOVING my results more everyday! Thanks Dr.Shapiro!!!!

Hey Everybody, so it’s been almost 4 weeks since my last update…I’m NOW approaching 10 weeks post or 2 ½ Months POST and all I can say is…I’m ABSOLUTELY loving my results!

In the last 4 Weeks since my last update:

(a) My skin is super smooth and skin tone is very even!
(b) My Cheeks are nice & full!
(c) The features on my face look way more balanced!
(d) My jaw-line looks elegant
(e) My Neck-line looks more youthful
(f) My mouth shape looks youthful & not so frowny

My Healing progress in the last 4 Weeks:

(a) The skin under my eyes is slowly healing (but still red & tender)
(b) 99% of the swelling is gone (my face no longer feels tight)!!
(c) 100% of the bruises are now gone (gone at about week 8)
(d) Still slightly numb on the upper outside of my lips, over-wise all numbness is now gone.

Many of you were wondering just exactly how much fat was injected in different places of my face…and so that got me wondering as well. I contacted Dr. Shapiro’s office & requested my operative report. I received the report a few days after my request. So here goes:

Once Dr. Shapiro lipod the required fat and spun it at 3000 rpm for 3 minutes he proceeded with autogenous fat injections to various areas of my face in 0.05-cc aliquots with the following totals:

1. 6cc in the GMG and perimental region
2. 4cc in the nasolabial crease
3. 12cc in the lateral cheek zygoma (no wonder why I LOVE my NEW cheek bones)
4. 2cc in the lower lid junction (I knew my eyes looked nice & smooth) x’s 2
5. 4cc in the mid face
6. 1cc in each tear trough x’s 2
7. 3cc in the upper lip
8. 3cc in the lower lip
9. 4cc in the buccal recess
10. 2cc in the corners of the mouth x’s 2
11. 6cc in the temple (YES…I can tell…simply beautiful)!
12. 6ccin the angle of the mandible (LOVE that soft jaw-line)!
13. 4cc in the mid mandible

TOTAL of 62cc's of Fat injected with a 0.7-mm cannula in the periorbital, mid face, and lip region and the remaining fat was injected with a 0.9-mm cannula.


I’m very pleased with my full face fat transfer…everything is perfectly smooth & balanced. No lumps or bumps anywhere! I’m now back on my full face skin care regime except that I’m still using aquaphor healing ointment every evening instead of my Platiné Eye Cream.

I’ve included 3 sets of comparison photo’s:

One set showing the stages of Swelling…and OMG I was so swollen at week 3!

One set showing my healing and decrease of bruising.

One set showing a Before & After.

And of course….1 live video that I recorded this afternoon …

I can’t even begin to tell you how brilliant I think Dr. Shapiro is!! He did such a beautiful job and changed everything about my face. I feel that he’s taken 10-15 years off my face.

So that's it...I feel I'm all set for the upcoming holidays and I'm hoping my results stay just as they are...just looking forward to the redness under my eyes healing over the next weeks to come. Hopefully, my eyes will be healed by Christmas :))) and soon I'll be 54 years old...gulp!

7.5 Months Post of 62cc Full Face Fat Transfer by Dr. Shapiro!

It’s now 7.5 months post & about 6 months since my last update…so here goes...

In the last 6 months since my last update:

(a) My skin is STILL super smooth and skin tone is very even!
(b) My Cheeks are STILL nice & full!
(c) The features on my face look way more balanced!
(d) My jaw-line looks elegant
(e) My Neck-line looks smooth & youthful
(f) My mouth shape looks youthful & not so frowny

My Healing progress over the 7.5 months:

(a) The skin under my eyes HEALED and is No longer pink & irritated.
(b) 100% of the swelling is gone!
(d) All numbness is gone completely!

I’m very pleased with my full face fat transfer…everything is STILL perfectly smooth & balanced. No lumps or bumps anywhere! The biggest thing issss...I no longer do Botox injections. I feel my face looks more natural, softer and not so harsh looking as before. I use only 2 products...a skin lightener & eye cream every morning followed up by sunscreen and again skin lightener & eye cream every evening. I DO NOT wear foundation at all unless we are going out on a special evening.

I'm very happy that I did this face fat transfer with Dr.Shapiro!

1 YEAR POST of 62cc Full Face Fat!! And my face has stood the Ultimate test...WEIGHT LOSS of 10lbs at 54years old!

I guess I'm just getting used to my fabulous results and when I look at myself every-morning, I think...same old, same old, until I see old photo's and do comparisons. Then I think...OMG, was that really me? Yuck...even after a neck lift my skin lacked so much volume and I just looked tired.

So, I really don't think much has changed since my last update in the way of:

(a) Skin texture
(b) Skin Volume

However, what I did have done (since my full face fat transfer) was THERMAGE to my eyes this past April 28th. I used my last AFTER photo that I posted here (zoomed up the eyes) and then compared it with my photo taken just today! I do see a difference and I can really tell when I put on eye make-up. So. I'm really glad I did that small procedure to enhance my Face Fat Transfer!

What I do want to tell you my lovely ladies...that this past June/July/August I dropped 10lbs...I went from 115lb-105 to make a weight category (as I'm a Master Weight Lifter). I was concerned I'd lose all my fat from my face...but OMG...I'm so happy to say my face stood up!! I've since regained 4lbs...and have decided to stay at this weight (109lbs) because I need to weigh in again at 105lbs for another upcoming Lifting Competition.

I still don't do any Botox to my face at all but I have used a bit for some neck bands! So other than that...that's about it! I'm SO SO happy that I did this procedure...I just couldn't image my face as it was before!

Last procedure on my to do list...is a rhinoplasty revision I have planned with Dr. Dennenburg. The procedure was booked for this past September, but I had to delay it...but it's re-booked for next August!

My next up-date will be in another 6 months time.

Take Care ladies & gentleman, I hope this up-date gives you some clarification as to whether a face fat transfer might be for you.

Overall I'd say 80% FAT REMAINED AFTER 1 year of FULL FACE FAT TRANSFER by Dr. Shapiro!

Thought this was a Great Question..."How much fat remained in my face after 1 year"? My answer, I'd say,..."overall 80% remained"...see below for area percentages:


1. 99% the GMG and perimental region (center of face) REMAINED
2. 95% in the nasolabial crease REMAINED
3. 100% in the lateral cheek zygoma REMAINED!!!!
4. 85% in the lower lid junction REMAINED
5. 85% in the mid face REMAINED
6. 60% in the tear troughs REMAINED
7. 50% in the upper lip REMAINED
8. 50% in the lower lip REMAINED
9. 65% in the buccal recess area REMAINED
10. 65% around the corners of the mouth REMAINED
11. 75% in the temples REMAINED
12. 85% in the angle of the mandible REMAINED (LOVE that soft jaw-line)!!!
13. 85% in the mid mandible REMAINED
Scottsdale Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Shapiro’s Fat Transfer to my Face made me look 15 YEAR YOUNGER! A FACE-LIFT without a Knife! I’ve discovered that different Plastic Surgeons see things differently, and some have an eye for detail and others simply not. Since many patients describe their surgeons as artists…then lets start there. Here’s a fine example of two great artists: Robert Bateman and Andrew Wyeth. As an artist myself, I LOVED the work of Robert Batman...DETAILED in everyway. Andrew Wyeth work is beautiful but not tight! When I showed up at my weekly art classes, I always had Robert Batemans work in tow. My art teacher said…so you love the tight painting & fine detail. “Yes, I do” THE CONSULT: When I made a consult with Dr. Shapiro he was thoughtful & attentive to all of my concerns. I had no idea, what he may suggest regarding my face & what I should do to freshen things up. Dr. Shapiro took a moment…carefully listened to what I didn’t like about my face…and with-in a few minutes made recommendations that I proceed with a full face fat transfer & 35% TCA Peel under my eyes to clean up wrinkles & dark circles that made me look tired. MY RESULTS TODAY: Dr. Shapiro is the artist I was always looking for…he saw what I saw and he was realistic with me about what could or couldn’t be done! He doesn’t hold anything back when he speaks. He’s intelligent, has a wonderful sense of humor. I trust what he tells me because he knows & loves his job. The staff support and help to guide his patients before & after all procedures. Dr. Shapiro runs a tight ship and fantastic crew that all are synchronized together. Dr. Shapiro in my eyes, is like the great artist Robert Bateman that I come to love and admire. Their work IS outstanding and breathtaking in every sense! I highly recommend Dr. Daniel Shapiro for any procedure that you maybe considering! He has aced my: and Face Fat Transfer Minimal Incision Arm-Lift & Arm Lipo,. Thank You once again Dr. Shapiro for changing my body image and confidence!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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