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So...I have been battling weight all my life. I am...

So...I have been battling weight all my life. I am 5'6 and weigh 155 now after completing a doctor assisted weight loss program with HCG and Reservation (think that's the right spelling). It took me 8 weeks to lose 30 lbs and 10% of my body fat. I am proud of myself and don't ever want to return to the old me so I decided to bring some finality to that stage in my life.

I decided to get laser lipo...I know I am a candidate for a tummy tuck because I have poor skin elasticity, but my expectations are not unrealistic.

I had a consultation last week and the doctor was very honest. My stomach is my arch nemesis, so it must be done. I also wanted my inner thighs done but he said I would need a thigh lift and he only does lipo.

I am doing upper and lower abs, lower back and hips. Flanks are possible, but he wants to look again on surgery day. If the flanks aren't done the amount goes down to 5K.

1 Day Post Op

OMG...yesterday was a hell of a day. Got to the docs office a little before 11, signed some forms and was on my way back to his the room where he does the procedures.

They marked me up, took photos and gave me some Xanax and a couple other pills for nausea and something else. Man I see why people love Xanax...LOL

Any hoo they gave me the shots to numb me up then proceeded to fill me with the tumescent fluid. My stomach looked like a big balloon. Now I am feeling some type of way because I never saw a laser. I asked about it during the procedure and he said there is nothing that will make the skin retract. He said iit's more of a marketing ploy than anything. He said the skin is like a stretched our piece of leather: once it's stretched out there is nothing that can be done.

During the procedure he said my fat was very fibrous and like cement in some areas. He said he could see why it was so hard for me to remove. He had to use various instruments and I felt the fibers giving him a hard time. They were not interested in breaking loose. I was thinking "perhaps the laser would have helped with this" but I am no expert. He showed me some of the fat...it looked like dental floss...not chunky and round like the models I had seen at weight loss clinics.

He did say that my stomach would look better and the skin would begin producing some additional collagen (iI think that's what he said) because of the method he uses to remove the fat. I have 8 holes. They are on my tummy and sides, since he did my hips and waist. He said he does a cris cross motion that enhances the way the skin adheres to the belly. I don't have any drains just a net and some maxi pads.

The hydrocodone they gave me was an awful thing. One of those did me in. The nausea medicine was not working. Luckily we had some anti nausea medicine frome the health food store on hand. That worked wonders along with 800 mgs of motrin.

I was advised to walk a mile today. He said to just go to the mall for a bit because they want me up. Took a betadine shower, ate some breakfast and I am now laying back down. I feel a little out of it but I will try to get some more rest. Got some updated photos from today...

ohhh I forgot

He removed 3 liters of fat. I belive that's between 6-7 lbs. I asked him why he couldn't take out more. He said it wouldn't be a good idea because of my skin elasticity. I was thinking "isn't that what the laser is for?" but what do I know.

5 days Post Op

So I am swelling in different places. Seems like I lose a pound of water a day which is great but I will be glad when the pain is gone and that I can see some results.

Again, not expecting a miracle but I do expect something...I don't know why I am so impatient with my body.

I have my medium compression garment on now. I am trying something new, which is to lift my stomach up instead of folding the loose skin downward into the garment. Perhaps that will help the skin heal a little differently.

My lower back is killing me but I don't see any bruising. I do see bruising on my stomach and i massage it with a little bio oil everyday, just to see what happens. I am looking forward to exercising a bit to help build some muscle. This flab is crazy.

Tomorrow i am going back on my fat loss plan. I am doing 30 more days then calling it quits. Let's see if I can get close to 140.

13 days Post op

So I went in for my 1 week post op app last week. The doctor said everything looked great! He gave me some interesting info though. He said my stomach would get a bit bigger for healing purposes and around day 21 I should begin to see my skin retracting.

He of course wanted me to realize that I am not going to see tummy tuck results. I told him I understood but it's so hard to get an idea of what to expect with my skin.

He said I should be pleasantly surprised once I see the retraction begin, so let's see what the heck happens here. I did have some swelling that occurred after the visit. I had to put on his XL garment to get some relief.

My ankles and feet are no longer swelling and I am in less pain. My stomach is still very tender and so is my back. However, I am looking much better in my clothes.

People at work keep saying "you're so tiny" and I don't even know how to respond. LOL! I just say thanks...I have never heard those words associated with me so it's just hard for me to absorb. :)

My weight fluctuated a bit. My nurse practitioner at the weight loss clinic said that I should expect a gain while my body adjusts to the tumescent fluid. I was 157 pre surgery. 168 a couple days Post surgery and now I am back down to 154. I have 3 more weeks of my fat burning diet with a goal to get into the 140s.

I can do some light exercise starting tomorrow but my goal will be on toning...not a bunch of cardio.

Ok...enough about me..let's get to some pics...do you see any differences? I see a little bit...

Only time will tell.

Not Sure if I See a lot of Change - 3 mos post

Scottsdale Physician

My doctor has been amazing so far. So has all of the office staff. My plan is to have the procedure Tuesday and go back to work Friday.

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