29 Y/o, 5'8, 140 Lbs transaxillary natrelle - Scottsdale, AZ

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I've been thinking about a breast augmentation for...

I've been thinking about a breast augmentation for at least five years now. I've gone back and forth but now at 29 years old, i think its time to finally have more of a womanly figure. I've always been told that i looked good flat chested and it worked with the clothing i wore. It was just my "style." (hipster, bohemian, etc if you will.) With that being said, i just want more of a fuller, natural look and can't decide on size. I still want to be able to fit my old clothing but just fill it out a bit more. My PS suggested silicone, moderate profile, anywhere from high 200's or low 300 cc's. After doing the rice test, i think I'm leaning towards 375-400cc. Anyone with similar stats get similar implants?

140 lbs
BWD 14
34b but i wear 34c in victorias secret.

exactly one month from today, ill have boobies!

i feel like its a lifetime away but extremely nervous and excited to have boobies! i can't wait for my pre-op to see what my PS says about sizing. definitely don't wanna go too small but don't wanna go too big.

a couple of before pics

Size confirmed!

Had my pre-op today and I'm so excited. PS said that he is going with 385cc moderate plus profile. He initially suggested moderate profile but after remeasuring my breast width, its smaller than first appt from 14cm to 12.5cm. Im actually relieved because after all the research I've done, i was afraid the moderate profile would sit too wide, too low, and not give me enough projection. With the moderate plus, I'm looking at a 4.9cm projection vs 4.2cm. not a huge difference but it will give me a fuller look which I'm hoping for. Got my prescriptions filled and I'm ready to get my new set of twins! countdown begins! 8 more days!!!!

four more days until surgery!

I've been driving myself crazy on size. Ive initially wanted no more than 350cc and only moderate profile. now PS suggested 385cc mod + and i can't seem to make up my mind on if i should go slightly bigger. I've been stalking this site for months and there are so many ladies that talk about boob greed and i definitely don't want to wish i would've gone bigger after surgery. I've tried the rice test and the 415 seem slightly too big but everyone says you lose 20-30cc under the muscle. Is that really true? Do you see my dilemma here ladies? Would love to hear everyones opinions.

1 day post op

Arrived to surgery center at 930am yesterday, saw my PS at 11:15am and was home by 1:30pm. Surpringly I felt very calm the entire morning. Wasn't really nervous until I laid down on the surgical bed but within seconds, I was knocked out. I was still pretty out of it when I woke up but my sister drove me home and I basically slept the whole day/night. Woke up a few times to use the restroom, eat, and take some meds but didn't really have an appetite. I did manage to take a picture of day one though. Super high, far apart, and tight but think it will settle in nicely.

385cc natrelle inspira full SRF
Pre-op: 34b( wore 34c in VS but slight gap in bra)
Post op: TBD :)

One week post op pic

Forgot to post my one week post-op pic so here it is. Don't mind the bloat but just wanted to give you a proportion body shot.

Now let's talk about recovery.
Idk about you ladies but it's been a lot harder than I thought it would be. The first week was rough. I probably slept most of the first couple of days bc of all the meds but sleeping from there on out has sucked! I'm a side sleeper so sleeping on my back is super uncomfortable. I bought a 12 inch wedge pillow from Amazon which helped quite a bit but don't think I've gotten a good nights rest since day of surgery. And omg, the "morning boob" struggle is real!! So painful I've cried. I'm not sure whether being right handed has anything to do with my right boob hurting more but I'll get sharp shooting pain from time to time and right arm has gone numb in mornings too. Had my one week check up and nurse explained that it could just be leftover fluid that's irritating the nerves in my arm since my incision was thru the armpit. Said nothing to be alarmed about. Hope she's right. Everything is just so tight right now and I know I need to be patient but I'm just ready for the pain to go away and for these new girls to feel like a part of me. Oh, and to finally get a good nights rest. ;)
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