Fraxel is Worth It

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I listed $400 as amount spent, but it's $400 per...

I listed $400 as amount spent, but it's $400 per treatment.

I've had several rounds of treatments over the past 4 years. Right when Fraxel came out, I had 4 treatments. Two years later, I had a refresher course of 2, and I am getting ready to have another round of 2 or 3 this month. Fraxel is painful, but my doc gives me Vicodin & Xanax right before in addition to the numbing cream, which really helps.

I find that the dread approaching the appointment is the worst part, the actual procedure is not as bad once I'm drugged up :)

Post-tx, I swell up and turn bright red. My eyes swell nearly shut, and I look horrible. On day 3 the swelling is gone and I am peeling. On day 6, I'm back at work looking totally normal.

I feel it is worth the pain, and at 39, I still get carded when I buy booze! I definitely notice that the effect almost sort of abruptly goes away at around the 2 yr mark, however -- thus the repeat performance required.

Hope this helps anyone who is considering!

My doc is trying to convince me to get the profractional sciton instead, but the downtime is MUCH longer and I have red skin anyway. Frax does what it is supposed to do, and there isn't any bleeding/crusting/oozing or redness for months.

Scottsdale Physician

He is great!

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