Fat Transfer to Lips!! (Fat Injection, Lip Augmentation); Scottsdale, AZ

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I have been fairly interested in getting my lips...

I have been fairly interested in getting my lips done, when I noticed in quite a few photos that one side of my lip was smaller than the other (thank you age of the selfies). I had been considering a laser procedure with Dr Henderson, and decided to ask her about the lips as well. Dr Henderson went over the options from injections to permalip to fat transfer. After a lot of research i decided to go with fat transfer.

Day 1 - Duck Swelling!

Pretty sore lips when I first woke up, but after the pain meds the soreness vanished. I am lucky to have someone fetch me items from the grocery store such as chocolate and straws!
I can eat with it, but it is kind of uncomfortable . Drinking is not possible without straws. I am consistently icing (with a paper towel blocking direct ice) and applying neosporin all over, including incision sites.

Fat Source- My belly!

I almost did not post this photo, because i hardly thought about my stomach with my focus on my lips, but here is where Dr Henderson sourced the fat from, as you can see there is hardly any bruising. (I kind of wish she took out more and just threw it away haha) She took out about 8cc total. (which is a box of donuts) ;-)
The fine lines in the photo are from a compression garment I am wearing to make sure my tummy stays flat after the trauma incurred.

Day 2 Peeling & Swelling

I was hoping to wake up with my lips being magically shrunk to the final size, but they are still massive. Wishful thinking! Dr Henderson warned me they would start to peel because she manipulated the lips a lot during surgery to ensure even fat distribution. And guess what? She was right! They are peeling a lot. If you have ever done Accutane you may know what I am talking about. Had to go to the bank, so I wore a surgimask. Between that and my sunglasses, I am pretty sure they thought I was going to rob them - whoops!

Day 3 Feeling Isolated

Hey ladies, I know this is the side effect of the pain killers and not going outdoors, but today I am feeling pretty down and isolated from the world.
It started last night when I could not leave the house because of the swelling, and it being Friday I figured everyone would be chatty. Everyone was out and about, which is okay, I knew there would be down time, but for some reason it felt pretty lonely. My friend and I were texting, and I decided to share about the procedure. Immediately, I was texted back sarcastically, "Wow, bet you look real good now after you went and cut yourself up."
I don't get why some people jump to judgment when it's something that makes me happy. Hope I am not bumming anyone out, but I figure you might go through the same emotions if you get the procedure, so I am trying to be honest. I'll feel better when my face is back to normal size, but today is just glum :-(

Day 4 Projection

Thank you for the comments of support; I really appreciate reading them. The lips look relatively the same size to me, but I realized I should post a profile view so you can see the projection of the lips. The lips are also giving me a shadow that makes me look like I have a mustache. Thank goodness I waxed before the procedure! They are starting to not look as shiny, as the pressure against the skin begins to lax. With my tongue I can feel lumps in the lips, but I am not concerned since it is still early. With the weekend over, I feel less stressed about not being social.

Week 1

Thanks to a diet of almost all protein, less than 20mg of sodium a day, Arnica Montana (both oral and gel), bromelain supplements, light exercise, and icing continuously (45 mins on, 15 off every hour); my lip swelling was mostly resolved within 1 week. No pain and full sensitivity. My boyfriend does not even feel the addition. In his words, "It just feels like lips; only more lips now." Love love love it!

Final Result

I have lost a little weight and my lips were subjected to a bit of winter dryness, but here is the final result with no swelling. The lips have 0 scars from the injection sites, and there are no lumps or loss of sensation.

1 Year later!

It's been a year, and I know one of the biggest questions regarding fat transfer is: Will the fat stay? Ive had my fair share of lip locking, ups and downs in my weight, and none of that changed the amount of fat cells in my lips! I emailed my doc (Henderson) for some photos cause after all- my camera is not the best lol. And this profile view really really captures the added projection and shape retention! It looks so natural and so good, and best of all, it feels like all my own. Maybe in 10 years I'll add some more, but for now I am super happy with how they turned out.
Phoenix Facial Plastic Surgeon

Take your time reading my full review, it is a lot of writing, but this is YOUR FACE we are dealing with. You cannot hide a botched face surgery! A few places in Scottsdale charge a consultation fee, which I am sure nets them more cash, but puts pressure on the client to get a procedure. Here, the consultation is free, and they do not rush you out the door if you have a lot of questions. I've probably had 3 consultations before I actually chose to have the procedure. Oh and I don't want to forget to mention Olivia, who is not only enthusiastic, but also pairs perfectly with Dr Henderson's well-rounded coverage of expectations and results. -Anyways- the procedure: During the surgery, which Dr Henderson and her scrub tech calmly talked me through the entire procedure. We joked about AC/DC while she was removing fat from my belly. When i felt worried about pain, Dr Henderson added local to the area without question. After the surgery, everything was very swollen, but Olivia bounded right in and assured me everything would be beautiful. Meanwhile, Dr Henderson went over the details for aftercare and the scrub tech (I feel like a jerk for not remembering her name) finally walked me out to my car. That's right! The whole procedure was done without anesthesia, so that lowered the cost, and allowed me to drive myself home rather than having to show my swollen lips to anyone! I can not wait til post op to see the final results! PM if you have any questions or want to see extra photos.

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