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I had upper bleph and also lower transconjuctival...

I had upper bleph and also lower transconjuctival bleph done. It has only been 16 days post op and I am very happy. My eyes look more alive and open. I have more swelling time ahead of me but everyday gets a little better.

The day after was the hardest, my eyes were almost swollen shut and my tears were tinted red. The first few days are definitely tough (get some audio books!) but once the major swelling goes down, its gets better quick.

I never needed anything stronger than tylenol for pain but I definitely utilized Ambien (your eyes are crazy dry and irritated) and Valium (even though you can prepare yourself, its hard to see your own face like that!).

If I had to do it all over again, I would have done this surgery years ago to fix my heavy lids (they were also not symmetric). I was lucky to have found the best doctor too. He was having some special opening prices when I had my procedures done but I would have picked him regardless. It was worth it and then some!

Over 5 months post op and have had a few minor...

Over 5 months post op and have had a few minor modifications to my creases. Healing and swelling is a slow process and my doc didn't want to rush things before I had time to heal further. I need to learn to be patient! Had some scar tissue inside lower lid lasered (OWWW!). Dr. Holden has been great with doing my requested alterations gradually to give me the results I want in a way that is beneficial and healthiest for me(I am a perfectionist!). Lower inside lids still healing possibly. I get a lot of discharge from my eyes still but it is also allergy season. Things are looking good through my "new eyes", I may seek a little lid tightening in the future...btw, he is great with botox and fillers as well! He definetly has more of an artistic eye for it than my past injectors.

6 months post op, lower lids have gotten slightly...

6 months post op, lower lids have gotten slightly better as far as discharge production. One thing I did notice, I went out last wknd and drank for the first time in over 6 months. Just had a few drinks but the next day my upper lids were really puffy and stayed that way all day :( luckily I don't drink much anymore! Going soon to see about tightening lids with some laser resurfacing. I just have this strip of fat above each eyelash line, wish I could get some micro lipo on them or something. We'll see what the dr. says...

Had upper eyelids lasered about 2 weeks ago to...

Had upper eyelids lasered about 2 weeks ago to tighten some of the skin. They were crazy swollen for 2 days. But when they heal, you you have really delicate fresh baby skin. I love it, wish I could do my whole face! The skin tightens over time from lasering as I understand but it already seems a little better and it seems to have made my eyes look a little more symmetrical. Don't ask me why. The aquaphor I was using to keep them lubriucated started to make them itch and get inflamed the last few days so I stopped using it per Dr's instructions. They are still a little pink but am happy with the choice to laser them.

One year post op and I am happy with my decision...

One year post op and I am happy with my decision to go through with this surgery. My right eye is still a little resistant because it had the most change to it without cutting the epicanthal fold and continues to want to crease below my new crease which is something I hope to get "tucked" in hopefully soon. It is bothersome to me but likely only because I am a perfectionist and I have to look at it all the time. Although my doctor doesn't think it is necessary, I believe I may need a little tightening further in toward my right epicanthal. My new crease is just a tiny bit too high for the angle of my right eye's inner corner. I did notice that the skin around my eyes seems persistly dry and slightly flaky so I always need nightly eye creams/moisturizer. Love not having to wear eye makeup though which I never was confident enough to do before my blepharoplasties. I would've done this before my breast aug 10 years ago if I had known how much it could change my life! Dr. Holden's expertise and skills played a major role in my transformation and I will continue to seek graceful aging procedures from him in the future.

Where to turn...?

So unfortunately, Dr. Holden is not currently practicing due to some personal issues. I am very sad to lose a relationship with a doctor that I trusted and was comfortable with. It is also untimely as I just had a minor crease revision 2 weeks ago and now have no one to go to for any follow up care. My left eye had started creasing off downward from the incision crease so I wanted it tucked up a little but it seems a little high still as far as the position of the crease so still needing some revision as of now. Also, my right eye had a very dominant crease mid lid that he improved by removing a little more skin. I will try to post updated pics soon. Most of the major bruising went away at about day 10 I think. I am not sure what I am going to do now that I am left w/out a doctor. I am doing research but it is a challenge as Asian blephs are a specialty. May have to travel (CA maybe). Also am needing a new "regular maintenance(botox, filler)" doctor so the search begins for a good, caring, skilled doctor that has reasonable's Scottsdale so it may take a while lol....

20 days post crease tightening

Creases did settle (took a good 2 weeks for it to go down to a normal looking crease) some but still a little high on left eye that has been the problem area. Not likely to go down much unfortunately bc of the angle of the incision. Depending on how much the right settles I may have to get the left revised in the future. I have found that if I wear a lot of makeup and these annoying fake eye lashes I can mask most of the asymmetry. Right eye is looking much better as far as the middle crease I had running across my lid since I had some skin removed. At least I am able to wear makeup now since the multiple creases have seemed to be dramatically reduced (for now-we'll see, if they "settle too much" that's when the multiples show up). I think my progress is ok...miss having my doctor to consult with....
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Dr. Holden is the one of most caring, sweetest, and supportive doctors I have ever met. He is so attentive and always has an encouraging and positive attitude. He personally answered my emails when I first inquired about surgery. After surgery, gave me his cell # so I could contact him directly with my worries, questions or emergencies. Great follow up care. He always comforts me with his confidence, knowledge and reassuring words when I have any worries and is easily reached when you need him. He is an incredibly intelligent and talented surgeon, but also has the excellent and important artistic eye that some lack. I highly recommend him and only him for any facial work. He takes his time explaining things, addressing your concerns, and answers all your questions. When you meet him, you can tell that he puts his heart into his work and truly cares about each individual patient, not treating them like just another paying customer.

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