36 Year Old Mom of 2 with Lots of Unwanted Fat in Stomach Area - Scottsdale, AZ

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I finally got coolsculpting done. I needed a lot...

I finally got coolsculpting done. I needed a lot of areas tackled so I had my lower abs tackled by the coolmax on the left and right, then again my middle abs two more cool max applicators then my upper abs got two cool core applicators. This was a lot in one appointment but it needed to be done. I will post my experience as I go.

Update day 4

So i first put this in the comments section of my first review and realized i should have posted it here... sorry im new to real self reviews.

That night I didn't sleep too well, my stomach was quite tender. The next morning I was very very swollen felt about 7 months pregnant. I was not red and no bruises but just very tender and swollen. I went to work but wore elastic waist pants and a form fitted tank top under my work shirt. I felt quite stiff. That 2nd night I took Tylenol pm and went to bed early and slept better. But stayed flat on my back all night. I hoped that the swelling would go down.

The next morning still swollen and tender but went to work and was fine just very sore and pregnant looking.

Today is day 4 now and I can see now that my upper abs are not as swollen but my lower abdominal area is still very swollen. I am also still very numb and tender. I hope this will be all worth it. So far nothing terrible but it's definitely a hindering feeling to not be able to sit straight up, or lean forward on tie my shoes.

Night of day 4

Tingling sensations are zing-ing me in my lower abdominal area. I think the upper area where the cool core ones were done are fine but the mid and lower areas where I had 4 max cycles is going to take several more days to recover. Swelling is very obvious still. Going to try sleeping without Tylenol pm tonight. I will post a picture of my swelling from today as well. I'd day right now I look worse than before I did the treatment because of the swelling.

Happy Halloween! So today is day 6

I am still very swollen but it is going down. Also I am still numb but less sensitive so I can at least touch my stomach but because it's number it feels weird. Sleeping better now and have gone 2 nights without any Tylenol pm YAY. Still wearing fitted clothes under normal clothes as I like a little compression during the day. I have only had slight nerve pain but nothing major at all. No bruises really either. Here's a picture of me today.

Doing much better

Today is day 8 and though I have some slight swelling and do tenderness, I am feeling so much better. I have weird nerve zings every so often but no big deal. I feel like I am back to normal size like my before picture of now it's just waiting a few more weeks and hope to see some results. Here is me today.

2 week Mark

So here's where I'm at so far. I am not swollen anymore (at least, I feel like I'm not but I could be wrong) I do still have tenderness right down the middle of my abdominal area but it is only tender when pushed on... so I don't do that. I don't see any reduction of fat yet but it's only been 2 weeks... I know true reduction is supposed to be seen around 10 weeks but I wish I could see some sort of change.

I am a little concerned about a two hard spots on my abdomen one above my belly button and one below.... I know there's that rare side effect of the fat hardening and I hope that is not what I am feeling... I will give it more time and see if it breaks up because I might be just paranoid about the risks.

Not much else change buthe here's a picture of 2 weeks.

3 weeks after

Well I thought for sure I'd be 100% back to normal but I'm still a tiny bit tender... washing with a bar of soap hurts my stomach but I am trying to add a little massage therapy to help and that is a little painful. Throughout the day I am completely fine unless I lean up against a counter top or something.

Swelling seems to be 99% gone but I'm still fat LOL no results yet. Though I have not been working out at all and have probably been bad with my eating so that isn't helping I'm sure.

Update on little bumps/hard spots: those seem to be going away... I can't really feel them anymore so I'm hoping it was just part of the swelling. Yay.

I am going to try to lose the 3 pounds I gained since I did this so when I go in for my after visit I am the same weight. The leftover Halloween candy is gone now so I will be better.

Here's a 3 week post coolsculpting photo as well... and since my friend asked... I have like 14 pairs of black undies and 6 black bras... I promise I don't wear the exact same ones in every photo... I am just aiming for consistency.

Time goes so slowly.... 4 weeks

Well I feel pretty normal... only a few areas that if I push or poke that still has some soreness. I also think some of my nerves are still sleeping but only a few... most of my feeling has returned. I can't tell if any results are showing yet. I have a feeling I will do another round in a month or two but hopefully by them I will also be able to see some results. Also the small hard areas I was worried about have gone away so yay!

7 weeks after coolsculpting

I feel like it's working! I've noticed my stomach is feeling smaller and I can see a slight flattening of my below belly button pooch I still have 5 weeks to go before the full results are supposed to be visible but this week I am feeling like it is working! Yay! Also been totally fine all feeling has returned and no lumps or bumps...feeling happy also I'm up about 8 pounds due to eating bad with all the holiday stuff... I'd like to be the same weight I was when I started so I can see the true before and after... so after Christmas i must start eating better.

After seeing my before and after photos it is worth it

So it's been 11 weeks and if you asked me a week ago I would say I wasn't sure but after seeing my photos I'd have to say it absolutely works especially because in my after picture I actually weigh 8 pounds more because of the holidays. What do you all think?
I may do a round two.

side view of my before and after pictures 11 weeks post tx

Hi I forgot to ask for a side view from my clinic, they just sent it to me... I still have plenty to lose but I gotta say in my after picture I am 8 pounds heavier and still there is a change for the better.
Laser for Less

Great friendly staff, clean place, very comfortable.

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