Fractional CO2 Laser, Treating: Wrinkles/Acne Scars, Female - Scottsdale, AZ

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I have been waiting for the perfect time to...

I have been waiting for the perfect time to finally have my fractional laser procedure to correct some of the leftover acne scars and light wrinkles I have obtained surfing as a child without sunscreen. Unlike the lucky women of color with tons of melanin in their skin, I am of German and Irish descent aka deathly pale. Naturally, I am going to have to get recurring laser treatments for the rest of my life while slathering on sunscreen every morning and afternoon. With Dr Henderson, I know the lasers will be a breeze.
I arrived 1 and half hours early and Olivia applied numbing cream all over my face. I read a magazine and waited for my turn. Soon, the MA brought me into the OR and covered me with a blanket (OR's are always chilly). After she was sure I was comfortable, she applied gum numbing cream before the nerve block was applied. Dr Henderson injected me with local and the forehead where i felt the pinch the most. It felt strange because my eyelids suddenly became quite heavy, but I could still blink them. After waiting a few minutes for the pain meds to kick in, Dr Henderson covered my eyes with steel barriers (which I admittedly am impressed by due to my glue on lashes).

She began with the laser on my forehead. In most parts I could barely feel it, however the edges were slightly painful. As she turned up the intensity for my cheeks, where most my acne scars are, the biggest differences was the increase of time of the sting, rather than the sting itself.

It is worth it to note that you will smell burning, however the smell is equivalent to if you accidentally burned your hair with an iron. There was one point towards the end where she applied the laser to the bridge of my nose, and perhaps it was the location, or perhaps I had missed some numbing there, but it made me tear up quite badly but it was fine after I took several deep breaths and a quick respite.

After it was over they wiped my face clean and applied a lot of aquaphor to my face. It felt like a bad sunburn, but with pain meds, a towel on my pillow, and Gone With the Wind playing in the background I fell right to sleep that night and did not wake til morning.

Day 1 Puffy!

I certainly look like a waffle with more evidence of squares on my cheeks. Slathered aquafor all over, and lightly cleaned with disposable paper towels cold vinegar water.

Day 2- Everything is covered in Aquaphor

I forgot to cover my pillow with a towel, so as I slept I got aquafor all over my satin pillow case. Shortly after waking, I sat in my bathtub and washed my face gently with Cetaphil gentle cleanser. There is no pain except around my eyes. I am in debt to my kind close friends that surprised me with starbucks and fresh fruit this morning. They kindly pretended my face wasn't molten. Some of the skin in between my brows looks like it has eczema, but I think I just needed to apply higher density of moisturizer to it.
I've been watching some youtuber's experience with CO2 lasers, and with the intensity of the treatment I received I surmise I won't be able to walk outside for 4 more days.

Day 4 Rash

Took this photo outside with my better camera to show the speckling. I've stayed indoors religiously. However, despite my best efforts, I have somehow been afflicted with a rash around my eyes and forehead. I plan on seeing the physician Monday. Perhaps it was due to the aquaphor slathering that gave me a bit of acne, but after researching, it seems a rash is not part of the normal healing process. I do not have an viral diseases, such my guess is it is just a fungal malady. I have ceased use of aquaphor and have been applying anti-bacterial creams. Hopefully this wont ruin my results. Other than that, the red is clearing quite quickly. This is the advantage of fractional rather than ablative.

Week 1 Cleaned Up

Well after a post-op with the doc, my face is almost back to pale! The results look great and are going to continue adding collagen. I am taking a collagen booster I found at Whole Foods. Climbed the side of a mountain today with 50 spf and mineral powder foundation on top. No break out! Im going to be looking smooth for Christmas xoxo

Also! I am not smiling in any of the photos to keep consistency. Not because I am not happy! Feel free to ask me any questions about my experience via comment or PM.
Phoenix Facial Plastic Surgeon

Top notch doctor, who specializes in faces. The friendly staff always remember me and details on my life. They treat me with the utmost concern and respect.

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