June 11 is my Big Day! - Scottsdale, AZ

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I am 41 years old and wear a 38J bra. I have 4...

I am 41 years old and wear a 38J bra. I have 4 year old twin daughters and I want to be able to set a good example of a healthy and active lifestyle. However, my breasts have been causing me so much pain that I am not as active as I should be. So, it's time to take action! I have always had large breasts, but after the birth of my daughters, my breasts seemed to take on a life of their own. I can't wait to wear a "normal" bra and a real swimsuit. I have so many shirts in my closet that I will soon be able to wear. I am really starting to get anxious about the surgery. I know everything will be ok, I just have a tendency to think about the actual procedure. It plays in my mind over and over like a movie......can't press stop. :) Soon enough my procedure will be done and I can finally be a peace, recover, and begin my "new" life.

I am focusing on a lot of "spring cleaning"...

I am focusing on a lot of "spring cleaning" projects this week to help take my mind off everything. Thankfully my mom will be able to visit during this time and she can help me with my girls. I will also be cooking some dinners to help organize the week. Doc says that I will be out of it for a few days, but should be able to function by the 5th day. I hope that is the case.

Well, June 11th was my procedure and I made it...

Well, June 11th was my procedure and I made it through with flying colors. I was really anxious leading up to my big day, but unfortunately, that was just a waste of time. From the moment I checked into the hospotal everyone I encountered was soooooooo nice and thoughtful. They explained everything to me as it was happening and what was coming next. Once the doctor came in to mark me up I started to get really excited. He drew me up, the anesthesiologist came in, comforted me, explained everything he was going to do, and then off we went to the OR. I remember getting some meds through my IV and additional sleepy meds through a mask. When I woke up I was in the recovery room with this really nice nurse letting me know that everything had gone great. I was so relieved. My greatest fear was of throwing up after the surgery, but the doctor and nurse each gave me a "special potion" :) to alleviate any sickness afterwards - that in itself was the cherry on the cake. I felt good, no pain, just groggy from the meds. I spent a few hours in recovery because of break through bleeding, but once that was controlled I was on my way home. Again, the awesome nurse knew I had a 2 hour drive home so she gave me a pain killer/anti naseaus shot right before I left so I slept all the way home.......it was so nice. Once I got home my mom and children had made up a chair for me to sit in.....pillows were everywhere and flowers and homemade cards lined the table next to me. That really made me feel extra special. I am so THANKFUL that my mom flew in to help me because she has been an angel. She gives me my meds right on time, keeps the girls fed and entertained and keeps them at a safe distance so they don't get a wild hare and jump on me. This has been a perfect recovery in every way. Friends have brought over dinners so we have not had to cook, which is awesome. This past Monday was my surgery, then my follow up appt. was this past Thursday. The nurse removed the steri-strips and put clean ones on and a sports bra. I will say that I have been EXTREMELY swollen since my surgery. It does not seem to be going down at all.....even with ice packs. I look like a body builder......all puffed up. This aspect does have me concerned. Did anyone else have this issue? If so, how long did it last? I have bought about 3 sport bras similar to the one the doctor gave me and I keep having break through bleeding too. Nothing major, but I still have to change bras a few times a day. I have been lining my bras with panty liners, but course the area that I put the liner, blood seems to find its away around it. Starting tonight I downgraded to Tylenol, the pain meds just make me sleepy. We'll see how the new meds work tonight. All in all, I feel really good. I have some back and neck pain still but I am sure that if just from sleeping in weird positions trying to find something comfortable so I can relax. I'll check back in a few days and let you know what news I may have to share. Thanks for the support.

Well..........things are progressing. The swelling...

Well..........things are progressing. The swelling has gone down a little. However, when I do too much, they swell up again. They are not so hard....returning to normal. I have been to the doctor again because of more oozing and i thought one side was infected, but it wasn't. That particular side is just not healing as fast, or good, as the other side. It's getting better though.

I have had some really nice compliments of late. One of my girlfriends said that I seemed to have more self confidence, post surgery. I must say.......I do feel more confident too. I don't feel like my boobs walk into the room before I do anymore. I can wear so many shirts that had been shoved to the back of my closet, I can buy a bra is ANY store I want.......and they fit. My family went on a mini vacation and I actually wore a swimsuit IN PUBLIC and I felt so good. My husband likes my "new" self and my daughters (who are 4) tell me how pretty my boobs are now. My doctor says there is still a good amount of swelling that will go down, so I am hopeful that I will end up a C cup at the end of my journey.

I am so happy to have undergone this procedure. I do a lot more smiling now.......and am VERY thankful!
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