28 Yr Old Size L Breast. Few Days Away from Surgery! - Scottsdale, AZ

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Honestly I don't think it has set in yet. I am...

Honestly I don't think it has set in yet. I am very excited but it still does not seem like it is happening. Since I could remember I've had very large breast. I've always had my bras custom made and my clothes tailored to fit me. My mother and grandmother also had large breast and taught me how to dress to compliment me. As I got older I began to realize that it was insane to be spending as much money on clothes and bras to just fit me like every other normal girl out there. I was still young and the scars of Breast reduction surgery terrified me. So I continued to put it off. I told myself "lose weight they will go away" which they never did. I went to many surgeons but all wanted upfront pay. I have seen over the Internet stating the surgery cost 6-8 thousand. Oddly that was not even close to the bill I was seeing from the surgeons I was going to. So once again I gave up and decided to go back to the gym. 2 years later I began to have breathing problems my Breast were so heavy I couldn't enjoy the things I loved. Hiking, biking and swimming became a pain and I became depresses. A friend of mine told me to get a healthcare advocate through my insurance and they would help me get the surgery through insurance. So I began the process. My insurance denied me twice before they finally agreed. They stated they would not pay for a reduction that took anything less then 1500grams.( which I find is insane because I see women removing 500-800g and they have it approved) my surgeon was already removing 1200 grams and they would not budge. My surgeon fought them till the end and I am so thankful for her. So my surgery is scheduled for April 12th and as the days get closer I keep battling with myself if This is the right thing to do. I am so happy I found this site because it is really making me feel like it will be the best decision for me. Thank you guys!!! You have helped me more then you could ever imagine!

Pics without bras.

Day 1

Surgery was today and I survived! She removed 1300grams out of each breast. I'm finally feeling better. I've been vomiting most of the day due to the pain pills. (My body hates them) so the vomiting has made me very sore. Tomorrow I may call to get prescribed something to help with nausea. Other then that from what I've seen my girls look amazing and perky!!!

Day 2

Today was a little better. Does anyone have pain in the rib area under breast? Maybe I'm doing to much I'm not sure but standing is painful today. Gonna get some more rest hopefully tomorrow is better and I get to shower!

Post op 8 days

Hello friends, sorry I have not been adding daily reviews. I think I underestimated this surgery and have needed more rest then I thought. I'm not in pain but I struggle often with discomfort. Sleeping has not become any easier. I also have this pain around my right rib that is like a sharp burning (cramp like) that comes and goes. I am still very happy with the results and my surgeon says everything looks excellent. I am still wearing sports bras but couldn't help myself and bought a cute Lycra flimsy fun bra and will wear it more when I'm healed. I will post the pic I took in it though! Overall I think I underestimated the recovery time but I am still very grateful for the procedure. I feel these are minor things I will go through and will take some time adjusting.

8 day post pics

Pics that didn't load.

It's been officially 1 month today!

I have been MIA on the site due to being an emotional reck. My hormones are finally starting to level back out and I'm finally getting off my emotional roller coaster. I'm finally starting to love my breast and the healing is going well. I have some pink on my nipple but overall I am very happy. I'm still wearing sports bras and the occasional fun bra as seen in my pics but I wear them once a week or so. I thought I lost sensation in my nipples until one day I got out of the shower and they became erect, and although I was excited it happened it definately hurt. I will try to update more often but I have been living life enjoying my boobs! I hope everyone is doing well too!!!
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