Breast Lift with Implants and Lipo on Flanks, Abs, and Bra Fat - Scottsdale, AZ

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Im 36 years old. Weight 135. I started out as a...

Im 36 years old. Weight 135. I started out as a small 36 D but had some sagging from having 5 kids, but nipples didn't really point down my boobs just seemed to bottom out. I had ano anchor lift but not all the way across the bottom. And 350 ccs saline implanted, hoping it's not too big. Also had lipo. 2 days post op.

So far so good

Finally got to see everything under the bandages. So glad my nipples are semetrical and everything looks right. Everything is riding high and tight, with the square boob look but that's normal at this point. My left breast hurts more than the right but my doctor said that happens some times too. I have lots of brusing from the lipo and alot of it has traveled down to my butt and hips so I'm super achy. So far the lipo has been way more painful than the breast work. Every single movement hurts because my core was liposuctioned.

3 days post op

It's been just over 72 hours since my surgery was done. And my husband had to go back to work today. Thankfully I'm doing better but our kids are trashing everything and I'm too tired and sore to do much about it. My breasts hurt but my lipo areas hurt more. And I've been kind of dizzy and nauseaous. So I'm still taking it easy today.

When will I feel ok again

I feel so out of it most of the day. I'm OK for a few hours but get dizzy and nauseous just standing to shower and get dressed. The pain isn't super bad so I've cut back on meds but I'm still a mess.

1 week post op today

Mixed emotions today. I am super happy with how the results are looking. I think with my implants being moderate profile and under the muscle the 350 ccs will only put me a cup and a half bigger which is perfect. Andnim noticing them finally getting a little softer up top. Yay. Also swelling is going down from breasts and lipo. But I'm a little concerned about my right breast. I just went to take a shower and noticed that the small amount of yellow watery discharge had actually gotten a little goopy and crusty on the inner edge of my breast. And the spot where the incisions meet looks a little redder and had a spot of blood again. I sent my doctor pics and I'm waiting to hear back. In the meantime I cut the goopy part off the tape.

The good, the bad, and the ugly

8 days post op today. Had my one week apt with my Ps. The good news is that my left breast is healing beautifully. And that my right breast is not infected. But the bad and ugly news is that my right breast is having a harder time healing. He said the skin is just injured and doesn't look good yet, but that itshe still viable. And if we baby it with aquarphor or antibiotic ointment and gauze, no tape on the injured skin, amd it should heal back up and be fine. I'm glad there is no infection but it looks freaky! I hope I start seeing improvement quickly.

12 days post op and trying to be patient

So my healing has been emotionallying taxing to say the least. My left breast is still doing well, but I had a scare when I tried to take my tapes off and it started doing a couple small openingsize in the skin. But they seem to be healing fine. My right breast has had me freaked out all week! But I do think theveryone aquarphor and gauze are slowly helping. It looks gross but I think the inner part is forming a scab instead of the open gash look it had, and I'm pretty sure that is a good sign of healing. I won't be surprised if I need some scar revision on it some day. I see my ps at the end of the day tomorrow hopefully he'll say it's good. And have a healing time line for it. The rest of me seems to be on track. My lipo areas still have soreness, numbness and some lumpiness. He said its not necessary to massage but it helps speed things up so I do that a little bit. I feel like everything is on hold or slower because I have to baby my boob to limp it along without more complications.

Saw my ps today

Saw my surgeon today. Basically he said everything just looks really inflamed and irratated. He doesn't think there's any infection but doesn't want one to happen son he put me back on antibiotics since I just recently ran out. He also debried my wound to clean it up and it looks better since he did that. My right breast is just really having a hard time. It's riding higher, still a bit more swollen and boxy, and has this injury at the bottom. So we're sticking to the same thing and he wants me to follow up in 3 days. I'm grateful he's keeping a close eye on it! Definitely calms my nerves going in sooner.

3 weeks and 3 days post op.

I haven't been on here in a while. It seems like things are healing but it's such a SLOW process. I've had to go in and have my doctor take out some sutures my body was spitting out in and around the wound area. He said that sometimes it will heal faster just having those out if they're poking out because it's like having a splinter that just irratated everything if it's come to the surface. I think he has removed 4 or 5 now. The area that is opened on my right breast still looks really bad to me, but I've started putting neosporin on it about 5 days ago, instead of the aquarphor, and I feel like there has been some progress with that. The swelling has gone down a bit but my right one is also still bigger and higher than my left. I'm hoping as it heals all of that will even out. And my PS has assured me that he'll do a scar revision so it will be paper thin scars like the other side after it heals, and that it's just an in office thing with no charge. I've been really impressed with his help. As far as the lipo I'm really glad I did it. I'm definitely getting some bumps that I need to massage out. And I still have numbness but other than that it's good. And I've been able to do more like lift 10 pounds now so life is getting a little more normal.

Finally sewn up

Went in 2 days ago and my PS closed up my wound and did a scar revision on my right breast. So glad it is done so it can finally heal right. I'm super paranoid about the same thing happening so Ive already changed the tapes a could times. My breast was just evening out with the other one and getting softer and now it's high and tight again from the revision surgery (but it's still softer than at first). But I've been assured it will settle back down again as it heals.

I think it's opening AGAIN :(

The underneath part of my wound seems to be opening wherround the stitches are. I'm so stressed about this. I was so happy that it was finally closed so I could heal and it opening again just 3 days after being stiched up. I have it retaped again. But I don't know what to do other than that. I've sent a pic to my doctor.

Definitely opening

So my tape was all lose from the blood and fluid so I changed it again when showering this morning and it's definitely more opened. Basically it looks like the we got the vertical like closed but the horizontal line is reopening. Sigh! I won't be surprised is we have to replace do that one in another month or two. But I guess even having the vertical line closed will be an improvement for now. I just hope it doesn't get worse. I have my follow up on Monday.

Wound is finally healing

So I'm almost 8 weeks post op from my surgery and about 3 weeks from my wound closure/scar revision that opened back up. I'm so happy to say that it's finally closing and looks alot shallower than before. I don't have pictures onot here of when it was at its worst but there are plenty of bad ones. I'll be so glad when it's healed. At this point I don't even care about the scar. I'm sure I will want to have it revised down the road but for now I just want it all closed and healed an healthy.

Finally healed except for the scar

I'm so happy that my wound is healing well. I think the saline water and alternating with aquarphor and neosporin has helped alot. The skin has filled in and the is almost no weeping except occasionally a tiny bit now. Last night was the first night I've slept both without a bra and without bandages of any sort, it felt so good. My ps has said he will do a scar revision again later down the road, unfortunately I can tell I will need it on both sides to make sure there is no asymmetry. But if this scar fades enough I might just leave it up til I have to replace the implants a decade from now. Depends on how the scar looks next spring. But I'm so happy with my results so far now that it's healing. I'm just over 2 more the post op and I have almost 10 pounds to lose but I'm excited to see how I'll look once I get those lbs off because I already like my shape from the contouring :)
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