27 Years Old Breast Lift With HP Silicone Implants - Scottsdale, AZ

Never been happy with my breasts, over the years...

Never been happy with my breasts, over the years it's been a constant insecurity and through pregnancies only gotten worse. Now that I'm finished having kids I'm ready to take care of myself. My husband didn't understand at first but 9 years later has come to support me and my need to do this. After meeting a few doctors for consultations, I've booked my full anchor lift and augmentation with Dr. Meger. I appreciated his approach to the surgery and not taking the time I was there to sell me on other procedures to fix everything else. I felt instantly comfortable and am 100% confident in him and his team to help me on this journey. I have a sizing appointment on October 11. I know for a fact I'm getting the high profile silicon implants but the size is up in the air. I have broad hips and shoulders so I can carry a larger implant, plus I'm a boob girl and appreciate a great set. I'm going to rely on the professionals for guidance but I'd like to try something between 450-500cc I think. But I guess we will try them on and find out!



27 days and counting! Getting nervous, excited, arranging care for the kids, getting covered at work. Am I doing the right thing? Will I love the results? Will I pick the right size? How bad will the scarring be? How heavy will they feel? How painful is recovery? Mind is racing! I've been glued to the Rs community looking at before and afters trying to find guidance


I met with the gorgeous RN Theresa for my sizing appointment she said the Ps was thinking between 400cc -475cc I tried on a couple sizes and gave them my blessing to surprise me once he gets in there and does his magic to give me the implant size for the ideal breast! Soooooo tbd! I have full faith in the professionals.. and since I was there I got a touch up my lips and forehead, win win!
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