485cc/415cc Breast Lift With HP Silicone Implants - Scottsdale, AZ

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Never been happy with my breasts, over the years...

Never been happy with my breasts, over the years it's been a constant insecurity and through pregnancies only gotten worse. Now that I'm finished having kids I'm ready to take care of myself. My husband didn't understand at first but 9 years later has come to support me and my need to do this. After meeting a few doctors for consultations, I've booked my full anchor lift and augmentation with Dr. Meger. I appreciated his approach to the surgery and not taking the time I was there to sell me on other procedures to fix everything else. I felt instantly comfortable and am 100% confident in him and his team to help me on this journey. I have a sizing appointment on October 11. I know for a fact I'm getting the high profile silicon implants but the size is up in the air. I have broad hips and shoulders so I can carry a larger implant, plus I'm a boob girl and appreciate a great set. I'm going to rely on the professionals for guidance but I'd like to try something between 450-500cc I think. But I guess we will try them on and find out!



27 days and counting! Getting nervous, excited, arranging care for the kids, getting covered at work. Am I doing the right thing? Will I love the results? Will I pick the right size? How bad will the scarring be? How heavy will they feel? How painful is recovery? Mind is racing! I've been glued to the Rs community looking at before and afters trying to find guidance


I met with the gorgeous RN Theresa for my sizing appointment she said the Ps was thinking between 400cc -475cc I tried on a couple sizes and gave them my blessing to surprise me once he gets in there and does his magic to give me the implant size for the ideal breast! Soooooo tbd! I have full faith in the professionals.. and since I was there I got a touch up my lips and forehead, win win!

Getting ready to head out!

No food or water since 6pm last night. Trick or treating with the kids and not being able to have water is not pleasant. Put my transderm patch on last night before bed. I'm getting nervous!! 815 am is going to be here so soon! Eeeeek!!!!!


Surgery was a breeze. In and out before I knew it. It was the every single pot hole my poor husband hit on the way home that killed me. Been in extreme pain since I got home. Ate a few bites of pudding and my pain meds. Couldn't get comfortable been playing Goldie Locks with every seat in the house trying to find the right one. GOOD news I did find one and managed to fall asleep for 20 min and woke up feeling better. My next pain med cannot come soon enough. Was pretty high when the RN told me what size the dr went with so could be wrong but I think she said 475cc L and 415cc R.... but I wouldn't really trust what I remember when she told me

Better with each day

Each day I feel more strength returning and the pain more manageable so making progress! Took off the bandages and enjoyed my first shower. Gotta tell you I was nervous as hell to see what was hiding under them but I love what I'm seeing. Cant wait to make it through the "ugly" stages. Oh and I found my implant id card 485cc in left and 415cc in right.


Ugly stage

1 week

Over the past week I think my biggest obstacle has been sleeping. It is nearly impossible for me to get comfortable at night. I can't wait till the "morning boob" goes away because that is incredibly uncomfortable. Now that being said, the pain is almost unnoticeable. They are looking less angry each day. I see the Ps surgeon today to remove the sutures. Dr Meger and his staff have been very accommodating to me and my neurotic tendencies when I thought my nipple was falling off. I've sent in a few emails with pictures freaking out about my nipple and they responded quickly every time reassuring me everything was fine. I believe they were right because it's almost back to normal. God bless them! My biggest grievance right now is the breast band. THIS thing is the devil. I want to burn it. Dr Meger wants this thing worn 24/7 only taken off for showering. I'll admit I have taken it off at random times during the day or night just to get a break but been trying to wear it as much as possible.

2 Week Update

Every day is better! SHOULD have done this years ago

3 weeks

Healing well, feeling great loving my new confidence in my body!! Such an improvement I am so thankful for my outcome. Still dropping some and I'm noticing the start of the fluffing they are getting softer. Picked up some prescription strength scar therapy treatment from my Ps. I'll get a picture of it and document it's results

Here is the goods

We will see just what kind of miracle this stuff preforms

5 weeks

Ladies I'm sorry I suck, here is the 5 week update. Scars are looking better, the serum is helping a ton. The insane itching has subsided. Every week they are doing something new! Going to holiday parties and wearing sexy dresses without the need for a bra... AMAZING. Current bra size 34DDD love love love

Ups and downs!

Hi ladies, just checking in! The girls are great but the nipple that gave me the problems in the beginning was a little dragging in the healing process and separated more when the stitches were removed it is definitely more red around the nipple and I'm pretty sure there will be a more visible scar once all healed. I wish I could've kept the stitches in for another week. It's seriously the craziest thing and I'm not sure if it's all in my head but, sometimes they look really good and other times it looks like my nipple is a lazy eye and kind of wandering! The vertical scars are almost invisible (awesomeness) Also I think they look best in the morning as opposed to the end of the day, the shape to me is different but I might just be imagining things! I have boobie blues on occasion but I just look at my before pics and even on my worst day now it's still 100% better than before. Best decision was to do this. Hope everyone is well, hugs xx

Scar update

I really do like the scar serum I picked up from the ps I have a check up in a couple weeks I'm gong to pick up another tube. I put it on and let it dry in the morning while I'm doing my makeup and again at night while in getting ready for bed

1 year approaching!!

My quality of life has improved so much post surgery. So thankful I was able to do this for myself. Scars aren't the best but I would rather have them than still be living with my befores. And the freedom of not HAVING TO wear a bra is amazing! Hope everyone is doing well!! Xoxx
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