20 Years Old Tuberous Breast, Dual Plane Sientra Textured Implants with Donut Lift - Scottsdale, AZ

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All my life I've been extremely self conscious of...

All my life I've been extremely self conscious of my body especially my breasts. They never looked like any of my friends. So at 20 years old I've decided now is the time to bite the bullet and have surgery. Right now I'm about a B cup it's hard to tell because my breasts don't fill out bras properly. I'd like to be a full C small D.

Good supplements to take prior to BA

What are some good supplements to start taking just to prepare my body? I read somewhere on here vitamin c is a good one

In a bra post op

Round or Anatomical

I can't decide if I want round or anatomical implants. I want to look natural but I'm scared I'll have no upper pole fullness with shaped implants. Decisions decisions...

T minus 10 weeks

Does anyone else just sit on realself reading reviews all night? lol I'm so obsessed. I can't wait to have my surgery! So close but so far away August 25th couldn't come any faster

4 more weeks

I'm so excited I can't hardly wait only a few weeks left with these ugly things. Does anyone recommend any recovery tips? No one ever comments on mine but hey it's worth the shot : /

Belly butter

I found this belly butter at target I'm going to start using it on my breasts to prepare for skin stretching. I almost bough Eden knows implants boobie butter but her prices are kind of high and I found this at Target for $16 so far so good

Had my pre op

On Friday! Everything went well. My doctor likes anatomical but I told him I wanted round he said he will most likely use round on me depending on how it looks once were in the OR. So I will most likely be getting Sientra 350 cc textured round! Yay (: count down to surgery is 10 days


Super excited I decided to add lipo of the flanks onto my surgery so he will fat graph my love handles to my breasts I'm so excited! Surgery is coming up In a few days I'm so nervous


I'm soooo nervous. Just woke up and getting ready to leave. I'll update you all on the other side!

Post op day 1

Sorry I didn't update yesterday I couldn't even keep my eyes open. It wasn't too painful when I woke up just a lot of pressure. Today is a lot worse in not in excruciating pain but I can't to anything myself and I'm really swollen and tight

Implants I got

I'm about 5'7 150 lbs. I got Sientra round textured 435 cc in right and 385 cc in left. Once I have the strength and I'm not so tired I'll update with some photos. Since I had tuberous breast I was about 36 B but with tuberous breasts you don't fill out a bra like normal. Thanks to everyone that wished me good luck (:

Hey everyone

So I'm 4 days post. First few days were kind of rough. 2 nights ago I woke up at 3 am really really hot and my head was pounding I think it was all the medication and constipation. Yesterday was a little better I finally went number 2 and I feel so much now.

6 days post op

Pretty much no more pain when I'm sitting or just relaxing but I do still get sore and walk around pretty slow. I can reach my hands above my head but it takes a lot of will power lol. I got my steri strips off today the incisions look scary but I know they'll get better.

Day 8 post op

Everything for the most part is going good. I think I might be pushing myself a little too much because I'm a little sore tonight but overall when I'm in still movement I have no pain but when my arms move and I open the car door etc I can feel it. I also hear the weird sloshing noise when I move my arms up and down lol I've heard a few girls say it happens to them and it's normal.

I love the shape

I'm so obsessed with how good the shape is. So far every penny was worth it!

Scars at post op day 12

Almost 2 weeks

It will be 2 weeks tomorrow I'm amazing at home good they already look I love where they're sitting on my body right now. All I need now is for them to get soft haha. I hear that textured implants take longer to get soft like around 3-4 months and I'm already impatient haha. My phone won't let me put comments on my photos but this before and after in the same bra

Stereotypical tank pic coming your way haha

Hey everyone. I know I do updates too much but I thought I'd let you know all of the details. I'm post op day 17 im feeling great. I do have numbness on both sides of my boobs and my nipples are like 40% numb too. The shape is still looking great. I hate the feeling of nerves reconnecting my god! Yikes! I notice it more in shower is that normal? Anyway for the most part everything is going well! And the shape looks amazingly better! I can't wait for the scars to simmer down a little

Weird white marks :(

Today I noticed I have weird white marks that look like stretch marks on the bottom of my boobs I'm getting paranoid because I don't know what it is I hope it goes away..It feels like a thick stretch mark but it's not pink/red it's white. Ugh and everything was going perfect until this happens I'm scared :(

3 weeks yesterday

Everything is going pretty good. I now have red hives on the sides of my boobs that itch really bad so that kind of sucks. But overall they look good. They're still rock solid I know I have another few months before they soften up.

Tried a bra on for the first time

Tried a bra on at target it's sooooo soft and has no underwire I'm a 36 C. I've never had a bra that's fit right so this is super exciting. Side note my boobs are still very itchy and I still have bumps

1 month anniversary of boob

I can't believe it's already been a month so crazy. Everything is going good. I still have part of the stitches on I don't know if that normal? One side looks super good really crisp line and the other one doesn't look super good but not awful. I have zero pain but it does hurt to sleep on my side still. They are also still hard. I'm hoping at my 2 month anniversary they'll be soft. Cheers to nice boobs !

I love how they look in everything

The size is perfect. They don't make me look top heavy and when I want to look conservative it's easy. Sometimes I wish I'd gone a tiny bit bigger but honestly they're a perfect size

6 weeks out

They're getting a little softer everything is going pretty good

6 weeks out

They're getting a little softer everything is going pretty good

I had a post op appt today

Doc says everything looks good he had to take a couple of stitches out and I'm having some pigment problems with my right nipple but overall he said I'm doing great! Cheers (:

3 month update

Hi everyone!!! It will be 3 months and a week on Thursday everything is going great there are a few things here and there but overall from where I started I'm so incredibly thankful for my surgeon I feel so much more confident wearing clothes and trying stuff on. I think I'm about a C cup which is perfect! I went to Victoria secret this weekend and I know they always up a size or two and they told me I was a DD lol so I bought a couple of bras but I know I'm not actually that big, every other brand I try I'm a C cup. I'll post some photos in my bra.

7 mo. UPDATE

Hi everyone!!! My implants have been amazing ive been enjoying feeling more confident (: BUT I recently contacted my doctor in regards to do areola reduction because my nipples have stretched so much since surgery and they really big now. I'm waiting to hear back on how much pricing will be. Other than that my boobs are great they're soft (unless I'm laying down then they're rock solid lol) , they move around good and I LOVE being able to throw a dress on and not have to worry about a bra

Scar revision

I had my scar revision today under local anesthesia. So far so good I'm not in horrible pain but it stings and feels tight. Doctor says there's a chance it can re stretch again but it's less likely this time because when you first get them done the implant is stretching the skin and this time since the implant is already in it shouldn't get stretched to bad. This time I plan to use scar treatment because I didn't last time and I'm just lucky my scars didn't heal thick and raised.

Day 3 of revision

Pain is getting a little better. Yesterday was horrible the pain meds gave me terrible nausea and I felt loopy and sleepy all day. Today I tried a different pain killer and took it with a anti nausea pill so I'm hoping it will get me through my long day at work

Steri strips off

1 year boobversary!!!

Yay, it's officially been one year. Overall I'm so happy with my results. Of course there's things I would change or fix but for the most part I'm so incredibly happy with my results and how far I've come! Cheers (:
Dr. Robert cohen

He was extremely professional and he did an amazing job would recommend him to anyone!

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