Ending 29 w/ Boobies!! Natrelle 410s - Scottsdale, AZ

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I feel inspired to share my story since I have...

I feel inspired to share my story since I have read countless experiences from other women and learned a great deal from everyone's story. I didn't find many as many stories about the Natrelle 410s. Expectations, Results, Process, Recommendations, etc.? I hope to share my story and it helps someone in the future. My decision to have a BA came rather quick, of course I have been wishing and hoping for a BA "one day" just never really thought I would do it. Heck it still seems unreal and it's only 12 days away! I researched off and on over the past year with no intentions of ever getting a BA just dreaming/online window shopping until 2 weeks ago when I said to myself I want it, I can afford it, I'm doing it and I'm soon to be going into my 30's. So I researched surgeons certified in Natrelle 410s from the allergan website (company that makes Natrelle 410s) and crossed reference those physicians until I narrowed down to two providers. Made my final selection and expressed interest late night through the webpage. I was in for my consultation in a matter of days (April 1st).

My consultation was so much fun. The staff was amazing. They make you fell like you are shopping with your best friends. I brought my sister with me as a support system and she was amazing. I am thankful to have her. My recommendation, bring someone to your consultation that truly loves, cares, respects your decision and to let you know the number of cc's that look good on you.

At my consultation was my first time holding an implant. I was able to see the difference btw traditional silicone and the Natrelle 410s cohesive silicone gel. Yes the trad. silicone was noticeable softer but the 410s were soft as well and held their shape (which is what sold me) plus I don't want round boobies. I want natural looking boobies.

At my consultation my PS informed with the Natrelle 410s it is best to placed through the Inframammary Incision (under the breast) . I must admit, I was somewhat sad about that because I sold myself on an Periareolar Incision (around the nipple). After he explained why, I understood. He is the expert and is very familiar with the impact as he was a part of the clinical trails. The reason for under the breast is PS are able to be more precise in placement and trying to force the implant through a the areolar will comprise the implant. I don't want anything comprised so I'm for it and appreciated the education.
After my consult, I asked when his next availability and the 23rd was open. Sign-me up! Put down the deposit ($500) to hold the date and scheduled my pre-op appointment for exactly one week later.

Received my packet, thank you card and consent forms in the mail the next day. I was instructed to complete all the forms and bring them to my pre-op appt. Seriously, I read the packet several times to make sure I adhere to all the dos and don'ts.

My pre-op appointment which was 2 weeks 1 day before BA day, I turned in my consent forms. Went over all my questions, was told the do's and don'ts. FYI: you are not suppose to massage your implants if you get the natrelle 410s as you would with the trad. round silicone. (just thought I would share) Reason: b/c you may rotate the implant BUT its okay to massage and play with them after 2 weeks and the tissue begins to heal with the implant in place. Yes. I asked well what about when someone wants to play with them (wink wink) like intimately lol and she says no worries its only initially while you are healing. (sigh w/ Big relief) I mean I want them to fun and look good lol.
Okay after all the questions, I was sized for my surgical bra and given my prescriptions to be filled. They sent them electronically only the controlled Rx scripts were given to me to take in because pain killers and muscle relaxers must have a hard copy with a signature. After that I paid my remaining balance and set my appointments for Post Op. I was in and out in about 30 minutes.

Today and everyday since I decided, I am feeling anxious about the recovery. The reason why I moved so fast with everything is I just want to be over with it especially wanted to get this done before the AZ summer heat really kicks in. I can't imagine trying to heal in 110+ weather.

I've read so many stories and watched you tube diaries learned the following:
Not looking forward to day 2 and 3 those seem to be the worst- anyone have any tips or tricks?
I'm going back to work on Post-op day 5- I hope that works out.
ordered the arnica montana- which is suppose to help w/ bruising (I will start that on April 20th 3 days before)
Stopped taking ibuprofen -which is the hard bc I suffer from migraines
Starting eat fruits & veggies
Taking vitamin C and multi vitamin
going to by vitamin A

Anyone have any other natural healing tips????

Finally, I can't believe I am doing this...I am posting a pic of my lil' boobies. I hope this helps the next woman who is debating/decides she too wants the Natrelle 410s.

height: 5'6"
weight: 140
Bra size: 34 A
Age: 29

Thank you everyone for sharing your stories and inspiring me to share mine!

Anyone have any other natural healing tips????

5 days until the BIG BA Day!!!

I'm five days away and it still isn't real to me yet. Today setting up my bedside preparation, I was excited but still in disbelief. I can't believe I am actually getting boobs in less than a week. I stare at the calendar everyday, planning out what I need to accomplish each day to be ready and re counting the count down lol. (as if it is going to change)
Today I received a call from the surgery center wanting to pre-register me. They just asked some basic demographic information and informed me to arrive 2 hours before surgery time. Seriously! TWO hours of anxiety, nervousness, curiosity, and starvation lol. I guess I'll bring a book and pretend to read.
I've been doing some online window shopping for a front zip sports bra. Does anyone have a brand they found to be most comfortable?

Also, how did you determine the size sports bra? should I wait until post-op to pick one up?

My Bedside Prep List (so far)

Rx prescribed by PS
Arnica Montana (start 3 day before)
Vitamin A (start post-Op)
Fiber Capsules (start post-Op)
Bromelain (not sure will call PS office- conflicting information on web)
Cranberry (start post-Op)
Petroleum Jelly (skin, lips, etc.)
Shea Cocoa butter (skin)
Vitamin C (taking daily)
Hibiclens (will shower with the night before and morning of)
Vitamin E (skin)
Flex Straws
Coconut Oil (skin)
Desoximetasone-For my eczema in case I flare up
EOS- lip balm

I have so many skin creams bc I do not want stretch marks and depending on my mood and the scent that doesn't bother me will determine which skin cream I will use.

3 more days until I'm in Boobieland

So today I woke up nervous... In 3 days my body will be so different it so weird and exciting.
Yesterday I freed myself from padding! I took all the padding out of my sports bras and a couple of my bathing suit tops. (hey I won't be needing those anymore lol) I will take some before pics in my bathing suit tops later. I can't wait to see my post-op comparison.

OMG a couple of hours away!!! countdown 5 hours, 22 minutes and 20, 19, 18 seconds...

Of course I woke up before the sun lol. I'm so excited and nervous. Yesterday my stomach was in knots but this morning I feel a little more calm. I don't think it will be real until I get there. I keep going to reach for water and thinking about what I should eat for breakfast only to remember I CANT EAT or DRINK lol. OHH the torture haha. Okay I will post again when I get to the center and will have my sister take some more before pictures after she gets to my house.

All ready for surgery...

I'm here and back in the pre op area... All hooked up to the IV just waiting for my PS!! Its still not really real to me! BOOBIES!!!!!

1 day post op

So I'm very proud of my boobies and progress. I don't have any bruises thank goodness the arinca Montana WORKS! I started 3 days before.
I asked the anesthesiologist if I would have an appetite afterwards because I wanted to go to this raw juice and organic food restaurant. He said maybe you should play it by ear bc u won't fill up to it.
After surgery we drove 10 miles out of the way to the restaurant and I was totally fine. Had a few crackers and water on the way there.
I ordered carrot, with celery and orange juice and a quinoa chicken bowl with beets! The food was amazing!!! I ate no problem. I wasn't sick to my stomach or anything.
I came home took the Valium and oxy. Walked around the house and went in and out of sleep. I lay only at a 45 plus degree angle.
My sis took really good care of me. She would help me out of bed by supporting my lower back. I had to pee like every 30 minutes to an hour. I also started all the vitamins C, arnica Montana, zinc, bromelin.

If anything doesn't make sense I'm sorry I'm on the drugs lol.

I went to the PS office for my 1 day follow up. Everything looked great and that's where I had my first reveal!!! I was scared to take the surgical bra off plus I knew I had the appt this morning. Can I tell you that I LOVE the surgical bra. My boobs look sexy in it hahaha. They were surprise I was able to go out to eat right afterwards.

MY funny moment
My sis left for work and around 1:30pm i got back in bed but I wasn't at a high enough angle and got stuck and couldn't reach the pain pills, remote or sit up and my poor head was tilted to the side lol. I had to wait to my sis got back to my house to help me up lol all I could do was laugh at myself.
She came and helped me up and that was the worst of the pain because I didn't have any pain Meds from 10am to 5:30pm
Here are some pictures. Please let me know what you think and suggestions you may have.

Thankful for everyone on realself.

Breathing deeply... i need advice!!

I've been struggling with the pain but only in my left breast. My right breast is amazing and is working with. I would have stopped the pain meds on day 2 if it was for the left breast. I NEED ADVICE. The left breast is super sensitive, When i sit up I hold it and sharp pains on the side of breast not wear the incision is. I cough the same sharp pain. I move my left arm in very basic slight movements it HURTS!!
My right is totally cool.
There is no bruising on my left the incision is not red or appears infected. I just don't understand how the right breast is at a pain level of zero to 1 and left breast is an 8 to 9.

Has anyone experienced this??? What helped you?

Also not sure if it the surgical bra or I'm just trying to blame something for the left breast pain.

I go to my next appt on Thursday.

Also, my bf gave me a bath last night and the warm water was amazing as he poured it down my back and new boobies. I'm so thankful for him because I would not be able to get out of bed with the left boob pain if he wasn't here to support and lift me from my back.

I have ice on the left breast now. took all the meds in case this doesn't make sense, Please HELP!

Much better!!! Today

So talked with the PS office nurse yesterday about the left breast pains. She said its normal. The nerves healing. I am thankful for the right breast because it has been truly supportive lol no pains!! I'm just stiff in the mornings move slow but better today! I go on Thursday to my 1 week post op.

Day 10 Me vs. Morning Boob

Post op day 10 and still waking up with the morning boob.
I went to my 1 week post op appointment everything is looking good to the PS. All the pain in the left breast was to be expected because he worked a little more on the left breast to make them as symmetric as possible and give it a nice shape.
It's still difficult getting up out of bed in the morning mostly because I'm working up the courage to deal or scared of the pain. It's not as bad as it was but there is still pain and pain fear in my mind.
The PS recommended I start doing 3 massaging techniques. Those feel weird and again I'm afraid I'm going to break them lol. I find it easier to do in the shower with the warm water relaxing my body.
Ohh, I'm no longer taking any of the pain meds or muscle relaxer since day 7.
The morning boob stiffness goes away after I move around. I have great range of motion in my right arm and still have limited motion in my left arm.
I have a tripped planned out of the country on Tuesday so I'm really hoping To have full use of my left arm. I really thought I would be further along in the recovery process by week 2 when I booked the trip.
Well that's enough procrastination I'm going to get up and face this morning boob!
Scottsdale Plastic Surgeon

My Plastic Surgeon is amazing. Very calming, understanding, encouraging and I felt empowered everything I was worried about or thought I would be extremely uncomfortable doing i.e. taking my shirt off...I felt extremely comfortable just as comfy as I would if I were in a room alone.

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