47 Yr Old W/18 Yr Saline Implants Under the Muscle Wants Them out NOW! :) -

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Hello Dear Ladies, I am 47 years old with 18 year...

Hello Dear Ladies, I am 47 years old with 18 year old saline under the muscle implants and have today started the process to get them out. Before BA I was a 34 barely A and now a 36 D. When I first got them they were supposed to be a C and they were for a short time then I gained weight. I just got my medical records from Arizona with Dr. Borsand at the Body Sculpting Center and found out the right was filled at 420cc and the left 460cc—and obviously the left was always bigger and more troublesome. They are too big, heavy and this past 2 years I have decided that I hate them and want them out as soon as possible. I don’t know why it took me so long to figure this out, but so grateful I realized now this is not for me anymore. For 2 years now I have been have a lot of back pain, numbness in the back, numbness and tingling in my left 3 fingers, tightness in my pectoral muscles (like the implants are getting harder and harder), depression, anxiety, joint pain, unexplained weight gain and extreme fatigue. The body symptoms really scare me and I am so tired of being tired I just want my natural body and self back. I am not going to lie, I am scared of surgery again and maybe that is why I have been in such denial to get them out sooner. From what I remember the BA was so easy and painless for me (except that I did wake up durning even though it was a local and it freaked me out to the point of being traumatized over it —I am a wimp like that), which is shocker. I also had a hysterectomy 2 years ago, which I was also terrified to have and that was also a breeze believe it or not. No pain and no problem. Also, from reading here lot’s of ladies stories of the surgery, it seems to quite easy, painless and pretty breezy. So that is what I want because I believe we can most certainly create the reality we want. And now I want these scary toxic devices out of my body and re-claim my real self and gain my health back. Today I went to my PCP because I have Medicaid to see if they will cover the ex-plant on my insurance if they can deem it’s medically necessary. I have done some research and it seems like sometimes they do and sometimes they don’t. I suppose it will happen as it’s supposed to. The only thing is I live in New Mexico now and Dr. Borsand is in Arizona. If my insurance does not cover it Dr. Borsand to remove is my possible plan B. Also, the debate to remove or not to remove the capsule is there. I have saline and seem to think these symptoms are from the implant so I would like to have the capsule removed. From what I can tell the capsule may be thin because the implants are movable on the bottom but not the top. The muscles seems to be getting tighter and tighter. It seems as the only way to really tell is when the doctor goes in to remove them. Tomorrow I will go for some chest, back and neck x-rays then full blood work and a physical. Then my doctor will send me to a breast specialist in Albuquerque then that doctor from there will get the ball rolling. My doctor said they mostly require getting a mammogram to see if the implant is leaking. I had one 2 years ago and they said everything appeared fine but that was then. Could the implant leaked from the actually mammogram I had? I do not know. I am very reluctant I told my doctor to get another because they are 18 years old and don’t want them to bust while doing it! That would just freak me out to much. So I am hoping that is not necessary at all. I just want them out already! Ok, thank you ladies for hearing my vent. It’s so nice to have this site and all of you share your stories and it really inspires me and gives me strength to go through with the surgery

Link If Insurance Does Not Cover Explant

Hello Ladies,

I found this link and it's a possibility to get funding if the insurance does not cover it, especially if you have silicone and health problems. http://www.breastimplantinfo.org/insurance-coverage-for-breast-implant-removal/

Insurance Will Not Cover

Hi Ladies,

Had all the medical tests done, ultra sound (did not want to have another mammogram for the fear of them busting), blood work, x-rays, test for autoimmune disease and physical. Thank GOD all test came back negative. This is good news and I feel relieved. Now I have covered all my bases to try and get my insurance to cover it and of course they will not because there is no evidence of health problems. SO now onto Plan B, I am going to try breastplantinfodotorg to see if I can qualify for the Explant Financial Assistance Program. Plan C will be to finance and most likely go back to Dr. Borsand in Scottsdale, AZ who put them in to now take them out. This photo is horrible but I am posting for documentation. I have gained so much weight and have cellulite and my intuition tells me it is these ridiculous 'clown boobs'. I am a vegan, exercise, do yoga and really take care of myself. Plus the fatigue and joint pain I am convinced it's these toxic bags. The next good news I am thinking if I have to finance then my wait should not be so long to take them out.

If Capsulectomy Is Done Are Drains Always Used

Hello Ladies,

Are some ladies out there who had the capsules removed without drains? I will be having my surgery in another state, which means I will travel back home like 2 days after the actual procedure. Was just wondering how that is done?

Thank you!

Have surgery date AUGUST 3rd!!! WOOOOO HOOOOO! SO EXCITED!!!!

Hello Ladies!!

I am SO excited and it's happening all so fast! August 3rd is my date to have the explant, with capsulectomy without a lift. In just 1 1/2 week away! OMG OMG OMG! I am so happy but of course nervous about the surgery itself, which should be fine. In the past surgery freaks me out but it's always fine. I am setting myself up for the upmost best experience ever. I really would like to thank all you super women here on this site. I have spent hours and days reading all of your stories and it really has inspired me and given me the courage to proceed quickly with this explant. We all have this in common, we had a BA now we are done and ready to move on, live a quality life with self love. It really is a courageous bold move to do and take a stand towards self love. So thank you ladies. All your stories have inspired me that I too will be fine and happy to get my life back.

Love you all blessings!!

Vitamins, herbs, etc to avoid b4 surgery. Any helpful tips would be appreciated.

Hello Ladies!

My surgery date came fast and furious with a small window to prepare. In just 1 1/2 week they will be OUT!! Very excited and nervous of course, but I want to prepare myself. I have not gotten a list from my doctor yet what to avoid. Any specific vitamins or herbs to avoid? I think I read somewhere no Vitamin E, but not sure. What about the difference between coconut oil and Vitamin E oil? I think after surgery Vitamin C can be taken.
Thank you so much !

In Less Than One Week They Will Be OUT!!!!! Excited and nervous!

I have the explant on Wednesday, 3 August in less than a week! The good news is I have been packed and super busy to the last minute. I will be driving from New Mexico to Arizona on Monday August 1st, pre-op on Tuesday, August 2nd, 3rd SURGERY, 4th August post op, then once release drive back on Friday August 5th.

I think I have pretty much everything I need. It was a little stressful getting everything in place but it seems to be coming together. I feel so anxious I just want them out of my body ASAP. I am scared of surgery, not of anesthesia at all, I am afraid of waking up during or having pain. These are just fears. From what I have read most women just fly through it with ease and no pain. That is what I want. I am so grateful so all of you brave woman who have shared your stories and lead the way for the rest of us to follow. It is by reading your stories that I got my courage to get these out fast.

Thank you!!!

Pre-Op Today- Explant TOMORROW!!!

Had my pre-op and met with the doctor today. They gave valium for tonight so I can sleep and tomorrow to take 1 hour before surgery. I have to be there at 8:30am. It will be with general anesthesia (I am so happy about this!) and the capsules out. The doctor said from what he could tell the capsules felt thin and in most cases will need drains (but only tomorrow will tell). I know it is possible to have the capsules out without drains and some women this happens to but we will see tomorrow. Either way I want the capsules out too for peace of mind.

By this time tomorrow it will be all over with! OMG!!!! I am looking forward to feeling relieved.
See you all on the other side!!!!


Hi Ladies!!
It's all over with. Just had a successful explant with capsulectomy and NO DRAINS!!!! It was a BREEZE!!! No pain, no nausea and no drains, it is exactly what I wanted.
Now I am going to eat something, take a 1-2 hour nap, then get up as per the doctor. He said to be active, no laying around and it's better for overall healing. On Friday I go back for post op, he will remove ace bandage wrap to have a look then I have to put it back on for 2 weeks. The wrap cannot get wet, so shower will have to happen around bandage, like a bath type situation.
I am super excited and cannot wait to recover and enjoy my life again full of energy and peace of mind.
Don't be scared ladies, it really was a breeze! The fear of the unknown was the worst part, the surgery and experience there was nothing bad about it. Dr. Borsand and his staff are angels. They really took care of me and I am so grateful to them.

Deflated Toxic Tanks

Doctor drained them and removed the capsules. Sent the fluid and capsule tissue to the lab for testing. The old 18 year implants looked pretty good, not obvious mold or leaks.

12 Hours after explant with capsule removal and NO DRAINS!!! Doing the Happy Dance!!!

It's been 12 hours after surgery and I have not felt any pain or taken any medication for it. I was supposed to come home and take 1-2 hour nap then get up walk around and have dinner. I did not sleep!!!!! And I am normally a sleeper! I woke up from the general anesthesia fully coherent, mind sharp and happy. I was just a little woozy and had to move slow but that was it. No nausea at all either. The nurse did share with me an interesting thing about nausea, she said we should drink only juices, thinks with sugar or caffeine and stay away from the water until nighttime. She said she noticed that those who drank lot's of water (cuz you are super thirsty) have a tendency to have more nausea. So today I drank tons of pineapple juice because it has BROMELAIN because it is supposed help with post operative pain and swelling.

I also have not had any pain and have not taken anything at all. I will have my post op with the doctor on Friday. I am to wear the tight compression bra with ace bandage wrap for 2 weeks, then remove.

POST OP TODAY: I am SO happy with my results!!!! :)

Just had my post op with the doctor and the big 'reveal' happened. I am very happy with the results. There is no deformity, denting, or stretch marks. There is a concave on the top of each breast but from what I have seen that is normal and will fluff out with time. My breasts hung very low on my chest even before the BA so in that respect they look the same. Also, my primary care physician said they have also dropped because of menopause which is also fine.
I really think within a few months times they will look just like before if not better because of the weight gain and age.
The dents and marks are from the very tight surgical bra and ace bandage which I have to wear for 2 weeks straight. There is also some bruising but that will also go away.
I am VERY, VERY happy with the results and so glad I did this! I feel so much better already knowing those horrible toxic tanks are out of my body.

Day 3 Post Explant What I Am Noticing

Hi Ladies,

The first thing I noticed is I can BREATH again! I can breath so deeply it feels wonderful, even with this very, very tight compression bandage and bra I can still breath fully. I could not do that with the implants, I felt like they were suffocating me in every sense of the matter. They had shifted and were sitting toward the sides of my rib cage and felt like they were fusing it was very uncomfortable.
Also another thing I noticed my neck and back are not stiff anymore! That is gone and I can raise my arms above my head with ease without the feeling of tightness on my pectoral muscles and back. I was so miserable and uncomfortable with those implants I can really feel such a huge positive difference.
I really feel that getting those implants out was and is a huge step towards self love. It was due to my insecurity with my own body and self-hatred why I got them in the first place. The ironic thing is it just backfires. The implants only later cause more insecurity and self-hatred. The root of self- hatred need to do be addressed and attended to, once that is done it does not matter what we look like on the outside, all that matters is that we love ourselves and our bodies.
So much emphasis of social conditionings of what is acceptable and what is not is the culprit of why so many women hate their bodies. I don't have any children, but I always tell myself if I did, I would teach her to love herself and her body the way God designed it, it is perfect. If all young women could start their lives with a positive self image so much of this could be eliminated. I can boldly say now I love myself and body now, even if it is not perfect, there is not such a thing. It was quite a lesson to learn but grateful for the awakening. I am at peace with myself and my body now and I wish this for all women out there.
I really do believe that by deciding to remove our implants it really is the first bold step towards self-love. So congratulations to all you brave, wonderful women out there who had the courage to pave the way for the rest of us! Thank you!!!
Explanting was surely one of the best decisions I have ever made and cannot wait to take charge of my life again!!!
BIG HUGS to you all!! xxxxx

5 Days Post-Op- Feeling Woozy and Nauseous- This is normal?

Hi Ladies,

The day of surgery I felt like a champ! I had no pain, no grogginess, and no nausea at all. I did not even take a nap afterwards which was recommended. I was walking around my hotel room and even hung out at the pool (I did not get in the water). I only took a total of 4 pain killers, 2 each night and to the you the truth I really did not need the last 3 and 4. I would of been fine with just the 2 but it was night time and I wanted to sleep and was afraid I would wake up in pain. Anyhow, 2 days later up to date I have been feeling woozy, and nauseous. From what I remember to prior different surgeries this is normal as the anesthesia wears off at least for me. Has anyone else experienced this? How long did it last?
From what I remember with my hysterectomy it took like one week to wear off. I am also moving quite slow, eating slow, doing everything slow and just taking it super easy. My compression bra and bandage is quite tight and that is not so much fun, which I think may also be contributing to the woozy feeling but only 1 1/2 week to go before I can remove it FOREVER!!! I can say it will be worth not to have to deal with drains so for that I am grateful for this compression bandage as it also helping the tissues to fuse back together.
Mostly I am curious how long the nausea will last?

Phantom Boob Syndrome ?!?!?

Hi Ladies!

I am 1 1/2 week post op and still wearing a very tight ace bandage for 3 more days. I cannot wait to take it off. It's very tight and can be uncomfortable but necessary to fuse back the tissues. I definitely feel relief from having those implants out but since this brace is so tight It almost feels like the implants are still in like 'Phantom Boob Syndrome' --maybe it's just the tight brace which is causing the feeling of pressure like the implants. What does feel great is: I can rest my arm by my side, cross my arms in front of my chest without those awful implants! Such a great feeling! I am SO loving my flat chest! LOL!
The day before yesterday I most certainly overdid it. Bending up and down, lift small things and that night I was really in a lot of pain as my muscles were screaming and so sore. I was quite angry with myself. It's amazing how sore my muscles really are.
Stomach is still quite bloated and I look 6 months pregnant or so, which is weird. Counting down the days till Wednesday and I can remove the bandage and take a shower again!

The BIG REVEAL!!! Compression Bandage OFF!!!! - Relief!!

Hi Ladies,
Today is the 2 week mark and I was able to FINALLY take off that very tight compression bandage! YAY!!! What a huge relief it was! I feel so much freedom and liberation! It really reduced a lot of tension on my back and everywhere. So everything looks good. I am very happy with my results. Swelling did go down so there is less than 2 days after surgery but it's still ok. They are starting to look like what I remember before BA. My poor boobs really took a beating though! I still have some bruising, soreness and some wrinkles from the tight compression bandage. Plus I have some zits on my skin from sweating and not being able to get in there and bathe. So I am going to give my skin and boobs a day or two to settle down and I will post more photos.
Also, I still have the tape on! I am scared to take it off!!! Any tips ladies? I am afraid it will feel like ripping off a bandage. The whole area still feels very sensitive. What a beating I took! But worth every moment! :)

2 1/2 Weeks and REMOVED TAPE!!!

I finally removed the tape! I was scared and so I tried last night and I am so squeamish I got all nauseaous, and woozy and had to lay down quickly! LOL! So I covered the tape with coconut oil again one more night and today took a shower and the tape was much softer. There was just dry blood on the tape and it freaked me out! But underneath I could the incisions looked like they are already healing nicely. The underside of the breast is still sticky from the tape so it looks kind of gross but after a few showers it will look better. I think I am going to let my skin breath for a bit before I start putting Vitamin E on the scar but so far you can hardly see it! Dr. Borsand really is brilliant surgeon! I really think it will not even be noticeable down the road when it heals up. My boobs really did take a beating though, my skin looks bad from the tape so that will also go away in a few days as well as the bruises and skin eruptions from not breathing.


Yesterday was 3 weeks post op and I am feeling pretty good. Still sore though if I do too much or bend down but I can tell everyday I feel better and better and the soreness gets less. I have been wearing a fairly snug, soft sports bra 24-7 and taking off only to shower. My body and breasts are liking this. In this photo I just put a soft, support less bra just for something different, but honestly it feels better right now to have some very firm bra on all the time. Funny how like 2-3 years before the explant I was so irritated with implants I could not even wear a bra at all. It bothered me so bad it was giving me this weird anxiety. However, now with the healing it feels so good to have on. I am not ready to take it off, when I do I feel nerves firing off all over the place especially if I move too fast or bend down. Right now bending down is no bueno so I avoid it at all costs. Still have to say I thrilled with my results and it feels great to have those foreign objects inside. And still no more neck, back, joint, body pain or fatigue. The fatigue part is mind blowing even after surgery I feel so energized!!!

4 Weeks Post Explant- and feel great!

Today is one month post op and every day feels better and better. I still have some soreness because my boobs really took a beating removing the capsules. But it's lessening every single day. I can sleep on my side much easier, stretch more. I started walking these week and that felt fantastic! I will have to wait longer though for yoga as when I bend forward it still hurts. So I will need to heal more.
I did not post without bra photo because to me they look the same. And the camera makes they look very low and extending sideways when I look at the from the front they look fine! Either way I seem to look like I did before BA. I love my new old self!!! And no more body, joint pains. All the stiff cracking in my joints and muscles GONE!!!! Celebrating life again!!!

2 Months Post Op Explant and Couldn't Be Happier! :)

Today is exactly 2 months post explant. No more fatigue, joint pain, stiff neck, stiff back, or muscles!
Every day I feel better and better. I am walking every single day and lower body yoga. I still cannot do upper body yet as my pectoral muscles are still sore. I tried to see how much I could do in regards to upper body yoga and no way! I was in pain and very sore. It's going to take a while for the muscles to hear before I can get back into a good strong fitness routine that is the only hard part. I still wear a very tight sports bra because it feels really good. When I take the bra I feel my muscles stretching and it's very sore so I am not ready to stop wearing it yet. It just feels right for now.
I still don't think it has fully sunk in yet. Maybe because I had those horrible implants for too long. Everyday I am so grateful they are out and I have my life back again. When I look in the mirror or look down I look like me again! I am so happy to be implant free!
Best of luck to all you ladies out there who are thinking of explanting or about to. It's the best decision EVER! I just wish I would of done it sooner!
Lot's of love and blessings! <3
Dr. Marvin Borsand

Dr. Borsand is AWESOME!!! He is very caring and takes the time to really listen to your questions and concerns. He did my BA 18 years ago and I just loved him so I wanted to go back and have him do the explant. The entire staff too is really wonderful and they have been working with Dr. Borsand for many years because he is a great doctor to work with and for. I would highly recommend him if you are considering any kind of plastic surgery. Dr. Borsand was wonderful. He was very friendly, personable and had a great bed-side manner. He really took the time to make sure his patients were at ease with their decision. I would most definitely recommend him for any thing you may need.

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