One Week Until My BA and Lift! - Scottsdale, AZ

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I'm so excited to announce my BA with Mastopexy is...

I'm so excited to announce my BA with Mastopexy is in 1 short week.

I'm 5ft 2in, I weigh 130-135. I'm active duty military so I'm quite active.
I'm looking to achieve a very full look. Not fake looking, but I do love the round top look. I live in NY and I will be traveling to AZ to get my procedure done. Therefor almost all the information I have gathered is from here among other internet sites. My Pre-Operative appointment is on the 14th and my surgery is set for the 16th of June. I'm excited to finally meet Dr. Cohen and his staff and get to the final decisions of what we will be going with.

In my head I would love to achieve a D-DD cup. I want them full without the "hey look I have super fake boobs" look. I know I want to get textured silicone, sub-muscular. From what I've heard about Dr. Cohen is that he will grant me my wishes to the best of his ability while maintaining what I truly can live with for my body which is perfect.

Does anyone have any last minute advice for me? Surgery prep? Post surgery plans? I have Arnica Montana and Bromelain already.

Thank you in advance and I can't wait to post pre and post photos in one week!!


Yesterday was my big surgery. I'm so happy it's over. I was told to be in at 10:30am and somehow managed to be waiting until 3:30pm! I was so frustrated and hungry since I wasn't able to eat! But I'm not upset, I know Dr. Cohen is a perfectionist and although my stomach was screaming for food, I'm glad he took his time with his patient before me.

They told me the procedure took a little over 2 hours. Dr. Cohen ended up using 410cc smooth round silicone implants with a circularareaolar(sp?) masteopexy. I am going to see him in just a couple more hours to see how they look. When I was released from the office, they sent me home in just a surgical bra and a strap across the top. Weird thing is, the surgical bra pulls over my head....I would have thought they would give me a front closure bra. Strange in my opinion, especially when I had to pay $55 for this bra! I also thought I would have been in more bandages, but I guess not.

Waking up from my surgery wasn't bad at all. I didn't have much feeling laying down. They gave me some ice chips but when I sat up my poor husband told me I looked like a sheet and I got so nauseous. They took away the ice chips and gave me some crackers and a little bag just in case. They helped me off the stretcher and into the wheelchair. Once in the car I dozed in and out the entire way home. I don't remember walking into the house, but I do remember my husband getting me set on the couch where he fed me some bread and the rest of my meds. I slept until bed time. The first night was a cake walk. I had no trouble falling asleep or staying asleep. I woke up maybe 3 times to use the restroom and take more meds. My husband was a doll and helped me in and out of bed each time.

The way I prepared for my surgery was all thanks to this website. Thank you all for posting your experiences and being so helpful. I went to Target and got a little back pillow to help me stay up, I ordered Arnica Montana and Bromelian. The doc perscribed me nausea meds, pain meds, anxiety meds, and an anti-biotic. They gave me a cute little bag to keep my papers in as well as a water bottle(reusable), ice pack, stool softener, and the warranty information booklet for my brand of implants.

I'll post before and after photos as soon as I'm able to take some afters!!

Some photos

I can't seem to find my before photos :( I also got the tape removed a week after surgery and have yet to take photos! More to come! Anyone have good recommendations for bras with no underwire?
Dr. Robert Cohen

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