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Finally made my decision on which Dr. To go to for...

Finally made my decision on which Dr. To go to for my BA!!! I think I knew all along i just needed some reassurance. The experience ibhad in his office was wonderdul more than i expected espexially for a free consultation! From the inital phone call to book the consult to the latest call I received this evening from the surgery coordinator has been pleasant! Made my deposit to secure my surgey date! Pre-Op appointment scheduled for Tuesday 7/29/14. My required labwork and imaging are completed, I am super stoked cant wait until Tuesday and even more excited for the 6th of August to come around!!!

Before pics

This is the result of 5 babies and breast feeding each one for a year + ... I am very deflated and in need of some serious inflating :)

Pre -op appt tomorrow !!! Surgery time confirmed today!!!!

Excited for my pre-op appt tomorrow ! I was also given my surgery time 11:15am but I have to arrive no later than 9:45am! Which is nice it gives me time to leave home and travel the couple hours to get there! It was recommended that I use EXPEREL has anyone else use this pain relief before and what are your thoughts?? Also any suggestions on post surgery support bras?

Pre op appt done!!!

So it's official I am paid in full and my dre is set instructions given. Prescriptions received. Purchased my first 2 coobies for post op.... Exited! Decided on 550cc under muscle high profile silicone Mentor implants!!! I also decided on goin with the EXPEREL for post opt pain relief !!!

Bought a couple post op support bras

Bought a couple post op support bras still waiting on 2 more to arrive from Coobie! My nude and whit coobie are full size I tried them on and my little boobies are swimming in there lol... It's the size my patient coordinates suggested at this time I think she may have suggested a wrong size. I am hoping to fill it post BA :)...

I also picked up my Hibicleans soap and I'll start washing with that 2 times a day come Monday. I also picked up a box of scar away ( how soon do I recommend I start using these)??? Arnica Montana was on my to not to do list prior to surgery , so I guess I'll start after surgery. Picked up a couple other goodies.... I work tonight then off for 13days!! In all the pics the cups are too big I can press and indent all of them :( can't wait to fill these out!!!

2 more days to go!!!

Wow time is flying by!! Last night I made some homemade ice packs with alcohol (great idea btw) checked them this morning and they are soft and moldable yet cold:).
I picked up my meds this morning !! $19 for everything can't beat that! I am so worried about becoming constipated so I decided to take one dulcolax today and will continue to until about a couple days post op.
Start washing with my soap today!! Waaawhhooo !!! Excited !!

1 more Day!!!

Couple hours of driving head of us. Then check in to the hotel and then bead to the mall to catch a flick with my hubby... Hopefully i can sleep tonight! Excited!!! But feeling a bit anxious about the anesthesia... it will be my first time...

The day has finally arrived!!!

Not going to lie I am starting to get a bit nervous but so excited !!! Surgery Scheduled for 11:15 today! !!

New booties :)

So it has been one adventure, it took me about an hour and half to finally wake up from anesthesia:( I was incubated of coarse so now my throat is sore among other things.... anyway long story short about 5 hours post op I was taken to the ER by ambulance ... to rule out pneumothorax, pulmonary edema, blood clots... I started to cough up blood had crackles in my lunch get and pain on inhaltion... test came back negative on everything thanks goodness.
Anesthesia sucks , pain meds suck, I was so completely out of it until about 8 hours post op... but pain remain when I take a deep breath anyone else have this? ??? Anyway I am finally get a chance to enjoy my new additions:)


These were all taken 9 hours post op

post op day 1 appt...

Today I am feeling much better than yesterday but had to turn to pain pills...
I was shown light messages to help decrease swelling and then light implant massage as well. I was given and educated on the proper was to use my band which I will began to use on Sunday ... I also was advised to use the Arnicare cream to help with pain, swelling and inflammation!

day 2

OMG woke up with morning boob, nausea and a horrible headache. Felt awful today so I just laid back took meds and now feeling a bit better. I can move my arms more today but still sore all over my upper body. Tomorrow I can shower and I can wait for that. Got a call from Dr. Office checking up on me reminding me to do things. I thought that was pretty nice of them. My plan is to not take any more percocet and see if advil will work.

Po day 3 update

So today I got to shower and I had a bowl movement:)!!! I also discontinued the narcotics and started on Motrin. Just took a muscle relaxer only going to take once a day now. I must say I myself feel much better all those meds can make you feel funny... today was the last day for my antibiotics as well. Took the kiddos to see TMNT and finished school shopping fun stuff :)!!. I did feel tired at the end of the day but was on my feet / up and about most of the day. Once I got home I used my cold arnicare gel and ice my girlies. Tomorrow I start with the dread strap, but anything to help these girls drop and fluff right! Happy healing to all of you :). While I washed my surgical bra I took the opportunity to try on some braletts!

The Band po day 4

Well today I started with the band. I felt lightheaded and a bit uncomfortable and seems that it is making my left side near my armpit a sore. Not something I am looking forward to having on 24/7 but if has to be done then so be it! Not to mention I can totally see it in most my tops... ughh good thing my work attire will completely cover it. The start of a love hate relationship ???.... Hope u all have a beautiful Sunday funday and happy healing to all realself ladies :):):)


Oh just a pic of my side boob after my Arnicare application. ... I can feel each day the side boob becoming less and less :)

day 5 & 6 po

Day 5 was a bit uncomfortable for me only in my left breast it seems to be the side giving me the most discomfort. Across the top of my breast I got a sharp shooting pain that stopped me and made me feel nauseated. It feels much better to not wear the strap but I know I have to. I had to change my surgical bra before the end of day 5 because it was too tight . Took some Tylenol for my discomfort.
Day 6 I am starting to feel more sensation below my nipple to my incisions. They are starting to feel a lot softer there more that the upper pole of coarse. My right looks slightly bigger that my left . But that's how I was prior so I hope as they drop it isn't too noticible. Overall I am happy though :):).. my hubby told me that I was obsessed with my breast lol because I am always touch and looking at them...lol


Sorry forgot to upload these

Po day 7 and 8

So yesterday was my 1 week mark whooowhoo!!! Means only 1 week until cardio and 5 weeks until weights!!! I can't wait... lol
Any who yesterday was good no real change has happened...
Today I was suppose to have my 1 week PO visit and my stitches removed but nope I had to reschedule for Monday. I was headed to Scottsdale and got stuck in over 2.5hrs of a traffic accident :( had to call office and reschedule I was hoping they could see me after hours but guess not lol... so we turned the vehicle around and came back home. ..
Today po do somehow ended up flat on my back when I woke up and had the most painful feeling in my right Inner breast it was horrible. I sat up and iced it then it went away very weird... Not looking forward to tomorrow back to work I go... 12 hour shifts the next 2 nights, hope they go by fast and are u eventful. My size is a bit of a shocker. I thought I would be bigger going 550cc 's but guess not ... I was looking at bras at KOHLS yesterday and I think I am a full C small D most D's look huge ... When I am ready to go bra shopping I will get officially sized.... but overall I was scared they would be too big for me but didn't want them to be too small... I think they are perfect! I don't think my back would like me if I went much larger lol... happy healing to all you beautiful ladies!!!

2nd post po visit...

Today is post of day 12 ! I FINALLY got my support stitches removed yay! Stern steps were placed back on incisions and I can remove them in 7-10days! Good news I don't have to wear the band 24/7 now it's 12 hours a day and still a muscle relaxer every night, except nights I work. Dr says everything looks good. Was shown more vigorous massages to do and he stressed the importance of these to me:)...
Worked this past weekend and it went great was sore towards end of my shift but overall the shifts went great! U can't tell I had anything done under my scrubs. Some of the ladies were like that's it lol I am like ahh yeah. Glad I didn't go smaller and ok with the fact that they are not ginormous lol . I think they are a perfect fit for me. I can still wear most my shirts some are a bit snug but still fit :)... I got the ok to start cardio and light weights at my 2 week mark! Woooo whoooo!!!
I do get stinging and bring sensations in my right breast that hurt really bad but them it goes away in a few minutes.
They seem to be changing little by little daily and I can do soooo ugh more than I could physically just a few days ago.
I hope they ready of you ladies ate healing beautifully :)

2 week s

It's been 2 weeks (yesterday) I can start the gym back up! Sorry been busy with work ... Hope your healing nicely

flat areas

On my right breast I have flat areas on the I new and outer breast what could this mean????

My incisions. ..

Today my steri strip fell off! I finally got to see my incisions:) it's Post op day 18 today!
I still have a flat spot on both inner and outer edges on my right breast :( I am feeling a bit disappointed in that boobie. . My husband says it isn't too bad but it's the first thing I notice when I look at them. I am religiously messaging them in hopes it will soon disappear.

Finally worked out on Friday and Saturday and it felt great:)

The burning sensation remains in my right breast and it's localized in one area... Comes and goes... hopefully that stops soon!
Hope u beautiful ladies are healing well!
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