Post op day 11! New pics :)

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Hellooo! I am always on this website reading...

Hellooo! I am always on this website reading stories and I finally decided to make an account of my own. Girls on here seem so supportive and honest, so whoever chooses to read this please help!!

Just a little but about myself. I am almost 20 years old, 5'6", 125lbs. Growing up I was always very thin (I was always called a stick) but as I've grown and matured, also with the help of birth control, I have gained weight. I feel I have filled out more in my legs and hips and tummy, but of course I can probably still fit in the first bra I ever wore! In high school I would always talk about getting breast implants like it was not big deal and like it was obviously going to happen. Now that I can afford it it is all so much more real. I am current wearing a 32B from Victoria's Secret, which means I'm an A cup, and my goal is a full C cup:) Most of my bras are push up. If you catch me in a lightly padded bra, you best bet I'm at home. Haha. Basically I feel like a pear or bottom heavy.
I went to my first consultation in January and another appt with a different doctor in February. Although I'm sure they both would do an amazing job I just had a really good vibe from my second doc. His name is dr. Cohen! His amazing review on google and his awesome website really helped win me over as well. My mom came with me to my consult and we both felt the same about him. He recommends mostly silicone implants (cohesive gel).
I have asymmetry so he recommended thru the top half of my areola so he can adjust my right nip to be a little higher.

Yesterday was my pre-op appointment:) so exciting!!! My dad wanted to come with to meet the doctor. So we met with dr Cohen and finalized everything and got last minute questions answered. I also got a cute bag with vitamins to help with swelling and bruising, an ice pack thing that is really long (instead of having to use peas) :) and stuff like that! I got to try on sizes to!! Wish I could've taken them home with me :)
So, the dr recommended starting with 350ccs to reach my full C cup goal. So I started with 350cc on my right(smaller) side and 325 on the left(bigger) side. I loved it!!! I also tried 400ccs to get a feel of what I like and I just DON'T KNOW! I don't want them to be toooooo big and over powering but I don't want to regret not going big enough:( ugh decisions decisions...
Now what really thru me off was when the doc came in when I was trying on sizers and wanted to measure me again. After taking my breast measurements he changed his mind about the incision and now thinks that thru the crease would be better since my nipples are even it's just my under boob that is smaller on the right. He also said that I have dense breast tissue I guess?? Haha so going thru the nip he would have to cut thru possibly more milk ducts and tissue the get to the muscle! Oh and I'm getting under the muscle! So I'm so confused! I want to breast feed when I have kids so I'm nervous about going thru the nip, but I don't want a nasty scar under my boob as a constant reminder that they are not real. So idk.. Please help! Is under the breast better or the nipple better??

So I have officially decided I'm going through the...

So I have officially decided I'm going through the crease:) I've really thought about size and I'm gonna stick with 350-375/385 cc's. I think that that will be big enough for me with out being too big for my body! I don't want them to look fake, that's just not the look I'm going for.
I'm trying to get everything I need! I feel like I'm going to forget something tho:( I have an ice pack, my prescriptions, stool softener:/, pillows, lotion, water bottles and straws, and vitamins for bruising and swelling. I still need to get some comfy sports bras and easy and healthy meals to make. What else!? People talk about arnica? Or something like that. What is it? Do I need it?
I'm getting so nervous but excited!!! It's all I can think about! I went to the Bon Jovi concert last night and I wore 3 bras under my cute dress ;) and two friends texted me after seeing my pictures on Instagram saying how big and good my boobs look! I can't wait until I don't have to wear two or three bras to feel comfortable! It's almost here!!! Can't wait I just want it to over and down with!!! :)

My surgery is in like 2 days and nervous I'm not...

My surgery is in like 2 days and nervous I'm not gonna be as big as I'm expecting! :( I don't want to be too big but for 7 grand I don't wanna have regrets!! What should I do? I want to be a full C cup but I also want them to balance out my body! I feel like I have wide hips and love handles and I'm sooo narrow on top!
Do you ladies think that 350 or 375 will be big enough and look natural for my body?! Please help!!!

Omg. I'm getting soooo nervous! I hope I heal...

Omg. I'm getting soooo nervous! I hope I heal correctly and I don't get CC:( I'm scared my body might reject the implants! Is that possible? I've never had surgery before so this is kinda big for me!!! I'm just praying everything goes and heals smoothly!!!!
I totally trust my doctor so I know he'll take good care of me, I'm just worried about how my body will react:/
Trying to think happy thoughts! So I check in tomorrow at 7:30 and surgery is at 9! My mom and bf are coming with me:) (my bf doesn't want me to get them but he supports me anyways) idk what kind if state ill be in tomorrow so ill post a post-op update! Please pray everything goes well! Good luck to all the ladies that share may 1st with me!! :)

So today it post op day 1! Surgery was yesterday!...

So today it post op day 1! Surgery was yesterday! I checked in ah 7:30. MAKE SURE YOU CAN PEE WHEN YOU GO IN!!!! They made me pee on a cup when j first fit there buy I couldn't:( she said if I don't then we can do surgery and OMG I was freakish out! I tried peeing again and thank the sweet sweet Lord I was able to go! Them j filled out more paperwork. Around 8ish I went to try sizers again to get my bfs opinion and we decided that either 325/350 and 350/375 would look great so I left it up to the doc!

The doc came I and went over everything, drew on me and the the anastisiologist came in and was soooo nice and calming and started hookinb me up and have me something to relax! Then after about 20 seconds or so it kicked in and I felt loopy and the walked me in the the or! Inflated down on a warm bed and they put blankets over me and that's all I remember! I woke up and slowly opened my eyes the nurses asked if I was thirsty and I was so I drank and them the asked if my family could come in so they did. My bf brought me a beautiful bouquet of flowers:) I love him:) idk how long it was but the got me dressed and wheeled me to the car! I dosed off most of the car ride home! My bf layed in me bed with me most of the afternoon we both mostly slept lol.

I guess the doc talked to my mom and bf about lipo to give me the hour glass shape I want which I think pissed my bf off cuz he thinks I'm perfect so my bf was kinda grumpy:/ but oh we'll! I don't want lipo anyways. I ended up with 325/325 I believe with the textures gummy bear implants;) woo hoo! The 350/375 I think might have looked too fake but I get to talk to my doc in a couple hours at my post op:) ill keep you ladies updated!

I'm pretty sore I need my back pushed up so I can get out of bed;/ but I'm hoping tomorrow ill be okay on my own! I'm taking I Percocet every 4 hours but I think I'm gonna up it to 1 1/2 ever 4-5 hours just since I'm still so sore:/ and I take Valium on e every six hours! And an antibiotic and stool softener too! Hope eveyone with the same date as I are doing well! I'm not too out of it surprising;) good luck!!!

Sorry for all the typos... I didn't re-read it...

Sorry for all the typos... I didn't re-read it before I posted it :(

Had my first post op apt yesterday and all is...

Had my first post op apt yesterday and all is well! The new girls look amazing! They looked small and tight but the doctor said that in abou 2-3 months ill start to see a good difference! Since I got the textures implants I don't have to really massage them:) my right breast was the smaller one so its tighter then the left so I have to push down on it a couple times a day!

So far so good! My moms slept with me the past 2 nights just to make sure I'm up on my meds:) I've been sleeping pretty good since I get a lot of Kat naps all day::) not too much pain! Knock on wood! My sweet bf went with me to my apt yesterday and brought me flowers and a bunch of my favorite snacks:) so sweet!

Today is my first day home alone so well see how this goes! I figured out that I can open the refrigerator with my foot! Lol but I don't think I can open microwave:/ it opens like an over and it's above our over so it's tall too! So my mom made me a sandwich for lock before she left for work!

I'm gonna try to take my Percocet 1 every 5 hours today and see how I can Handle that! I still have gone #2 but ill try today:/ sorry tmi. I've been taking stool softener but I already have a weird system! Wish me luck:/

Good luck to all you ladies!:) I hope I'm helping! All I can say is REST REST REST! :)

So far so good:) today my mom was home with me so...

So far so good:) today my mom was home with me so she helped me take a shower. I couldn't get my incisions wet tho. I also went into my shop to get my hair washed:) (I'm a hair stylist) so I got it washed and blow dried! It feels so good to be clean!
Unfortunately I had to try a suppository :/ EW! I did help me go but when I did it was painful:( sorry for the tmi! Just want to be honest! I have a weird system anyways so that probably didn't help! I stopped taking my Valium and tomorrow I'm going to start alternating Tylenol and Percocet! I want off of the Percocet ASAP! So far I'm liking my girls:) I don't look at them a lot, I try to just relax. I can't wait till the drop and fluff tho!

Is it normal to be numb on your under boob??? My...

Is it normal to be numb on your under boob??? My surgery was last Wednesday and I have a crease incision! I'm pretty sure I'm fine I just wanted to ask you ladies since I don't see my doc till tomorrow!!

I had my one week post op on Wednesday and it went...

I had my one week post op on Wednesday and it went great:) I got my steri strips off and just gotta keep them moist for a couple days with aquafor! So far I think their healing pretty good!

I asked my doc about the numbness and he said that normal. It is caused when the skin and tissue and nerves are stretched they kinda shut down. The nerves very slowwwwllyy grow back. It can be up to two years:/ he said since my nips are pretty numb that I it will prolly take me a little longer to regain sensation!

I was also experiencing sharp pains in my left and had a muscle spasm in my right:/ so I asked about stuff like that and he said unless I see a physical change in my breasts, everything is normal.

I was finally able to shower on my own and it felt sooo good:) I'm feeling good just my right (smaller) one which has the bigger implant in it is really sore:/ even tho it's numb, if I press on it hurts on the inside! Besides that I'm starting to feel normal! I DON'T wanna go back to work:/ I'm a hair dresser and my arms will be in constant motion:/ Tuesday is coming too soon:(

Yesterday was my birthday and I got so many vs gift cards! SO EXCITED! Bras shopping was always so depressing so this is gonna be like a new chapter in my life! I feel like a new and improved woman! Woohoo! Hope all you ladies are healing up good :)

Feeling pretty good! Went out of town yesterday...

Feeling pretty good! Went out of town yesterday for a Mother's Day brunch with my bfs family! Stayed up there late because my bf and friends wanted to go kill frogs lol so we went down a long......bumpy.....dirt road! That wasn't too fun with my new girls! But I managed!

My right breast is a lot more sore and numb then my left. My right was smaller so it has a bigger implant and is also my dominant arm so I'm hoping the extra soreness is normal! HOPFULLY!y right breast is also still higher than my left... I think I'm over thinking things but I hope I'm not getting CC :(

I tried on my new swim suit my dad got me for my birthday which is a size medium top and medium bottom! I used to be xs top and medium bottom.... So YAY!!!!!

Nyack Dermatologist

I found him on google. He had amazing reviews and when I met him I knew he was my doctor! He may be younger than other doctors but his work is amazing and he is very knowledgable.

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