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I was really hesitant to get a breast augmentation...

I was really hesitant to get a breast augmentation but when I met with Dr. Parson and his office staff I felt confident it was the right move. I believe now this was the worst mistake I could have ever made. First of all about a month after the surgery I noticed the left breast was much smaller than the right and that had no feeling in my left breast at all. I made several follow up appointments and each time I visited with Dr. Parson and his PA and they assured me the feeling would return and the left breast simply hadn't dropped yet. Still I went home and stared in the mirror and what was supposed to be amazing and couldn't help but think how much smaller the left one was from the right. After about 3 follow up visits the left was still visibly smaller and still they assured me the left hadn't dropped. They also said that if I wanted I could pay for the new implant and anesthesiologist and get the left one redone. This made no sense to me as the surgery was already $7k and this would add another $3k to that which I simply couldn't do at the time. I also felt that if they made the mistake why should I have to pay for it. After getting nowhere I stopped returning to the office and 2 years later I am staring at 2 very very different size boobs. Not only are they a cup size different but the feeling in the left never did return. What scares me is if I got this correct would I lose the feeling in the right one too. I have to say I have never felt worse and more off balance then I do now. Everyday when I look in the mirror I hate the boobs that I see and have no feeling in the left has made intimacy feel a little strange. When I look back at the day of surgery I remember they had me come in early as the doctor scheduled opened up but then he got really busy and was running really behind. Maybe he was just too busy that day. I am really not sure but this had been an awful experience as because of this surgery I will never have the feeling back in my left breast, even if I did get the size fixed.
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