New Assets for 30 Yr No Kids 5'3" 110lbs 32C to Hopeful D. Scottsdale, AZ

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Yesterday I went in for an initial consult at the...

Yesterday I went in for an initial consult at the Shaw Center with their nurse ba specialist. She asked what I current think my size was and how I would like to be. I told her im 32C but its very flat and all side boob. I was bigger in my younger years and replaced them with muscles. Then with the long work hours and no more rock climbing, im just skinny with spare skin and side boob. I wanted DD but was going for a very full round look that gives lots of cleavage.
We did a scan and 3D imaging. She looked at the computer measurements and took manual measurements to double check. My nipples are very high on my chest, meaning there will be lots of fullness up top. Im symmterical. The nipples are just 2mm off in hight and that may be amplified by implants but not noticable to an untrained eye, which is great news. They point in good directions.

Im 5'3" 110lbs, my rib cage is small. Each boob is 11.5 cm base width. I tried on different sizes and we decided on the max I could go. Nurse said they will be smaller when inplanted under the muscle. Allergan Inspira 400 cc ultra high profiles (very high fill but forgot what %) round and smooth. We then used 3D imaging for the expected look. They didn't look more attractive or less attractive to me but for me this isn't so much about body image. Honestly its about goving myself something tangible that no one can take from me. Im tired of all the things that I have lost, been taken, been stolen from. Good luck taking away my boobs or knowledge!

The process will be a no touch procedure. Axillary through the armpit crease using an endoscope and keller funnel. This is Dr Shaw's specialty. No cutting on the breast. The endoscope will give an in depth view up on a monitor. The pockets will be done precisely with this technology. I can accept the higher surgeon cost because of the high tech method. I'll be on a table that moves up and back down to test symmetry and height level of the pockets. I was made aware replacing the implant would mean in the future doing a inframammary fold incision. We discussed the risks as well. Eep.

The post op is going to be a bit longer appointment all the way in July so I can meet The Dr amd do a 2nd consult with him. The procedure I scheduled for Sept 8!!! His scheduling is very far out due to the waitlist. Im getting a great adrenaline kick from all of this.

Rethinking UHP and may drop down to HP.

I saw some ppl post that UHP are too big. The 3D image looks a bit too droopy snoopy, so I'll have to ask the Dr in July. The next option down was fine but I was worried about Boob greed. Anyone get HP and end up with boob greed?

Maybe 335cc HP for first time

I will let the PS decide ultimately, but I won't be disappointed if the smaller 335 cc HP is his rec over 400 cc XHP because the bottoming out and sagging risks concern me. Any boobs will be better than no boobs or ones that fall on my knees!

Oh how I miss my boobs from 10 years ago

Comic relief

Less than a month

At the preop we discovered: one breast is 2 milimeters higher than the other. Dr Shaw will even this out. There will be 3 possible sizes depending on the room in my chest. 375, 400, 420 cc. XHP. Still going armpit incison under the muscle.

Post 2 day

I did it. On the day of, My friend took me in and dropped me off at 8:30. I cracked jokes with the nurse, Andraa, until it was time. I tried not to be nervous. She put the IV in and did a lovely job. Anesthesiologist Dr St Peters came in and we quickly zipped through medical background. She left and Dr Shaw and his assistant came in to do markings. My left is larger than my right. Right pocket needed to be dropped by 2 mm. They left and then the anesthesiologist put me under. I woke up with an invisible elephant on my chest. 375 cc left and 400 cc right. All I saw were a giant and and surgical bra. Super tight! And this is how I discovered im a little claustrophobic but I did not panic, just rolled with it. For the first day I needed help getting up and my friend/roommate helped. I did have a giant wedge pillow with more pillows. For water I use a hydration camelbak bladder so I wouldnt have to reach. Pain is high. More than when I crashed my motorcycle. More than taking a whipper rock climbing. 1-10, a 7. No tears yet. By evening I could get off the bed on my own... Awkwardly. I can go bathroom on my own as well if my pain pills are in my system. Nausea the first 2 days. Update more later. Tired.

Better day - 4 day post

Woke up this morning with the urgency to make a mad dash to the bathroom. BOWEL MOVEMENT!!! Finally! I just had to roll out of bed quick, morning boob and all! That BM was a game changer. I had been eating salads, fresh peaches, dried prunes, stool softners etc... For 2 days. I went off oxycodone yesterday and had been using tylenol.
I had my post op! A neighbor, retired nurse drove me and I compensated her for gas and time. Nurse removed my band and surgical bra. We went to the mirror and I could see the results clearly for the first time. They looked really good, relatively speaking. Im happy with the results so far! No bruises. No scars. Promising size. Definite swelling as to be expected of course. My gap is swollen and my muscles are tight. In time the swelling will go down. The muscles will adjust. Implants will drop to the lower pole and my nipples will rise up over 2 inches. 2 inches!!! =D perky perky perky aaaah. Meanwhile, i need to do light arm stretches with elbows bent every hour. Stitches will come out on thursday.

375 cc left
400 cc right
Allergan Inspira extra high profile SRX
Transaxillary incision
5'3" 115 lbs. 11.5 cm bwd

So shy!

Time for an update!
Been able to drive awkwardly with a manual standard transmission... However, the zingers come like crazy!
I had a 1 week post op appointment a couple of days ago. My stitches are out! No tape strip covers them now. I can shave now too. I was told to do massages 5 times a day. I still have to wear the band for 1 more week and the surgical bra for 2 more weeks. Can't wait for that to happen! I gained some weight and bloat. Lost my butt too from lack of exercise and resting so much.
I have noticed lots of hair loss. My diagnosis is that the antibiotics have wiped out a lot of my digestive microflora. So last night I took a probiotic to help this. Its not my diet cuz I bought and made EVERYTHING! Everything!
Now I'll talk boobie blues: haven't experienced this. I didn't have strong expectations, just hopes. I'm grateful for no complications so far and just coming out alive. Im comcerned if I can do 1 hand pull ups on my fingertips again someday because I used to be a daring rock climber. I miss it so much. It was the exercise that made the last of my boobs disappear. Now with boobie blues, the oddest and strongest emotion I've felt so far is being shy and protective. Before the BA, my body wasn't anything interesting. Showing a pic of my chest was the equivalent if showing an elbow. No big deal. Don't think anyone would look twice. BUT NOW... Oh dear there's extra high profiles there! I want to protect them from people. They are precious like diamonds to me. I am learning this new body. My man is in Afghanistan. He's been deployed and will be back in 2 months. I was even shy with sending him any pics for the first week. I sent one now because well I know I'll have one here on realself.

one stubborn at the two week mark

Lots of upper back pain still. I throw salinpas patches on my back after work. I wear the surgical bra and upper compression band still. For comfort, I add fluffed out cottonballs along the edges of the surgical bra since my skin has been rubbed raw. I put on Eden's boobie butter to prevent stretch marks. I wear nipple covers since the nips are so sensitive. I still wont shave my underarms because I dont want to irritate the incision.

My capabilites are still limited. Im wearing all button down shirts so I wont have to reach and cause hematoma. I do the massages. I work at a desk but my upper back and shoulders still ache by the end if the work day. I catch myself with bad posture and try to straighten out. Since my left is stubborn to drop, i tried to not use my left arm as much. I still wear the band even though I was told I wouldnt have to anymore after this point.

Really really stubborn left boob!!! I'll post comparison pics!

2 months post and good so far

They became perkier! I'm so glad there is no incision on the twins because it would be obvious. The nipples are midway on my upper arm. Great upper and lower pole. But the work shirts I bought a month ago no longer fit. I'm now at 32DD. I have been wearing brunettes and it's letting the twins fluff out.

2 months post and kayaking

The twins have softened up. And I was able to go kayaking for the first time ever and had no issues! I also felt very confident when amongst handsome fighter pilots before I put on a life jacket. ???? I also went to victorias secret but did not buy anything. They sized me at 32DDD but the band still felt too loose on the tightest hook. The back of the bras were riding up between my shoulders but the dresssing room girls said "looks great! Thats your size for sure!" ... I will need to try Nordstrom's. the bralettes i've been wearing are starting to no longer fit me. Good news is i've lost a lot of post op weight by eating an abundance of fiber. Salad, cabbage soup, spinach, celery, nuts, and some jerky or tuna in small quantities for protein. The twins look great! Dr Shaw really made them match by adjusting the pockets and lowering one side's crease. 375cc and 400cc Allergan Inspira xhp uhp transaxillary

Dr Shaw is a perfectionist. My breasts are a work of art. I'm very thankful.

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