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For my New years resolution I've decided to...

For my New years resolution I've decided to finally get me a new set of boobies!! I've been wanting this forever and 2014 will make it happen!!

I I've been reading and viewing a lot of testimonies of women that had a BA. I'm pretty sure what I want I'm just not certain on what doctor I want to go with and how to choose the right doctor. If any of you have any recommendations please let me know! Thank you all!


I really want to look like this! She as the exact body frame as me. I saw this picture on someone else profile and I was like that's perfect!

First Consultation Today!

I'm very excited to be moving along with the next step to getting my breast implants. I see so many of you beautiful ladies already had your surgery and I'm like darn it! When is my turn?! lol. I'm hoping to gain a lot of information today and hopefully have more confidence in this procedure. Hopefully, I'll be able to get my surgery in late April. That's when I should have my funds together. Please, feel free to let me know about any questions I should ask, I already have a list but there may be questions I don't have but should ask.

Things Just Got Serious!

7 years later, I've finally scheduled my surgery for breast augmentation. I can't believe I'm finally doing it. My New Years Resolution is coming to life. Last year I made my new years resolution to go back to school and I did it. Now I'm accomplishing another one. Beyond excited! I'm ready to finally have some curves! My surgery is on March 14th. I'm going with the Saline 400cc. The Patient coordinator told me she's had her saline implants for 16 years now and she said she was just skin and nipples, I really hope I get that lucky. We shall see. Wish we luck!

Surgery This Friday!!!

Can't believe after stalking this website for months that it's finally my turn. I'm soooo tired of looking at everyone else's boob pictures lol. I feel like a weirdo. I do appreciate everyone sharing their experiences because that's the whole reason why we're here right?

Some more pictures

different wish pictures.

The Twins have arrived

Today is POST OP 1. My surgeon was very nice and informative. I still don't have any pain since my surgery, But boy i'm sure drowsy, I haven't gotten stick at all which is also a great plus!-
They are also softer than I expected! ANNNND NO FRANkENSTEIN BOObs! I'll -p0st pictures later.


Sorry I'm a little late. I've been sleeping soooo much. I finally got the energy to take a few pictures. I had absolutely no pain. I only took my pain meds the first day and didn't really need to. They just felt really tight for the first day. I feel so good though, I'm shock how painless this is. I do have a high pain tolerance though. I believe the doctor only gave me 350cc. He said my skin was really tight so I couldn't get up to 400 but they still look nice to me.

6 day post op

day 6 post op

Tomorrow will be 2 weeks post op

The girls are doing great. Nipples are very sensitive though. Other than that I really like them. I can't wait till I can wear regular bras though. These sports bras are annoying. Btw, I already went out to the club with some friends last Saturday and had fun. I'm glad they look so nice so early.

3 weeks already

man time is flying. I can't wait to be able to wear bras again.

almost 4 weeks post op. Time is flying!

5 weeks today!

Girls are still doing great. I went to Victoria's Secret today. I've never shopped there before. The girl measured me and said I'm a 32DD! yay. I know they say the sizes at VS is bigger than others but I'm still happy. Now shopping for bras is not depressing at all =)


Size update

I don't think I ever told you guys that I actually ended up with 330ccs left and 345ccs in my right breast. He couldn't go up to 400 because my skin was really tight even though my skin as stretched tremendously when I was preggo, but I guess it didn't matter. He didn't want me to have any complications so I guess I can't be mad at that. I really wanted them bigger but everyone thinks my size is perfect for my frame, but you know how us girls are; we get that boob greed. haha

Twins are 9 weeks

Sorry, haven't been on here in a while. Nothing much is changed, the girls are still doing really well. As I'm writing this, I just remembered I need to schedule my 3 month checkup with the Doc. I keep forgetting to take more pictures. I'm not a big selfie person lol. I'll take some more. I just haven't noticed too much of a difference, but they are more round which I love. I hope you all are doing well also

almost 3 months!

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