Help!!!! I Finally Decided but I'm Freaking Out. 28 Years Old, 32 A, 95 Lbs. Scottsdale, AZ

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So I just made up my mind about doing BA and I...

So I just made up my mind about doing BA and I have been reading a lot of posts and this site has helped me tremendously. I am currently a 32A and although my boyfriend does not complain about my size he said he would pay for it if I decide to do it. Yay me!!! So I do not want a too fake too high look. So I am leaning towards a 325-375cc. I guess I dont want to go bigger than a C since I have a petite frame. And I have concerns about it being too heavy. I am worried about getting off work too. I am a nurse and can't really be off work too long. How long do I absolutely have to be off work? If anyone can provide a timeline from day one onwards I would greatly appreciate it. I have not talked to any doctors yet as I want to be fully prepared when I go. I will upload before pics later. I am hoping to get it done first week of Oct. Any input is greatly appreciated. And if you can recommend any surgeon, that would be awesome too. :)

Who here decided on one surgeon right away?

So ever since I decided to finally do BA, I couldn't contain my excitement. It till be a big change and all I have been doing reading and looking at more boobies. I called two PS office and the first one does not have opening till mid Aug. Another surgeon with great great reviews was able to fit me in today. Yay!! I guess I will have to wait and see how it goes. I 'll update more later. I am kind of debating wheter or not to keep talking to PS. How many of you ladies went on one PS and decided that he/she is the one? Thank you!!

Trying some sizers 300cc

sizers 350cc

before pics wearing sports bra

Undecided about the size..any thoughts?

My stats: 5'3, 96 lbs. I was originally decided on 350cc memory gel but everytime I see pics and read others post I start to second guess anything. I am a 32 a right now and hoping to achieve a full C but still wants to keep being 32. Some people are D with 300cc implant and others look small with a 400cc. I huess it all depends on each breast tissue at the beginning. I am.scheduled for Aug 31st and it can't come soon enough. I feel like I just want to get it done and over with. A lot of women here keeps saying they wish they had gone larger which makes me think about maybe getting 375cc. And they say if you are comfortable with 350 then go one size bigger. I am really scared for it to look heavy but I also dont want to be disappointed after. I am fine with slught fake looking boobs as long as I don't have two balls sitting on top of my chest. I am deciding on getting 375cc HP Mentor Memory Gel. Anybody with my size that has this? Any thoughts? Should I go bigger or smaller? My PS says 375cc will still look good on me as I specifically communicated that I don't want it too high, too fake and definitely no side boob as I have a slim chest. And the boyfriend wants bigger but ultimately he said it will be my cjoice and what I am comfortable with. UGH!!! I am now torn between 350cc, 375cc and 400cc. Boob greed! Lol!.

Pre pics

4 days to go!!!

I am so excited and nervous...four days to go. I have everything set up for the surgery. My boyfriend will drop and pick me up and will take some time off work to be with me. I am mainly concerned that the size I decided will be too big. However I do not have a lot of vreast tissue to begin with so I think 375 cc HP will look great. I trust my PS and hopefully everything will turn out great. Any tips that has helped you ladies before and after the procedure will be appreciated. Thank you!!

I did it....

So I had my surgery on the 31st. It went really great. I remember them wheeling me in the OR and a slight pain when the IV anesthesia was going in. I didn't even get to the counting part. Lol! Next thing I know, my nurse was asking me if I wanted some ice chips. My PS was great. I am now post op day 2. The pain is tolerable. I tried to space out my Vicodin as it makes me so groggy. I am taking the muscle relaxant every six hours though. I think that helps with the implant settling in. I am able to do a lot for myslef except when I take my pain meds, I am just in and out of sleep. Mostly just the tightness and pressure that wakes me up. But overall, I love my new girls....and couldn't be more happier with my PS. Plus having a great support (the bf) makes a lot of difference too. Can't wait to go shopping...:)

6 Day Post Op

It's still sitting high, and a bit tight. I have a breast band my PS gave me to wear 24 hours/day. I have not been really using the strong pain meds and muscle relaxant because of work. Pain is mostly trying to breath normally with the band on and the incision. I am back to work, normal as a nurse and already driving. My nipples is extremely sensitive as well. So I am kind of really trying to be patient, which is hard with the pain and all the movement restrictions.

Post Op Day 9

Thinking about breast revision going bigger...anyone had the same procedure?

I had my BA 15 months ago, I was previosuly 32A, and had 375ccHP mentor under the muscle. Few months after the BA, got pregnant and breastfed which kind of reduced some of breast tissue although it didn't sag. I am now thinking of getting a breast revision with 425cc Ultra High Profile. Any of you ladies had a revision Shortly after your first BA? How much did it cost you? Did you like it better? How was it going bigger? Any thoughts is greatly appreciated. Thank you.
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