30, 5'3", 115lbs, 325cc MP+ Unders - Scottsdale, AZ

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After years and years of wanting a BA, I finally...

After years and years of wanting a BA, I finally have it scheduled! I'm insanely nervous and get on here nightly to review pictures and usually end up with a racey heartbeat and thinking I'm in over my head, but thanks to all the reviews I know it'll be worth it all in the end! 4 days to my pre-op.

350cc sizers

I forgot to add pics to my first post so here are the sizer photos. The pink shirt is from my second consult. My phone was dead during my first consult so I couldn't take photos. At the first, I tried on 350cc only. At the second I went all the way to 325, 350, 375, and 400, which were SO heavy! I have a bad back as it is, scoliosis and reverse lordosis in my neck so as nice as they would have looked it probably would have been detrimental to my back to go that big. In the white cami I'm at my chosen PS office wearing 350cc. I'll be a tad smaller, he doesn't want to go over 325cc on me and they'll be under the muscle which will lessen the oomph a little. My pre-op is on Tuesday and I'm going to push for 350. I've read on here that it's only 3 tablespoons difference for 25cc but I've always been so small and so self conscious about my chest so I feel that for me, the bigger the better. This is a huge chunk of change that I already have some guilt spending on myself so I'd hate to end up smaller than I'm envisioning. I'd like a good full C, small D. I was a small B before my first pregnancy which shot me to a DD. Now I wear an A that gapes open. Not quite mentally "there" yet to post the sad girls yet, but I'll get there!

Pre-op today!

I had my pre-op today and was having a lot of anxiety all day yesterday and today. Mostly financial. It's a big chunk of savings to just poof be gone overnight. I was a late-teen mom and all I've done for 11 years is put my kids first so putting myself first on this feels so foreign and selfish. I need this though, for my self esteem issues and there's simply no other fix. In the exam room I was a little more apprehensive about the physical part of this but as soon as my PS walked in, I felt at ease which was my sign that I ready for this! We decided for sure on 325, but need a sizer for my left side (I think) to help with the asymmetry so that side may be a smaller implant. My ribs on that side protrude out a lot farther than the other side so I doubt they'll ever be perfectly symmetrical. Trying the 325 on again, I felt more comfortable with going that "small". It's really not that small, and does feel heavy to me. Hopefully they won't feel so heavy when they're under the muscle versus stuffed in a bra. I'm definitely excited now but I hope the next 24 days go by slow because this feels like it's come up on me so fast!

Seat belts and flat chests lol

I cannot wait to never have to deal with the seatbelt cutting under my bra where boob should be!!!! Soooo embarrassing!! 22 days to go!! :D

9 days! Before pics :|

I keep waiting for it to really hit me that I'm actually doing this but it still hasn't. Hopefully I don't have a major freak out just before. I still need to fill my scripts and find something to wear to the surgery center. I keep putting it off because, again, I can't believe I'm actually doing this. Today I wondered if I'm actually going to end up too big. I'm so accustomed to being completely flat and it's going to be so noticeable there won't be any denying whether I've had work done. Not thrilled about that. I just hope they don't sit too high and torpedoed so I can wear normal clothes soon because it's already so hot here! Here's my before pictures. Very asymmetric, my nipples are so deflated they wrinkle, and the ugly deformed rib that sticks out that throws everything off. I have scoliosis so that doesn't help the unevenness of my chest. Hopefully using sizers will even me out some.

Tomorrow is the day!

I felt no emotion all week over this, but just had a message from the surgery center and when I called them back suddenly I'm definitely having anxiety over it. My hearts all racy, palms are sweaty, and my toes are freezing cold from stressing over it. This is just my process lol. I always stress myself to the max and then typically find that it's not so bad, hoping this is the same. I have, however, been worried all week about how noticeable I'll be. There will be no denying it, because I don't wear very padded bras. There's padding and they're supposed to be push up, but not 325cc's worth. As far as prep goes, I only filled a couple of the scripts. He gave me Valium, Percocet, bactrim, which I filled, but also tramadol, pyridium, and phenergen suppositories which I have on hold. Tramadol didn't go over well for two people I know so that's a last resort if Tylenol doesn't cut it, and the last two are prescribed as a just in case. Seemed like a waste to fill and the dispose of if I didn't end up needing them, and my hubs is home for a week with me and would be able to run down to the pharmacy if I do. And my insurance wouldn't cover the docusate sodium because it's available OTC so I picked up miralax. I should grab some smooth move tea as I've heard that's worked wonders for everyone on here. I only have my post-op bra but as far as I remember he said that's what he wants me in exclusively for three weeks so after that I can always pick up some zip up sports bras. I already have ice packs and a heating pad, and although he didn't tell me to, I've spent the week stretching my pectorals a few times per day. That's actually what led me to this site was googling if those would help. General consensus was that none of the surgeons who responded to that woman's question practice that but said it wouldn't hurt. It just makes sense to me to do it. If you know you're going to stretch them over a big ball of silicone why not condition them a little before hand? Well next time I post I'll have big girl boobs! Ahhh! Surgeon said I can take a Valium tonight if I'm freaking out, but I only have 30 so hopefully I can just keep my mind off of it and sleep well without it. Fingers crossed that everything goes well!

All done!

Headed home and feeling great so far. I ended up with 325 in one and 300 in the other. I was a nervous shaking wreck waiting in the pre-op area but now vaguely remember being wheeled into the OR and being asked to scoot onto a table. Next thing I know the nurse is saying my name to wake me up. I was incredibly tired and dizzy so I waited another 15 minutes before going home. I was out for about two hours total and man that was the best nap of my life! I asked for it in pill form ha! All wrapped and driving home to take a Percocet and hopefully a nap. Then a Valium when I wake. He said 6-8 hours I'll feel great and then then I may feel the pain. My pecs are already feeling very slightly sore. Like I stretched them too far, which obviously is the case. I read a review detailing the pre-op procedures which helped me greatly so to backtrack a bit, we arrived 15 minutes late due to traffic, signed forms, paid the facility and then was called back. Urine sample, changed into gown booties and lovely hair cap. Nurse took blood pressure. Asked medical History, started IV, and had to poke me twice. That made me woozy so I had to lay flat. I was woozy for 15 minutes or so and then calmed down. I had them check my blood sugar because I struggle with hypoglycemia and hadn't eaten or drank anything in 15.5 hours but it was fine so it was just nerves. I get the shakes really bad so I was trying to hide that. Finally after about an hour total
Of being there my surgeon came in and marked me, anesthesiologist said hello, and then operating nurse came in and the anesthesiologist and the nurse wheeled me away and like I said before scooted on a table and then woke up ultra groggy. Handling water well so stopping by wildflower bread co for some soup (to go). I miss my kiddos so I'll be headed home to eat and watch Fuller House on Netflix ha! Sorry if this is hard to understand, still drugged up. The buttons on my phone are blurry.

Day 1 - vision problems

So I can't see anything even with wearing readers. My eyes just keep going out of focus, super annoying. I think it may be the Percocet so I'm going to stick with the Valium and see if it makes a difference. Overall not much pain. There a rightness and discomfort. The worst so far is getting up from the bed or couch. Thankfully I have fairly decent abs to do the work. I'm very forgetful right now and wish I could just sleep all this off but didn't get much sleep the night before or last night. About 7 hours total, a few short naps. I snuck a peek even though I wasn't supposed to. Couldnt helpi it! They're still asymmetrical But I expected that. They already look 100x better than ever so I'm still very happy. Very high and rtight as to be expected so I'm excited to see how the drop and fluff. Here's a pic from 2 hours post-op

Sorry gals

If my last couple
Posts are nonsense I'm just on a lot of meds lol I'll try to get back to you all when I'm able to switch to Tylenol :). Thanks for the well wishes!! Also I can't see my keyboard at all so hopefully autocorrect is helping me out lol

Day 2

Feeling great right now. The k my discomfort is the low end of my sternum. It's very swollen and tender right there. Other than that just feels like leg day but on my chest. I'm going to try and stay off of the meds because I don't remember a thing about yesterday or surgery day. I ended up taking three doses of laxative (1 miralax, 2 cups smooth move) because lack of memory. Oops. No constipation over here that's for sure lol! I took my ace wrap off a couple hours shy of 48. I couldn't take it anymore. Everything just still feels tight but that bandage was shoving them up to my chin. Now they feel much better in just the surgical bra. I still cannot believe I did this! So far I'm happy but I'm sure I'll settle at a c. They still look small to me but I know it's super early to judge. No meds today yet so I can see a lot better. Must have just been the combo of all the meds. Need to delete some photos on my phone before I can update :)

Day 3 - boob greed

Boob greed has definitely set in. While they look way better than they did, I do feel like they're way too small. I hope they do a lot of fluffing when they drop. They're still high and in my armpits but the discomfort is nearly done. No meds at all today. Just my lower sternum is still sore and is swollen as shown in the pics. Numb from the nipples down and when I gently touch that area it feels like a needle slightly scraping the skin. I can't get the ink off so I can't really see the incisions but so far today has been the best day. I basically have amnesia from the last two days, it's all a blur and I don't remember much at all. Here's pics from right after the shower today.

Day 4 - first post-op appt

Just left my first check up and everything looks good. For some reason today I'm very uncomfortable. Yesterday went so great, no meds until a Valium at bedtime to attempt to alleviate morning boob, but today I just feel so sore. I have to start massages twice a day and boy do I hate those! When she pushed down it felt like bone was ripping off my sternum. The swelling on my sternum is almost gone and there's a yellowed bruise. So now, we wait. Massage and wait. My husband and I both agree they looked much bigger this morning so I'm thinking they've maybe dropped a tad hence the new soreness. I feel funky overall. Just very fragile, like I'm afraid to move my arms or touch them. I tire easily, feel a little out of breath moving around. The nurse assured me they'll be much bigger once they drop so that lessened the boob greed. Plus the pain today makes me glad I didn't go any bigger lol. I'll post a pic this evening. I'm able to switch to a camisole to allow them to breathe a little because this surgical bra and I have a love/hate relationship going on. Love taking it off and then ten minutes later begging for it back on haha! This is all quite a roller coaster but I'm so excited to see how they'll look come swimsuit season.

Day 4 pics

Here's the pics from today. Some light bruising near the incision. Still can't get the dang marker off but I baby the area. Still so bloated I look 6 months pregnant!

Day 5 - back on meds

The last two days have been the most uncomfortable yet. They seem to be all over the place, riding way high and tight like in a spasm and then I'll massage and ice them down to comfort and then back up to spasm again. I caved yesterday and today and took a half Percocet which helped tremendously. I hadn't taken anything since Sunday due to the blindness but I had been taking either a Percocet or a Valium every two hours at that time so it's no wonder I couldn't see straight! Tomorrow my husband goes back to work so I'm a little worried about getting the kids to and from school and handling my two year old. I won't be able to take anything so hopefully ice and Tylenol will do the trick. They seem to be settling nicely overall, the spasms just really suck. I tire easily, I feel like a sloth. We went grocery shopping today and I wore just a loose camisole under a blouse like the nurse said I could do - EPIC MISTAKE. They were in knots by the time I got home and I was so wore out. I tried on a really cute lacey bralette while we were shopping though and it looked nice but made me look small. They fit my body nicely, and I'm not noticeably big like I worried about, but I'm wishing I could have gone larger. They just don't "wow" me, but hopefully as they soften and fluff out I'll learn to love them more. Here's some pics from today. The Nike sports bra used to lay completely flat on me, now it looks great!

1 week boobivesary!!

I can't believe it's been a week already! Everything is feeling pretty good. They don't hurt, but they're tender, and having to push down on the top is tender on my right side. My ribs are sore, probably from sleeping on my side. I start on my back but always wake up on my side. Can't help that. Yesterday there were a few times in the day that I realized I didn't *feel* them and they felt like mine. Pretty much when I'm slouching and the weight is off my chest. My nipples are getting sensitive, I guard them in the shower from the water but nothing at all like engorgement from nursing. In fact, if any moms are reading this worried about the pain and have breastfed, let me tell you. The first couple weeks of breastfeeding is 1000x worse than this. At least with 325cc. Probably would suck a little more going a lot larger but by comparison this is a breeze. Tried on my favorite ole swim top that I wore when I was nursing and had stuff to put it in. Looks even better now, maybe even a little too revealing for public?? IThey're still firm but I'm massaging them more often than suggested mostly because it releases them down from spasms. Still taking Valium at night....gonna miss those ha! I'm so happy I did this, I've never felt so feminine, ever. Now I finally have the motivation to get the rest of my body bikini ready. 2 more weeks till I can begin exercise but nothing "vigorous" until 6 weeks. Here's the swim suit top. Might need to find a more modest top for family outings lol

Day 11 - L<3VE my boobs!

Yesterday I was feeling a little meh about the size, and I'm sick to death of wearing the same surgical bra. I hadn't found any bras at Walmart or Target that zip and I was frustrated with my clothing choices. So, I went to Marshalls and tried on a bunch of sports bras, none of which gave me one ioda of support but then I found this little gem over in the real bra section. It has a band on the bottom like a sports bra, but shaped like a real bra. It's so soft and comfortable I'm in heaven! My only complaint is I need the same bra in nude color for light shirts and they didn't have it. So in love with my boobs now and I can wear more of my clothes now! It's poor lighting but the brand is Calvin Klein. With it, I'm able to wear a v-neck shirt my mom bought me a year ago that I couldn't wear because it showed my nipples when I bent over. Now I fill it out perfectly! My mom has a consult in a couple days too and was about to cancel until she heard me rejoicing across the house while I dressed. I showed her my before and afters from here (we do NOT have that kind of relationship) and she was in absolute awe and kept the appt. A friend also has ap appt the same day an hour before her. As far as recovery goes, no pain unless I have to lift my toddler a lot, morning boob is pretty much gone, still have the glue stuck on my incisions so I can't see them. Overall feeling great!

2 week update

Tomorrow marks two weeks since the surgery and overall things are good. The last couple days I feel like they're riding higher than ever and I've spent most of this week in regular sports bras during the day and tank tops at night (as suggested). I think I'm going to call in tomorrow to ask about my left side (25cc bigger) being so much higher. I rolled up my sports bra above them and let just that tight elastic push them down for a few minutes and it actually felt better for a bit so I'm wondering if I'll need to band them. I just don't want them to bottom out either. I don't feel the implants at all yet in the lower pole on either side, but that area is still pretty numb even when I palpate around. They're moving around better when I massage (that's still very uncomfortable!) and I can get them good and loose but as soon as I quit it's like they contract back up into the upper pole. Ive been more active the last couple days and when I use my arms certain ways I can feel the chest muscle pull on the implants. It's so weird and seems like that's probably not good even though it doesn't exactly hurt, so I typically quit what I'm doing. Hopefully that's not a permanent feature! My ribs are really achy the last few days and I have to be careful how I lounge or move. I'll mention that during my call too, but I'm sure it's a normal part of healing. Mostly I'm just going stir crazy. I never realized how active I was until I'm not able to be active anymore. It's pretty frustrating, I just want to be healed and ready to move around and get back to coaching my kids sports. Here's some pics in some terrible lighting. I still can't get the glue off so there's still marker lines under the glue. I don't see much difference, and I'm back to wishing they were bigger, but I'm also pmsing so I don't really like anything or anyone right now haha!

One month update

So I'm a month plus a few days post op now and overall things are pretty good. I have boob greed for sure, especially since my mom is now having them done and is able to go 450-500cc and I was stuck at 325. Some days I hate them and feel they're too small. Other days I love them. Most days I talk myself into being content and take a look at an old pic which makes me see how much better they look even if they aren't large. With all the little annoyances that come along with implants, it's probably better I didn't go bigger. Shivering is the weirdest feeling ever now and is pretty uncomfortable. I'd never noticed my pectorals shivering before but I surely do now. Lifting my kids, carrying a case of pop, twisting open the milk, all these simple tasks that are now a little bit annoying because I can feel my pecs moving my implants apart, or around, or something. Nothing painful, just bizarre, and therefore slightly annoying to me. I'm just hoping this goes away in time. I tried pulling myself up yesterday using my arms and felt the muscles pulling and let myself drop down. It doesn't hurt, it's just such a weird feeling I can't stand it lol. The rib pain has mostly subsided. I've been just slowly stretching out the area by either putting my arms straight up or laying down and doing the same. My skin is ultra sensitive most of the time and I hate them to be touched, much to my husbands dismay haha. I'm still mostly numb below the nipple, and have started feeling the "zingers" I've read about. I've been massaging a lot trying to get lefty to drop down more but so far it's stubborn. Here's pics from today. Still need to find some bras!

Real bra, finally!

The search is finally over, for now. I refused to pay $60 for a VS bra while they're still not settled completely so I was so happy to find 2 cheapies at Marshalls today. I bought two, the black 32D fits better than the 30D nude color, but I need nude desperately and at $10 each I didn't care if it doesn't fit me in a month or two. Here's a pic of the nude one on, and the brand, in case any petite ladies want to hustle over to Marshalls and try these on. They only had 30, and 32 bandwidths in large cup sizes at my store, so 30D, 30DD, 32DDD etc so if anyone might fit in those sizes check out your local store for a cheap temporary solution while our girls settle.

10.5 weeks

10.5 weeks in and feeling great. Everything feels perfect and normal like they've always been there. I'm currently a 32D and while I know they fit my frame perfectly, but boob greed is still there. A friend has now had it done by my doctor and my mom is scheduled for next Friday. They both are able to go quite larger than I was allowed, which kind of sucks but I'm glad to be healed nicely and I had a pretty easy recovery I think. It's very much like having a baby, you forget all the pain, which in my case was just mild discomfort for the most part. Now I just need to get the rest of me in shape for summer! Current pics...
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