29 Years Old, 4 Kids, 5'3", 105lb, 32a to C - Scottsdale, AZ

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First of all, I'd like to say that I'm the...

First of all, I'd like to say that I'm the president of itty bitty titty committee lol But to be honest, I don't think I've seen any reviews on RS with my size. Everybody who says they're 'flat' has SOMETHING. I don't :(

My goal is to go from 32a (flat) to C (I told my ps I want to be a 'full B to a C') but as days are getting close, these letters keep going up lol I don't want the 'fake look,' but then I don't want it to be subtle when I'm undergoing a big procedure. I don't want to regret about the size later on. But my main concern is, if this is even possible with little room I have for the implants.

My surgery date is on May 26th. I have pre-op appointment next week to go through surgical details and sign some forms. Countdown has officially started as of today and I'm so excited to share this on RS with all my BA surg friends.

D-10 pre-op appontment

Ok guys this is it (not that anyone's reading this ????) I had my pre-op appointment today and paid off dr's fees plus implants. This is crazy hahah With less than 10 days until the surgery date, I don't know what I should be doing. Probably get my meds filled, shop for bras, work out.. I don't know really. I wanted this so bad, but now that I'm half way through, am I having second thoughts? During my pre-op appointment, we went over paperwork, medications, implant sizes etc I thought we talked about allergan smooth moderate plus BUT I was told that textured implant was ordered.... I was convinced this was a better implant because of lower risk of capsular contracture and no need for massaging. Also the size.. to go from A to C(or full B) ps did mention it would be 300+cc. Well I found out they ordered 375 & 405CC (asymmetrical breast). I don't know if this would look ridiculously big (and fake) on my frame (5'3", 105lb) or if it's proportional. I'm trusting my ps 100% on this size and everything else. I've heard of people complaining that their breasts are not big enough but never the 'it's too big.' Has anyone start from my size (flat chest, smallest A where there's no room) to a C(or full B)? Would I look like I have 2 balls on my chest or would it stretch?

Boob eve

This month has been crazy busy with kids' recitals, family gatherings, and kindergarten graduation. I honestly feel like I haven't had the adequate time to prepare for tomorrow's surgery. House is a mess, I have pile of work that needs to be done, I haven't prepared any meals for hubby & kids to eat... Hopefully this doesn't lead to pizza every night. Ahh stressing out at the last minute. My hubby's parents live just 2-3 minutes away from our house and I don't know how I can keep this surgery a secret. I told my hubby several times to never say a word about this, but who knows. I haven't told my parents and I definitely don't plan on telling my in laws, not that it's shameful but it's not their business. Does anyone feel me on this? Tomorrow at 12:30, I check in, pay the surgical center or fee and in I go at 2:30. Since kids are out from school, they will be coming to the surgical center with me (30 minutes drive) but will be going back home once I'm in surgery and come back. Whew I don't know how tomorrow's going to work out. Hubby will be with 4 kids (oldest Just finished Kindergarten, youngest is not 1 yet) and taking care of me. Should I ask someone to watch kids for just couple hours before I get out of the surgical center? Because this seems crazy even as I write it lol

Boob time

I fell asleep watching a post op vlog on youtube and woke up at 4am lol 6 hours and 30 minutes until I check in. So nervous. I should probably take a before picture (I have not taken any picture of my breasts). Wish me good luck and I promise I will post pictures post-op :)


So I totally forgot to take my before pictures. But here are couple pics taken before going in for the surgery and when I got home. Hubby dropped me off at the surgical center and went home with 4 kids. I was there alone for 2 hours. The or nurse was very nice and kept me company. My ps came by and drew some picture on me, asked if I had any questions and my mind was just blank. This thought of opening up my chest was scaring me already. Then my anesthesia team came and gave me propopal(sp?) which took effect right away. He said it's like tequila sunrise in your brain, which I needed at that point lol I remember being wheeled to the surgery room and looking at the lights in the ceiling, but that was it. Then I woke up and saw a different nurse sitting next to me. I felt like she was rushing me, but then again I didn't want to stay there any longer than I had to. I specifially asked my hubby to bring my pain meds (ok text message and I even put them in his car) so I can take them as soon as I was discharged, but no he forgot about it and even picked me up in the most uncormfortable sports car ever, I felt all the bumps on the road from Scottsdale to Chandler during traffic time (45-50 minutes). Once I got home I started crying because it was hurting so much (yes that feeling of elephant being on your chest). I was being a cry baby and blamed my hubby for this unnecessary pain and discomfort... I'm looing myself in the mirror but can't tell how big this is. It's all wrapped up. But I'm 100% positive it's bigger than my flat chest haha hopefully I don't go into boob greed stage

My goodness dazed and confused

I feel like I read all the articles all over RS and other plastic surgery websites and still have no clue what I am suppose to suspect. I feel like my older cousin (boy) some how have an idea about my boob job trying to help me out with reaching for items on top of the shelf and grab a jar of milk, carry my 9 months old etc. my mother in law not so much but she did insist she wanted to take my 3 year daughter home to watch over since she wasn't feeling well and "I'm not either". I cannot stop peeking at my boobs under neath the straps(whatever they are called) but I have CLEAVAGE now!!! Yes!!!!!!!! Hopefully it's not becuase these are wrapped around so tight together. I've been all drugged all today from taking percocet (oxycodone), valium (diazepam), keflex (cephalexin) and somethinng else for nausea which was hella expensive for less than 5 pills but that I did not need. I also bought some colace but didn't take them.... I didn't want to take unnecessary pills at this moment when I can't "wipe" myself as of yet lol. So the pain is pretty tolerable or it was until I ran out of valium (muscle relaxers). I will be going to the dr's office tomorrow. Hopefully I can get more or will be ok without taking them at all. Hopefully they are FULL C now (boob greed, I know. I did wish for a small B in the beginning) hahaha omg... But yes I will be happy regardless. I can't wait to wear all these v neck shirts and other tops I didn't bother looking at because I Couldn't. Can't wait for tomorrow. Thank you BOOBS!!! and RS boob buddies!!!!!

Adding more photos (post op 4) Monday 5/30/16

My tummy is so bloated for being constipated. I did listen to my rn at the ps's office to buy colace but I guess I have not taken any lol also, I'm not sure what that white strip elastic thing is. From looking at others' pic, I figured that made the swelling go down, but mine was just all over the place like above belly button lol so I just put it on the top where I thought was supposed to be

Boob greed

Gosh people... I promised myself I will be happy with whatever size my boob turns out to be because I had zip zero nada nothing but ahhhhhhh :( I was just curious this morning because I didn't get to ask my ps or the rn's what size implants nor what type ended up inside me. Because I just assumed someone would tell me then! But I emailed my dr's office and the answer I received was "the surgical center didn't give you your implant ID card?" WHAT ARE THOOOOOOSE?? No I don't even know what they are lol crazy.... She told me she'd make me a copy at my next po visit but yeah what is going on? She also told me instead of 375 & 405 Dr's been mentioning (& ordered ahem*) because of my asymmetry, I ended up with 375 on both sides. Huh? Why???? :( I don't know. I'm just whining... But really happy that I have boobs :( I swear I'm not bipolar... :( "this shall too pass"

Torn between the two

It has been 9 days since I had gone to the bathroom (I'm trying to keep it clean here lol #2 ahem*) my surgery was on 5/26/16 Thursday and the anxiety and anticipation from couple nights before didn't help much and I'd say the last time I went was probably 5/24/16 Tuesday (today is June 2nd). The day of surgery and post op day 1-3, I was glad I didn't have to go because I was afraid of "what if's" like "what if it's too painful for me to go by myself" "what if my hubby has to help me(started picturing gross things in my head)" "what if he isn't there to help(I still need him even if it's gross and no I'm not bipolar)" that sort of stuff. But you know what, I was fine. I can get up, walk around, eat, brush my teeth blahblah. I just needed extra help with certain things but it was doable. But after my first post op appointment on Tuesday 5/31/16, when I had the ok to take shower.... I saw my naked body with a tummy of a 5 months preggo woman, I told myself nuh uh I'm not having that. So then I slowed down on my meds (valium and percocet). I mean it's only in the morning when it's worst. I did take stool softener 3 times a day, but with the pain killer in my system, it just did not do its job. This morning, I just flat out stopped both muscle relaxer & pain killer and only took colace and... 3 hours later *ta da* or that bell chime.. So yes, I will keep it clean and stop right here. But I had to choose between "feeling good with no pain" or "looking good and feeling good" and I chose the latter. So happy this worked and bye bye pain meds. Ps. My bra (surgical bra?? The one you receive at post op appt) seems to be too tight. Where is a good store/website to purchase this at? And what size should I look for? Thank you in advance loves.

16days post-op

I'm loving what I see so far!! I have my 2nd post op appt coming up to remove the suture and apply the new tape. I've been having boob greed moments but this cleavage tho..... Hahaha I never had them and it just looks and feels good having it. I'm still looking for that perfect post op front closure bra. This one is from Champion (I didn't feel like going out and got lazy from ordering from Amazon and had my hubby buy this from Target) it's not too bad but I want to try others. This was about $20 something dollars.

No pain anymore, but still uncomfortable getting up in the morning. I took muscle relaxer & pain meds just because I had some left, but for some reason it gave me nausea which I never experienced. I ended up opening my brand new bottle of Ondansetron(sp?) nausea med I was prescribed but it didn't do any good. I just slept through it. Anyways, I feel like I'm all over the place updating on here but yeah, I'm doing good and I will try to post more pictures (without bra) next time. I still feel weird doing that haha
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