30 Years Young, Mother of Two, Mommy Makeover 10/4/16 Scottsdale, AZ

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I have been researching about a Brazilian butt...

I have been researching about a Brazilian butt lift and mommy makeover for one year now. I have a consultation with Dr. Repta in Scottsdale, AZ. this Friday 2/12/2016. Yes the Dr.Repta who conducted Simone Anderson surgery , if you do not who she is please instagram her! I am hoping to do the BBL in mid March and the mommy makeover in May.

consultation shopping

Ok, so I had my consultation with Dr. Repta this past Friday 2/12/2016 and the price is very very high. Although, I do not mind taking out a loan, I don't think that $38,000 is a justifiable price for a mommy makeover, plus a bbl. I am planning on consulting with Dr. Guerrera, Dr. Shaw, and Dr. Shapiro this month. Hopefully I will decide on what doctor to book my surgery with in early March.

PS and surgery date schrduled for 6/15/16

So after consulting with Dr. Repta, Dr. Guerra, and Dr. Shaw I choose Dr.Shaw to perform my mommy makeover. No implant for now as all PS reported I have a good about of breast and once my waist I smaller I might like just the lift. So i am excited and can't wait. No BBL yet as Dr.Shaw does not perform those yet, but I heard he is looking into it.


So I have been a mother since 14 and I have had to live without a belly button for over 15 years. Here are a few pics of me at weight 150. I feel pretty confident but my stomach is a reminder that no matter how hard I work I am unable to see my belly button which is why I am so excited to get my mommy makeover.

10/4/16 is my surgery date for mommy makeover

Hello, so I went to my pre-op. The reason why I rescheduled my surgery from June to October, is because me and my husband attempted once again to get pregnant. However, it did not happen. So we have decided to go ahead with the mommy makeover. We have two healthy sons, and really have been trying for a girl, but I guess its just not possible for us. So why waste more time, and finally get the body that I want.

1 day post op

So I am not pleased with my results this far, I feel like I look so swollen and bloated. But on the bright side I have a belly button. Plus the children are out of the house and I can kick back and not worry about work. My breast are much more sore than my stomach. However I do feel a burning sensation on my lower left abdominal.

3 days post op

Yesterday was my three day post op appointment. Everything is healing well and I am healing fast. I freaked myself out with all I read on RS. My experience has been great. I love love my breast lift. I can't believe how perky they are, and they are all natural. My tummy is still ver swollen. I was constipated for three days from the pain meds. So I was recommended by the nurse to continue my stool softener's plus drink a half to a whole bottle of magnesium citrate. And OMG I pooped!!! So now I am only taking Tylenol over the counter 4 pills per day and two muscle relaxers in the afternoon and one at night. I just can't wait to shower. Also I would recommend buying a few robes to live in. I tried loose dresses but I find the thin robes work best when you have your drains in.

One week PO

So I am healing well. I am swollen as hell. No pain at all from the surgery, just discomfort and boredom. The past two nights I have been experiencing tingling and numbness on my right hip that goes down to my knee. I wonder if a nerve was interrupted I hope this goes away because it's so uncomfortable and not a good feeling. I have an appointment to get my belly button sutures and drains out. Hurray!

10 days PO swelling is going down

So my drains are still inn as my doc visit yesterday I was still putting out 25CC on one drain. My PS would like for it to be under 22CC. So this means drains are inn for the weekend and most likely out on Monday. On the plus side my swelling is going down although my lower belly is still swollen. Before surgery my lower belly was smaller so I know it's swelling. I am walking a bit more straight. And my energy level is high.

I plan to have my mommy makeover by Dr.Shaw.

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