26 and Tall with No Curves - Scottsdale, AZ

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I went to a bbl consultation with Dr. Hall last...

I went to a bbl consultation with Dr. Hall last Thursday. The office was really nice, staff was really nice, Dr. Hall was amazing...and most importantly very professional. I goy a chance to speak with one of the nurses "Shannon" before having my consultation. She herself has some lipo done before and explained her experience and recovery process. It mad me feel at ease. Dr. Hall entered the room shortly after and showed me all the tools he'd be using. All the tools had heads of the size of a pen tip. That was one of my main concerns. Am I gonna be all scared up with puncture marks. He assured me they would be small and heal beautifully. I was then instructed to go to an examination room where he and Shannon conducted a physical consultation of my body. Dr. Hall was very thorough on what he would be liposuctioning and sculpting. I quickly became excited at the thought of a curvasious body. After the consultation, I had a sit down discussion about cost, prep and recovery time. They have me a quote of $9800.

Booked my surgery date! Sooo excited!

Booked my surgery date with Shannon today! Paid my surgery monies. (Correction...Shannon is the office manager and patient consultant...and she's suuuupper nice) My surgery date is Dec 17th....Im so nervous but this is something I've wanted for about 3 years now! Im attaching pictures of my dream goals of how I want my shape to look like. Check back I'll keep you posted.

Tomorrow is the surgery!!!

Tomorrow is the surgery! I have to be honest...I am a bit nervous. I recently relocated to Arizona and have no family here. I have a couple people I've made friends with along the way but no real family. Shannon called me last week to make sure I had all my prescribed meds and post op essentials. I love how she keeps an open line of communication with me...always checking that Im on top of things. The surgery is scheduled at noon tomorrow! Im ready to have a flat tummy and curvy behind! Im also attaching all my essentials, vitamins and meds for post op. Im also thinking of buying a foldable lawn chair and cutting the seat out of it. Does anyone know of a website that sells the inflatable beds with the hole cut out for your butt? Also...the medicine that was prescriped to me totaled $60 ish at Walgreens...I filled the same prescription at Walmart and it was $29. I saved $30!!

Feeling a lot better!!!

So I actually did it!! I love my results amd everyone in the office was soo accomadating. My surgery started at 3pm and I was donr close to 6pm. I was given a couple drugs to sedate and relax me...took some before pictures and the lipo began!! Dr. Hall talked to me throughout the whole procedure. I couldnt believe it was my body when he stood me up to look at myself! He gave me what I asked for!! It is now 6 days post surgery and Im still sore but I feel good. I went back to work yesterday and just had to take my time and avoid sitting to much. Ill update you more on my progress as the days go by. Right now im hard as a brick and soon I will fluff out and become softer.

More pics

More pics
Scottsdale Physician

Very professional and made me feel comfortable. Dr. Halls office manager, Shannon was also very helpful and experienced! That was a plus!

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