26, No Kids, 5'8 172 lbs...ready for this BBL

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So far I have been doing my research on this...

So far I have been doing my research on this procedure for the longest time. If anything I would like to get it around the Holidays since I will have a full month to recover. I have my fist consultation in 2 weeks with Dr.Repta in Scottsdale. Let's see how it goes. There is not a lot of pictures on his website for a BBL but I am hoping to look at more once I go in.
I am 5'8 163 lbs so lets hope he can help me!


Ok so I am 8 days away from seeing Dr. Repta.
I have also been looking at Dr.Hughes work in California. I emailed him and he wrote back fast. I will be sending him pictures so he can tell me if he can do his magic on me. After that I will decide IF I am a candidate for a BBL. I was considering Dr.Salama in Florida because he knows his hourglass shape women want! and they say he is aggressive, but at the same time I seen that he has burned a couple of people which makes me sad. I just hope that these doctors can take away all the fat then determine how much is the right size for me. I want to have hips and a big booty :) but I do not want to look fake. I seen a lot of off thigh to but ratio and to me it does not look flattering. I am also thinking/hoping/wishing if they can out some cc's on my boobies? not a lot just a tiny bit because they are not as perky as I would want them. But I know the recovery process will not be a good for having to stay off my chest and butt at the same time. We shall see

So undecided

The more I explore this site the more I find. I have emailed Dr.Hazani in Beverly Hills and he responded very fast and was so polite. I have send him pictures as well as Dr.Hughes so lets see what they say tomorrow or in the next couple of days. Dr.Hazani offers a face time free consultation which I will be scheduling tomorrow. I have a good feeling about him!

26 and Can't Wait for my BBL! Beverly Hills!

So excited! So after interviewing a lot of doctors I am going with...Dr.Hazani!

I am super excited and nervous at the same time. I am super tall and chubby (5'8/162 lbs) in all the wrong places haha so I want something natural but on the border line of huge! lol does that make sense? Also I kinda fell like my figure needs a heart shaped but instead of a bubble butt. I want a tiny waist since I never had one and hips. Dr.Hazani said he can give me hips! yay! I am also thinking of getting rhinoplasty, not sure if anyone has done two surgeries the same day but we will see, hopefully he can get back at me with a quote.
I told my mom, sisters and a couple of friends. The only think that makes me sad is that I have 4 months left. The only thing I am worried about is my appointment date, since Michelle said the surgery room does not schedule that far out but it makes me nervous because I have a small window of a break from work and they are set. So excited tho! Let me tell you about Dr.Hazani, he is so fast to answer my emails, even if it is late at night and to take last minute consultations! I like him already!

Having doubts...Help!

So I am still scheduled with Hazani Dec 7th! Starting to buy the essentials, oh yea! HOWEVER I am getting Rhinoplasty done the same day! Yikes, call me crazy right? Has anyone done research on how to sleep or rest ? Or has gone through the same experience? I just want to see what other things I need to buy ahead of time...I have a little less than 3 months to go! Will be posting before pictures next months ugh :( all feedback and tips is very much appreciated!

Just had the craziest idea!

so I been looking up ways on how to sleep after a bbl and rhinoplasty. It just hit me all of a sudden. What about a massage chair?! They are pricy but so are pillows and lounge chair (cut a whole in it ) here's a pic of what I found. What do you guys think?

Less than a month now!

Ok guys getting anxious now. I get labs done next week!!
Few questions, I DO NOT have insurance, I hope meds are not expensive! Does anyone have a guesstimate on how much they are?
Also, I am getting a nose job at the same time, does anyone know which procedure they do first?
I am kinda worried on the amount of time I'll be on my butt
Sometimes I don't want to do this, I am 5'8 178 lbs. Always been that skinny girl with no butt and long legs. Sometimes I'm looking at some profiles and notice the thigh to ass ratio and I really don't like it. To me it looks super fake. I really want Dr.Hazani to focus on my hips because I don't think I want too much butt. I want a natural heart shaped but with more fluff on the bottom and some projection and a lot of hips haha. I guess that is what I am going to tell him I want. I might go for 1,000 cc's ( even though I can get way more) but I am worried of how much loss I will have :( Other than that everything is booked, have all my supplies, and ready to go. I will be posting my before pics a week before! I am so scared/embarrassed to do this :(
Hope to get some feedback ladies!

Moment of truth

Ladies, I have 15 days left!...as promised here are my pictures. It took a lot of guts but I want to share my experience with you all. It is finally hitting me :) My labs are done, I got the ok to go and I will be making my last and final payment this week! Room is booked, plane is booked, amazon list has been ordered so now I play the waiting game aaaaah so excited! BTW these pics were taken about 3 months ago. I believe I am now 5'8 177 lbs. Not sure if I should loose some but the holidays are coming so maybe I will loose about 5 lbs haha

The day is here

Ok ladies. I'm here. Waiting for the doors to open. It finally hit me last night and I hardly slept! I had my pre-op appointment yesterday and it went well! Dr.Hazani answered all my questions and put me at ease. I told him I want to look natural, not sure how much I'm getting but as long as it looks good. Omg I'm so nervous right now. I kept waking up every hour, each time dreaming of my butt haha. I have on a strapless sun dress with leggings on the bottom, sweater and some riding boots haha ok sure I look awkward but I want to be comfy after. Wish my luck and have me in your prayers. My nerves are up the roof right now!


Girls! I didn't know I had that much
Stretch! I never thought of that big but I really trust Hazani! The 1570 minues 400 semi hips and ass I think. I have t looks at myself reall but maybe picks and more details tomorrow. Only thing that hurts is my throat and too nauseated to shower undfotynently!

Nice and showered!

I'm feeling much better girls! Loving my results so far. Getting a rhino and bbl is not walk on the park. Thanks to my mom because she has been taken real good care of me. Been taking meds, antibiotics and arnica. Eating a lot of pineapple and protein shakes. A couple of tips. I tried to do at least 30-40 push ups a day religiously 1 month before sx and it has help because you need that upper body strength. Also sports bras are great but if you guys can find those spandex strapless bras those would be much better and less struggle. Last I would advice to go to Walmart for meds. The pharmacy next to the surgical are pricy ($180) compared to Walmart ($70) my mom had plenty of time to get my meds lol. Question for the vets. Looking at my pictures you can see that I'm very swollen but strangely on my pubic area, is that normal? It's worrying me.
Dr.Hazani called my mom last night to make sure I was ok. The whole staff yesterday made me feel so comfortable and put me at ease before and after. Last night I got up to the bathroom every 2-3 hours lol pain is not bad only in the incision areas and super sore and raw.

Let me know if you guys have questions

Day 4

Hey gals. So far so good. The first 3 days were not good for me. Yesterday I went to see him and he took off my stuffing (on my nose) I felt much better after that. I see him again tomorrow to get my grament. I'm drinking a lot of water and pinnacle juice. Showering already and walking a lot. Oh went #2 yesterday and it was so easy. The pills I bought are amazing. Here's a pic of me layingn down finally

10 days

Hey all! So I'm feeling much better. Showering is easier, thank goodness. I can take off and put on my garment by myself yay! I try to put as much coconut oil as I can because I'm starting to get itchy when I'm wearing my garment. Bruising is minimum but still swollen. My lower tummy is really hard but it's been going down ever since I started wearing my ab board. Unfortunately I got my period yesterday so I'm not eating pineapple right now, it gives me major cramps, but I'm taking arnica like crazy and drinking lots of water. I need to make an appointment for Monday so I can get my first massage, which I'm dreading, but I'm hoping it will help with the swelling. I drove today and got out since my nose cast came off yesterday! I love my new nose! I braided my hair and put on some mascara finally! Haha feeling like a lady again. Here are some pics. My butt feels a little soft compared to how hard it was the first days. I try not to look at it too much because I'll stress about it being too big or small lol. My hips are dropping little by little so overall I'm getting there! Honestly Dr.Hazani is amazing! I trusted him completely and all I told him was give me natural, but with a big but! Lol I'm so glad I chose him, it was worth the drive.

Before and after of rhino

Haven't posted nose pics. I'm loving my new nose! It's still swollen and taping now. Problem is, I'm more sure how to tape! Haha I googled it and bought me strips so I hope that helps. And tips?!

Oops didn't load

Massages tomorrow

So I start my massages tomorrow. I found a place but I think I'm going to do my first one on my own. Still swollen on my lower stomach and girl parts. It's going down and it's not as bad as is used to be, I also sleep longer now. My front things are bruised which I don't know why because I did not get lipo there. It's going away with all the arnica I'm putting in it. I'm ok walking now but I take my time, especially Christmas shopping. I'm trying to be healthy and eat right so I'm eating small portions 5-6 times a day. My butt has gotten a little softer. Washing my garment and clothes right now so I wore this little dress I bought 2 years ago! It's fitting nicely I must say. Hips and butt is still a little high but I'm glad I haven't lost too much test because I think I still have two weeks to go!

Please be honest!

So I feel like my butt goes up and down :( I hate this roller coaster of emotions. My family says I'm look at it too much. I try not to and sometimes I have nightmares it's all gone. Lol I'm glad Hazani but 1560 instead of the 1200 I wanted because I feel like I'm just two weeks post op and swelling went down a lot. I have hips and I love them! But I want it to stop and my butt to drop. Some areas are soft already! I hope I'm ready for New Years. What do you think? Please be honest!!!! I'm fresh out the shower. I put a lot of cocunut oil lol my skin dries fast. Those stretch marks were there before and if anything they look better. I have stairs and used them a lot after the first week. Perhaps that's what cause it to get small. Am I overthinking?

Stage two garment

Ladies, I'm probably overdue but I need help finding the right 2nd stage garment. Any suggestions?

4 weeks

Hey guys!
So I couldn't wait but I'll be 4 weeks tomorrow. I won't have time to update that's why. So far I've gotten 2 massages. It really helps done by a pro but I still massage in the shower. I got my stage two garment but stopped using it because I lost 1/2 inch. Not sure if I'm being paranoid but stopped it and started using my corset just today. Not sure if I lost it due to the garment or just because but didn't want to risk it. I feel like it's gotten soft in some areas. I'm driving fine. On New Years I sat on two taxi rides and at a restaurant without putting too much pressure on it. My lady area is still swollen but not as much. Drinking water, bromelain, Arnica and pineapple. Still sleeping on the lawn chair. I feel like it's small but people tell me I'm crazy. What do you guys think? Paranoia again? Lol you can be honest.

5 weeks tomorrow

Just a little update. These pictures were takes right out of the shower. For some reason today I woke up very swollen. I think I ate too much salt last night. Paying the consequences today lol. My measurements went down a little. I'm at 44 1/2 now. But is softer and feel a soreness that's making me walk funny lol. I talked to Dr.Hazani Friday. I had sent him an email full of questions and answered them right away just wanted to follow up. One thing he did tell me is that I have to continue massages and buy a smaller garment so the swelling can go down. It comes in tomorrow, can't wait. I had one and it was squeezing my butt too much even after I had cut that area. I bought a cincher from Leonisa and a smaller size garment from the original he gave us. Still not sleeping on my back. I start the gym next Monday even though he told me I can start today as much as my body let's me. I also work Monday, no more vacation! Questions or comments let me know guys!
Beverly Hills General Surgeon

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