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So my experience is actually a 2 part tale, so let...

So my experience is actually a 2 part tale, so let me tell you guys about both.

After admitting to myself a few months ago that I had let my self esteem issues creep so far into my life that they were affecting me in my relationship, I knew I needed o make a change. My significant other and I have been together for quite some time and we rarely to never disagree let alone openly fight but I was struggling to find myself sexually attractive anymore and lashing out at him for "proving" this to me by not initiating intimacy as frequently. But who wants to get down with a self loahing crab ass? so i couldn't really blame him. I decided to seek out therapy to help me overcome these issues and find a way to learn to love myself.

This was very successful and she taught me a lot about happiness but she also gave me a key phrase to use when I started to self hate "I don't need to think about this" and after a couple of weeks with that mantra I realized that I also didn't need to feel this way. I could end my own suffering with my body issues more permanently and also still c tongue to explore learning to love the 25 year old woman that I am, and that's when I found dr malan.

I went in to his office with a budget and some goals but I knew if I walked out of there with a plan to operate or stay the same either way I was plenty beautiful enough. But dr malan and his team helped me walk out with both. Dr malan was very knowledgable and reasonable with me about my body, where I was coming from and what I was expecting. He had generations of lipo tools for me to touch and ask questions about I addition to the questions about his method which is a water assisted smart lipo. He heats the fat to make it malleable but does the contouring and removal with the bodyjet system.

I scheduled my date sighing 2 weeks of my consult and planned to stay awake through the procedure which include my upper and lower abdomen, mons pubis, flanks, mid and low back and anterior and posterior bra. Unfortunately I only made it through the first 3 areas on that list before I began to panic for absolutely no reason. I had been given 2 Valium and a few shots of in muscle pain killers and couldn't feel anything at all but I was panicking so he stopped for the day. He nurse Misty is an angel and she soothed me and got me calmed down and ready to go home. I had pretty intensive bruising in the mons area but took arnica as advised and it dissipated within 2 days. He took a little more than 10 pounds that first surgery and I was immediately impressed, my clothes fit better the next day and I returned to work without issue. I did sleep a lot over that weekend and had to use pain killers to manage for the first 4 days but it wasn't anything unbearable just very tender especially when I removed the compression suit to shower. And my skin felt kind of like your lips do after novacain with dental work kind of absent feeling even though you can feel the pain in the muscle beneath.

My 2nd surgery day was today for all of my other areas and so far so great! I was put under twilight sedation and it was so much easier! I took a nap and woke up feeling alert and a little emotional but not like I had been drinking for days like with the awake meds I the first surgery. Misty again made it easy to laugh and joke and the anesthesiologist and other nurse in the surgery sweet played along into the humor great which eased me tension and made me fall asleep happy while misty held my hand because she saw the anxiety start to creep in.

I won't get to check out the results until I shower tomorrow but I already know it going to be worth it Michelle deserves the greatest thanks though for helping me make this all happens so painlessly. It nothing else getting to know these kind wonderful women was worth the whole thing.

Thank you Michelle, Misty and Dr. Malan, you helped me change my life.

3 days in

This recovery has definitely been harder than from my first visit. My mobility has been vastly more limited and I definitely needed my boyfriends help to take my compression garment on and off and I have a lot more entry sites this time than from the abdomen area. The abdomen recovery was painful to the skin mostly, I assume because of the volume that was removed, but it hurt much the way a deep bruise does. With this round however the pain is much more related to the entry sites and feeling more like I was lashed than anything else. The drainage lasted a day and a half this time compared to only a few hours on the abdomen. Overall I am completely beyond satisfied with the results at this point. When I was able to remover the garment to shower I looked in the mirror and gasped before breaking down into to extreme tears. For the first time in my entire life the body I saw in the mirror matched my mental image of myself. I finally feel like I'm in my own body.

My first inflammation reduction ultrasound is tomorrow, I will update again after some of those results.

After 2nd ultrasound

I'm a week out now and dr malan says everything is healing well. While I'm not terribly swollen I do have some deep inflammation that is very hard and feels almost bone dense in some areas on my hips and especially on top of my pubic bone. I have also started going in for ultrasound treatments for the inflammation and had my second one today. I noticed an immediate difference in softening of the inflamed areas. Especially after the second treatment today, the ultrasound is not painful but the pressure in tender areas on my flanks left me with some soreness for a few hours. Overall the treatments feel a lot like someone working out a kink in your back or rubbing on a bruise, it hurts a little but in a way that feels good and totally right because you feel better and softer immediately. I weighed in at 177 today and my presurgery weight was 181. Dr malan said that if anything at this stage I should be weighing the same as presurgery if not slightly more simply as a result of the fluid and swelling so that fact that I am weighing in lower already is a very good sign.

1 month out

I am more than a month out on my abdomen and approaching 3 weeks on my back bra and flanks. I have elected to continue to wear my compression garment beyond the required 2 weeks. I have a desk job and I noticed that when I didn't wear it to work on Tuesday I came home with an oddly shaped belly and additional hardness.

I started doing some light cardio over the long weekend and it has helped immensely with the inflammation that has been so deep. I got a little too brave and tried to full on run on the treadmill, I lasted about 45 seconds and gave myself some swelling and new bruises- lovely. The added brisk walking however has really made a difference in my appearance. I noticed that after the ultrasounds (I have had 3 so far) that the inflammation would reduce dramatically but I would re-swell in areas and I smelled like I was sweating out lidocain and became very tender again in the inflamed areas. The esthetician who preforms the ultrasounds in dr malans office has been on vacation all week so my next ultrasound is 10 days from my last one but I think she will comment on the drastic reduction in hardness to my abdomen and mons pubis. I am thanking the exercise for this because I didn't have the extra money for the recommended lymphatic massage treatments while she was gone.

I found myself swelling the first couple of days I tried to go without the compression suit and I immediately worried that I had ruined the process by vacating the "body prison" compression garment. Its not really an uncomfortable thing, but after a few weeks of trying to hide it under my clothes, I just really want to put on a bra and panties.

I weighed myself at the gym on Saturday and was down a few more pounds to 174. I haven't weighed in since but I am noticing a large difference in the way my clothes are fitting. I don't think I am down any full sizes yet but I look much much less bulky in my current size and I am not getting any love handle or side boob action.
Dr. Todd Malan

Dr. Malan is very nice, but he's very factual and this makes him great in the consultation phase because he knows exactly what you want to know or have concerns about but coming off of the anesthesia I took some of his facts kinds of personally and that made me very emotional. Overall I didn't interact with him much but I would rather have my feelings hurt by someone who can do this job with perfection than someone whose going to sugar coat it and not tell me what I need to hear to get the body I literally paid for.

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