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I had my consultation a few weeks ago and I am...

I had my consultation a few weeks ago and I am very excited to finally be doing this procedure. I have been wanting to get a tummy tuck for 10 years. I am also going to be getting Lipo of the flanks, Lateral sides and also a scar revision on my breasts. I was always an overweight child and with my first pregnancy I gained 85 pounds and as I would lose weight I would have another pregnancy. I am finally at a point in my life where I am not going to have anymore children and I have lost 60 pounds. I will be updating and I will also post pictures of the transformation. I still have about 9 weeks and the anticipation is driving me nuts.

I forgot to let everyone know that I am 5'1 and...

I forgot to let everyone know that I am 5'1 and 173 pounds and trying to lose as much as I can before I go to surgery. I also have 3 children my oldest just turned 18! My birthday is also coming in a few weeks and I will be 34!!! eeeek so anyway I will try to post as often as possible. Surgery still so far out and I am reading everyone's helpful tips and stories as well. The Lift recliner is something I am looking into renting. I guess whatever I can do to make my recovery a little easier cause so many make it sound like hell. I just want to get to the flatter side haha

Well 7 weeks from today and I will be on the flat...

Well 7 weeks from today and I will be on the flat side. It cannot come fast enough and seems so far away, even though it's really just around the corner. I will be getting my blood work done for my pre op next week. I will keep updating as I get closer to my big day!

First off I want to say Happy Mothers day to all...

First off I want to say Happy Mothers day to all the beautiful moms on here! Well I have about 5 1/2 weeks left till the big day! I am very excited but the closer that my date gets I am getting a little bit nervous. I guess it's normal. Has anyone used the exparel pain management? I paid $500 for it because my doctor highly recommended it over the pain pump. If any of you used this method of pain management, how was it? Also, I am down another 3 pounds woohoo! I hope to lose a few more before surgery. I have been doing strength training excercises so I know that I am toning up especially on my lower half and not losing as many pounds. I am happy as long as I am health and my surgery is amazing. Thank you everyone for following my journey and again Happy Mothers Day!!

2 weeks

I am almost there. 2 weeks from tomorrow and I will be joining you all on the flat side. I have so many emotions right now from excited to scared. I haf my pre op this past friday and it really became real. I am about to change my life forever. For the good of course. Is there any last minute items or suggestions that anybody would recommend. I will be posting a few more pics prior to surgery. I ended up losing 20 pounds so far and hope I can get a few more off before surgery. Look forward to any last minute recommendations. See everyone soon!

Tomorrow is the big day!

Wow I cannot believe I have one more day left! I am so nervous but I just keep thinking about my results. I have been waiting for this day for so long and I really didn't think it would ever come. I will post pictures of post op as soon as I am able. Until then here is some pictures of my weight loss the past couple of months. I lost 22 pounds yay!! Keep me in your prayers and I will see you all soon :)

I Finaly did it!

I Just got home from my surgery and I must say that I am doing much better than I thought I would. The only pain I have is my lipo areas. If any of of you have the option to get the exparrell pain management injections during surgery it is amazing! It last three days and numbs you entire abdomen and incision and worth every penny. I will be having some pictures soon as my doctor is going to be sending them to me through email. I have had some nausea from the anesthesia and its a little tough getting up and down. I have one drain on my right side that isnt really bothering me to much right now. By the way love my belly button. :) I will update soon... remember exparell pain management I highly recommend it over pain pump.

post op day 3

Well today is my third day post op. Today isn also the most uncomfortable day. I am really sore in lipo areas and not so much in tummy regions. My incisin burns just a little and I have one drain on my right side that isn't bothering me to much. I have been walking to and from toilet about 6-7x a day which is uncomfortable but I would do this all.over again. So far I just love my results and my PS is absolutely amazing!

post op day 3

Ok so here is an update on my progress so far. My back hurts when I get up but as long as I am in my recliner I am pretty comfortable. I slept through one of my med alarms last night and woke up to the feeling of an elephant sitting on top of me. Pretty damn painful. I did expect the pain to be a lot worse though through this experience my belly button is very cute and incision healing nicely so far. I gave up panties for now as they just rub and are very irritating. Also easiet when going to the restroom to not have to pull them up and down. I had first BM today and used a dulcolax suppository which made it bearable. Nausea is gone for now and I take about 1 percocet every 2 hours and it keeps me pretty comfort able. I miss showers lol. Here is another picture from about 15 min ago. Still very swollen especially in lipo areas.

before and after swollen

3 days post op and very swollen

standing up

Post op day 4. Here I am standing still super swollen and you can see where my drain comes out of my right incision. I hope I get that out in a few days. Its annoying lol. I want to get better pictures but being hunched over and swollen isn't gi ving me better pictures. Soon though I promise. My incision are looking great and belly button healing good so far. The more res t the better I think. :)

post op day 5

Well today I can get up a little easier. Called the dr today and they hope that my drain can come out wednesday or thursday. Would be so great to take a shower. Still pretty swollen but didn't bruise to much. I am trying to walk around the house a little bit more to help relieve some swelling. Dr also sent me some intra- op photos that I will share he removed about 5 pounds off of me which is great. Belly button and incisions still look great and I have had no problems as of yet. My husband and kids have been a wonderful help glad I didn't have to go through this alone.

post op day 5

post op day 6

I feel tons better today. Still really swollen. I didn't bruise much as you can see in the pictures I just took. Everyday I am happier and happier with my results and my amazing PS. Thank you for all you compliments and encouragement.

before and post op day 6

Totally amazed that this is me so far. Thesepics were from yesterday day 6 and it absolutley amazes me so far that its me. It is like I got cut in half haha. Happy healing friends

post op day 7

Well here I am! I made it through the first week. Dr wants to wait another day take drain out so hopefully tomorrow. Still pretty swollen and back still hurts and I cannot wait to just stand up nice and straight to give my lower back some relief. Belly button looks great and my incision healing nicely. I cannot wait to start wearing cute sexy clothes with out having to tuck in my fat and have love handles flownover the sides of my jeans. I just have to continue to be patient!

how I miss showers!

Ok so this drain is a royal pain in my side literally! I want to shower so bad... sponge bath is in no comparison I hate to feel like I'm a dirty nasty stink pit. I haven't done anything of xourse to make me that way but a shower sounds like pure luxury right now. I hope tomorrow this draibn is out so I can take like a 2 hours shower haha. I really cannot even think about letting my hubby be affectionate until I do. ;p

9 days post op

Yes! Drain is out and now I really feel like I'm getting sexier by the day :) now if this swelling would go away it would be awesome. I feel stronger today but my back still really aches. I will be showering today and I can't wait they did tell me to wait till this afternoon though. Talk to.you gals soon!

10 days post op

Ok so today I am a little sore cause I think I did to much to fast yesterday. I did do some shopping and got some new CG to wear. I definitely feel.more comfortable. I have some new pics to post but I am pretty swollen today and I know its cause I was up and about a little to much yesterday. But here they are everything healing goodnso far. Loving the results except the swelling.

day 12

Feel great except for damn lipo areas haha. No bruising but wow do I feel bruised. I get to see my PS tomorrow and get steri strips off of my scar revision. Everything healing great. The blue glue they use to close incision is starting to flake off. I had a breast augmentation and lift last year with same PS but he did revision this tim to make scar smaller. Haven't got the clearance yet to have intimacy with my hubby which I can't wait! I have some exploring to do with this new body. So here is some new photos fellow tummy tuckers!!

PO day 14

Went to see my PS last night for my 2 week follow up appt and everything healing great. I am standing up straight. I asked him if I could use arnica gel on my lipo areas and he said sure. So I think I will get some of that today and see if that will help on some of those painful areas. I see him in a month and then we get to do all the pictures and fun stuff. He removed 2 stitches from upper lipo areas and took some of the surgical glue off of my bb so it looks even cuter now :). I slept in my bed for the first night last night. I tried before but it was to painful and tight. I slept flat and I feel so refreshed today. I was happy to sleep with my hubby. I wasn't on much yesterday as I am hooked on vampire diaries. It is an amazing show! Got to love netflix when your not mobile haha. Maybe I will add some.pics later.

BB update

I have some bb pictures feom the healing process. Just remember a lot of the black stuff is a surgical glue that is a really dark blue but look black. At my post op appt he did peel most of the glue off my bb and really looks much better now :)

PO day 16

Here is some new pictures. I have been pretty swollen all day. Just not resting like I should. Just need a good nights sleep. :)

PO day 17

Ok so I thought I would put same outfit on and do an 11 day difference side by side :) for fun. I am amazed, big difference but taking form and I'm still swollen. Loving my results more and more everyday! Love sharing with all of you :D

lipo mornings

Question for everyone. I am 19 days po and when I wake in the morning I am so damn sore in all of my lipo areas. First thing I feel like I got hit by a truck and then once I am up for about 5 minutes the pain subsides a little bit. Anyone else have this problem?

22 days PO

It has been a busy last few days, did some shopping, tried to clean a little bit just wanted to do something beside sit on my behind. Well my body decided I'm stupid and now I am laid up and sore. Well I tried. If you feel better don't think your healed lol. I am putting some new pics up and I an so amazed at how far I have changed in 3 weeks. I actually feel hott and sexy for once. I still have a long way to go but I have never felt this way about myself. I hope everyone enjoys my pictures :) I know I love them so far!

sorry no update for so long!

I have been super busy enjoying my beautiful new body! I also have been on a private facebook group which I do see some of you on their daily. My healing has been going great and I am so happy with my results thus far! I am posting my 7 week pictures for now but I am now 9 weeks. I will post them as soon as I take skme pictures. I hope you are all doing great and maybe I will see you on fb! :)
Nyack Dermatologist

Dr. Cohen did my breast Augmentation and lift a year ago and he is so genuine and caring. I would not trust any other Doctor to do this procedure. He is absolutely amazing! I highly recommend him for any procedure. His staff is wonderful as well and make you feel so welcome.

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