8/17 Facelift, Upper/Lower Bleph, Laser around mouth and maybe Fat Transfer, not sure on that yet....

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I can't look anymore, I can look straight ahead...

I can't look anymore, I can look straight ahead and talk myself into something, but that mirror or reflection continues to baffle me, who is that woman? It is not me, its not how I feel, it doesn't portray who I am inside. I live in a very secluded area on an island. I need to travel to the mainland for a surgery like this. I have been on this site for several years, and last year started getting serious. I found out what I wanted , what Dr.s have the expertise and capabilities I am looking for. I had phone consultations, I poured over before and after photos, read reviews , studied websites, Dr's educations and experience, and decided on Dr Shaprio. I will be staying in Scottsdale 17 days, 2 nights at their clinic, the night of the surgery and the next night. I am following all of your advice and will hire a nurse to come to the hotel.
I will not know if I am having the fat transfer until 8/16 when I sit down with Dr Shapiro and go over, in great detail, the plan to reverse aging. I have read all of the negative and positive reviews on this site with all the different Dr's. With Dr. Shapiro's expertise and experience I am thinking about it.
I am nervous, I will be alone, I want my husband home with my daughter, she will just be starting her Sophmore year of highschool. I have 2 labradoodles and a friend staying in our guest house to who will walk and take care of them during the day. That is a huge relief for me. My husband and daughter are gone 12 hours a day and thats too long for them to be alone, for me anyway. If I wake up on morning 3 and need my husband he will be on the first flight out. He is amazing and wonderful, says I dont need anything, I am beautiful as is, but he is okay if this is what I really want. I am in Menopause.....I am miserable, I am hot all the time, I complain all the time, everything is wrong with everyone else, my face fell down, I have jowls, I have a turkey thing going on with my neck, I look like my Aunt Pat, I love my Aunt Pat but that is not the look I want to rock in my fifties. I practice Yoga and Pilates 6 days a week. I am in amazing shape, my body is strong and capable. My mind is young, I love Kylie Lip kits!!!!! I care about my appearance....perhaps too much...I dont know. I feel so blessed and greatful I can do this. I think, am I going to be in the worst pain of my life for weeks maybe months? Is this a mistake? WTF...I am doing it. I will load my pics later. I have been reading all of your stories and reviews, and I need some courage and strength. I dont know if I could have done this with out all of you.

Face to go with the words....

updating photos

What happened to my neck? Whose neck is this?

Wow, when I look at these I know I am doing the right thing....

I am getting so excited looking at the ladies who have made it to the recovery side in the last several weeks....

Wow, can everyone believe the latest group of women who have gone through the surgery? They all look so amazing and its just days out for most of them. I am still nervous, but in an excited happy way. How is everyone else coming up with a surgery date feeling?

Fat transfer or not....that os the question...

Can anyone offer some positive feedback with fat transfer. I know you must have a qualified and skilled surgeon to begin with. I am confidant I have that, but I am just unsure of the benefits...can anyone speak to that?

I am starting to freak out....

My surgery date is 8/17, I have just started getting together everything I need for the recovery period, I switched hotels so I could have a kitchen, I think I will be more comfortable that way. When I get to Scottsdale I will fill up my little kitchen with smoothie ingredients, avocado bananas and nut butter for protein. I also use a high protein powder in my smoothies. I have a feeling I will no have any appetite...I remember not to clean the incisions with cotton balls, as the fuzz sticks so I bought sterile gauze is that right? Any other tips ladies? I was so excited seeing Fifty is Nifty's results thus far, I think she looks absolutely beautiful, I can see through the bruising and swelling. I am also getting my eyes done so I will have more stuff and I am really scared and nervous, I actually could throw up....I am nervous that something will go wrong and I will need a revision, with a face lift, upper/lower bleph, fat transfer and perioral laser resurfacing, can everything go right? I am being ridiculous, if something goes wrong I will address it then why am I worrying about it now? I am though, a lot....are their ladies out there who had this many procedures and it all went okay? I am so nervous I am going to Yoga twice a day and throwing in my Pilates classes to keep from thinking about it. I am in great shape and healthy so I might do really well...am I doing the right thing? Yes I am ...right?

How do I remove my photos?

I am trying to crop and remove some full facial photos, can some one tell me how to remove them.

I will post my transformation....

I will have you guys help me through it, and then at the end I will put up a before and after, and then I guess I will remove everything or just learn to crop it. I really don't have a problem with people knowing what I am doing, and If I can help others the way I have been helped from you all, I am happy to post the pics. So I really didn't need to remove them....but I will post my recovery pics and I wont crop them. I really would not appreciate them on Facebook though....xo

2 weeks to Scottsdale Surgery!!!

Hi RS ladies. I am very excited, anxious and a bit manic.....I have been packing my suitcase for 1 month, every day I add something, whatever can happen, I will be prepared! From a mirror, to shower cap, to Smooth move tea, to anti bacterial soaps, neosporin, polysporin , aquaphor, of course my coffee beans , protein shake packs, an umbrella case for ice packs, head bands to keep the hair off my incisions and much much more...I am ready!!! I just have to pack my button up the front pajamas and clothes and I am good to go. Every thing I have learned from all of you is in my suitcase! I will post August 16th after my pre op, and then agin after the surgery as soon as I am able to. I hope to document daily with photos and words and hopefully I can help some one the way you have all helped me...
Much Aloha!!!!

11 days and counting....any last minute advice?

RS ladies, I am 11 days out from my surgery, I cant believe it is almost my turn! Does anyone have any last minute advice pot or pre op? Any more pearls of wisdom? Let me know....

5 days out...

Okay ladies, in 5 days I have my surgery...I am excited but so nervous....I am not sure how I am going to make it 5 more days. I am all packed and ready, I am so prepared...I think once I meet with Dr. Shapiro the 16th, I will feel so much better. I cant believe I have not met him yet. I look at his website rather obsessively every day...I can do this...I am ready...why am I freaking out this morning?

7 days today since surgery

Sorry ladies today is the first day I have been able to see well enough to write. I had to spend 2 nights in hospital of which I was great fun. My drains were in until Monday, my surgery was last Wednesday the 17th. I have had the best care in the world Dr Shapiro has been brilliant he even came to my hotel Saturday to check on me. I adore him. After my consult the day before my surgery, he spent over an hour with me and suggested a few more procedures and I agreed with him. The first 2 days were awful guys, I had laser all over my face and that has been the hardest part. My neck feels like I am being strangled but the Ativan helps me relax. I have no appetite can't chew or poo... Sorry! I am so swollen Dr prescribed another me drool dose pack, I had stitches out on my eyes and ears next week the remainder will come out I have no idea what I will look like as I look like quasi motto. I had fat transfer to lips, under eyes, cheeks and jawline. My neck looks like Audrey Hepburn only super swollen. I will post pics this week I have been doing selfies daily. It has been really hard not to see, I am a bit down today. I also had my tummy lipid and it looks Gorgeous, so thrilled. Dr Shapiro took my favorite picture of myself into the operating room from my mid 30's and said I will look just like that. Now that is is one week I finally feel there is an end in site. Please ask any questions I am terribly bored. I just can't say enough about dr Shapiro , he truly is amazing as is his staff pictures to be posted soon xo

Neck bands and hard tightness

Hi ladies, it's day 10, I have had 3 lymphatic massages , my neck is so hard with the tight bands, what have you guys been doing to help this? Do I massage with lotion? Any suggestions would be so appreciated. I have had really bad pain on my right upper temple like my upper jaw closer to my ear. It hurts to touch . Dr put me on another steroid pack and Motrin, still can only eat yogurt. I was in so much pain yesterday I just showed up at the office at 9:00 and they took me right in. Everything is okay just the swelling is causing the pain. Otherwise I don't have much pain just uncomfortable xoxo

Photos staring day of surgery 10 dats ago until now

The photos from yesterday I put on tinted sunscreen and lipstick , I am
Soooooooooo swollen ....


Day of surgery 8/17 though yesterday

I don't know why my pics didn't post will try later

Can some one send me a how to downloAd photo link, I. Still have bluntly vision from eye surgery

3 weeks post op on Wednesday

Heading home in the am finally, still incredibly swollen. I know it's because of the fat transfer . I trust my Dr 100%, so I just have to practice patience and I should turn the corner at 5 weeks.. My neck is super swollen and my cheeks and nose( I did not have a nose job) I know I will have my Audrey Hepburn neck, I have to stop looking in the mirror every 10 minutes to see if the swelling has gone down. What is absolutely unbelievable to me is that my scars or incisions are almost invisible, it is perfection. I am in awe. I will post pics when the swelling goes down a bit, anxious to get home to my family! Aloha!

3 weeks tomorrow....

I am now home, I will post some pics this week. This is a very difficult recovery. You just can't explain it until you go through it. I am still so very swollen, my neck has a huge hard lump on left side, my lower eyes where the fat transfer was is very swollen, my jawline, I have had no appetite, have not been on the scale but probably lost a good 10 pounds. I dont want to put make up on as I had laser
resurfacing, and dont want to put anything but moisturizer and sun screen on my face. I dont have a lot of energy. I probably stopped taking pain meds too soon. The flight home was horrific, my swelling doubled, my eyes are still watering, it really set me back 1 week. I am still looking forward to the new me but its hard not to look in the mirror. It really is all about patience. I have a feeling it is going to take me, a good 3 months to see the results. My surgery 7 1/2 hours so he did a lot of work. As I have said I have all the faith in the world in my Dr. so I will get through this. How is everyone else doing?

Pics at 3 weeks today!

Tomorrow will be 1 month since surgery....

I will post pics in the morning. I am so swollen, especially on the left side of my face. It is still rock hard left side of my chin and cheek, the swelling goes all the way up to my temple. Upper and lower eye lids still swollen and red, more discolored now than swollen. I look like a block head....BUT, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. It is so hard to keep that in mind when I look in the mirror and see so much swelling. But I have the faith and trust in Dr. Shapiro that I will be thrilled, I just wish
the swelling would go down!!!
Has anyone else had swelling this long? Please let me know, cant stand it!!! Getting bummed out ladies.... will post pics in the am of 4 week mark. Thank you all so much, there is no way I could have done this with put of all of you, your love and support and sharing makes it all possible for me....

4 weeks and 1 day, still swollen...

Hi ladies, well here are my pics, I am still very swollen under my chin, the sides of my face, my left side especially. The area under my eyes is still very puffy and red. I have no make up on.
Since I had a deep plane face lift and fat transfer I understand it might be months before my swelling goes away. Knowing that and living it are 2 different things!!!

6 weeks today....

Well last Thursday, I finally saw a glimpse of the new me or the old me only better!!! My swelling is finally going down. My face has a lot less swelling, under my chin I am still very swollen .When I wake up in the morning, I am swollen until I am up and walking around for a bit. I am really happy with how it's looking and it just is going to get better and better everyday!!!!
It is wonderful to wake up in the morning and to be excited! It's 6 weeks and I think by 3 months I will be turning some heads girls!!!!

So happy!!!!!

Sorry for not keeping in touch ladies, I wentt back to scottsdale to have a breast implat exchange and a lift. My right implant after 15 years dislodged from the muscle so I had to have this done. I am over the moon, its only 9 days since surgery, and the top part of my breast are very swollen I guess it takes a while for the implants to drop into the pocket, I have to wear a sports bra 24/7 plus a binding strap the helps the implants move down. I showed Dr Shapiro exactly what i wanted my breast to look ,like, I was a 34DD and now I am a 34C, and the lift is unreal. My boobs are back where they should be.I am really excited. he also did lipo on the area of my bra strap line and the horrible pocket of fat under my arm pit that will never go away no matter how much yoga I do or skinny I get. He explained to me like my lower tummy , those areas can only be removed with lipo. Regarding my face he is super happy with the results. He did several addition procedueres free of charge, the first was while I was under he injected something perhaps some sort of steroid to reduce the swelling, then he did fraxtionated light therapy on my racoon eyes, so all discoloration will be gone, Then he put m ein a chin strap which I did not have because he did not want to disturb the fat transfer. This strap is HORRIBLY uncomfortable =but it works like crazy!!!!! I am almost at 9 weeks and would do it all over again. I found the breast surgery too be more painful than the face lift. When I walked into the office for the first time all the girls were ooing and aweing over me, I said what about all my swelling guys, I am still so swollen, they started giggling and said at 8 weeks, I am less swollen than most all their patients. So that mad me feel wonderful. I have also lost 13 pounds since my face lift, partly because I had to cut out all salt and I only eat fresh food, nothing pre-made or packaged. As soon as I start to feel better from this current surgery I will post some pictures, I still have not worn makeup, only lipstick and tinted sunscreen. I hope you are all well!. And those of you who has surgery in the last few weeks please write and let me know how you are,

3 1/2 months....

Finally some updated photos, had my breast surgery Oct 7th so been a bit distracted! Couldn't be happier with both surgeries....
Still have swelling under chin and jaw but, I am thrilled, warning, I take horrible selfies, I look much better in person...
Scottsdale Plastic Surgeon

Dr Shapiro is the finest surgeon/dr I have had the privilege to work with. He is caring, empathetic, brilliant and has a profound sense of aesthetic beauty and skill. I recommend him with flying colors. During my consultation he spent so much time with me and made a few additional recommendations that I am thrilled about. He was so focused and present regarding my needs and wants., I was immediately reassured and my nerves flew out the window. His staff is exceptional, in every way , his team is amazing. The recovery center was wonderful, they took excellent care of me.. If you are considering plastic surgery Dr Shapiro is your man.

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