33 Yr Old, Very Active, 5'2" 122 Lbs, No Kids, Liposculpture of Full Abdomen, Waist/hips and Inner Thighs - Scottsdale, AZ

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I have wrestled with my practical self for several...

I have wrestled with my practical self for several months now but finally decided to go for it and scheduled my liposculpture appointment for next month!! I'm telling only a few select people because I've noticed most people don't understand. They'll say things like "you're ridiculous" or "you're not fat, you don't need to do that" so I'm sticking to sharing only with people who will be supportive. I recommend thinking about who you tell so you don't get discouraged by negative opinions. I ultimately decided to schedule my procedure because I'm very active, workout lifting weights and doing cardio 5-6 days a week, am very careful about what I eat and am frustrated at my lack of results. I want my body to better reflect the effort I'm constantly putting forth to keep it healthy, fit and strong. I figured the younger I am when I do it, the better so my skin might 'bounce back' well and I don't want to wait a few more years and think "man, I wish I had done this in my 30's!". I'm scheduled with Dr. William Hall, based in Scottsdale Arizona who ONLY specializes in liposculpture and has been for 12+ years. I felt very comfortable with him and his staff during my consultation. They take you to his office suite inside the practice and he explains the procedure, how and why he performs it and how it may differ from other practices. He uses very small (3mm, I think) cannula and has different machines to use, specific per patient situation/body part and so forth. He said I'm in the top 10% of patients he likes to treat because I'm healthy and fit with stubborn areas of fat. He says this typically results in even higher success rates (this automatically makes me feel better!) They gave me a very detailed folder with pricing, pre and post op instructions and suggestions of supplies I may want to pick up and they let me know that I'll need to have blood work drawn before the procedure to make sure my kidneys and liver functions all look good. Also included in the price is my compression garment which they tell me I only have to wear for 1 week then wear spanx and things like that for milder compression for another week or 1 post op. I felt very comfortable with Dr. Hall and was pretty sure that I would see him for my procedure because I felt so comfortable and confident in his skills but decided to get a second opinion just in case. Seeing another provider only increased my confidence and in Dr. Hall. The other doctor I saw was kind of old-school, didn't make me feel confident in his skills and wanted me to go under general anesthesia. He also told me The skin on my thighs is too loose and thin to do any lipo on my thighs. This makes me feel bad and now I'm paranoid about having my thighs done! After this appointment I scheduled my surgery with Dr. Hall but asked for a second consultation so that I can ask him about the skin on my thighs. They were very understanding and got me in for an appointment next week so he can take a look and give me the reassurance I desperately need right now! I'm super excited and nervous at the same time! Im usually a pretty private person but after learning so much from other ladies posts on RS I decided to chronicle my experience in the event that it may help someone else. I'll re-post after my appointment next week :)

Reassurance from Dr. Hall

Hey everyone! Wanted to post regarding my conversation and second consult with Dr. Hall yesterday. After being told by another Doctor that he "wouldn't touch my thighs" because the skin is too thin I asked Dr. Hall to make sure this wouldn't be a problem for him. He assured me that, though the inner thighs are a more challenging area because the skin is thin and any lumps post Lipo can be very visible he is confident that on me I will have a great result from treating my inner thighs and inner knee area. He said he would not agree to treat the area if he didn't think so because he cares about his patients results and his reputation. He also let me know that most docs don't specialize in liposculpture so they may not have the appropriate tools and or skill/comfort with working in a higher risk area. He kindly reminded me that he has over 80 different tools that allow him to customize each liposculpture experience for each patient. I also asked if he recommended any massaging post sx since I had seen so many girls posting about it on RS and he let me know there are no good studies to indicate a significant improvement from massage but that if I wanted to and most certainly could. I actually don't like getting massages so I'm not going to do it but thought I'd mention it in my review since I know I was curious about it. Overall the appointment went really smooth! I love his office and the staff is very sweet. He was very patient and understanding, let me know that I had some really great questions for him and despite all the confidence I had in him before, I feel even better now!! I'll post some pics of my thighs. I've never had amazing skin tone in them but I'm really hoping to see some improvement in that over time after my procedure as well. 25 days and counting!!

2 days post-op, day of & day 1

Hi everyone.
I've made it through and am recovering nicely so far.
Day of surgery: went really well, had a normal breakfast and was at the my PS office at 9. They have me Vicodin, Xanax and zofran then the nurse weighed me and took measurements. She let me pick a movie to watch during the procedure and while I waited for the doctor but I didn't have to wait long at all! He came in and got to work right away. He injected lidocaine into all the areas he wanted to make incision (this was a little stingy but not bad at all!), then he used a 2mm punch to make his tiny incisions. Next he infused the tumescent fluid and again, this was slightly uncomfortable but really minor on the scale of 1-10, maybe a 3. Then he went to town with his cannula. He told me it could take 4 hours but we were done in less than 2. He said I tolerated the procedure really well, top 5%! The nurse helped squeeze some of the bloody fluid out of some of my incisions, it would squirt pretty far out sometimes! I thought this part was cool but for someone who is squeamish about blood, they may not want to watch this part. Then the nurse helped bandage me up and secure my garment. My mom drive me home and I had a snack, walked around for a bit, took my lortab and zofran then took a nap. Woke up a few hours later in a fair amount of pain, maybe a 7 or 8 and was still a little nauseous. Took a Tylenol to help with the breakthrough pain and decided that with the next dose if lortab I would take my phenergan (Rx anti-nausea that I use for notion sickness) and the helped A LOT! Seemed to help my pain meds work better, no more nausea and it helps me sleep. Some leaking through my bandages onto my garment but not as much as I expected.
Day 1 post-op: slept pretty good once I switched the zofran for phenergan, wine up early and went for a 1 mile walk with my mom. I was moving slow and walking funny because if the CG and bulky bandaging but otherwise it felt good to move. After my walk my mom helped me out of my CG SLOWLY since I've read here in RS that you can get dizzy when you take it off, removing slowly really seemed to help. Bandages weren't as soaked as I thought (or as much as I'd hoped since now all that fluid is trapped in me) and took a shower. My mom helped me get back into my CG. I noticed after my shower, I was very anxious to get it back in since my skin felt weird, stingy and jiggly for lack of a better word. This evening I switch I to a Marena comfort wear stage 1 CG that covers my back smoothly because the one from my PS is a little loose at the bra line, keeps sliding down and is cutting into my back in an uncomfortable way. The new CG is much more comfortable and cuter too! My feet and ankles are super swollen now also!
Day 2 post-op: started with another mile walk, walgreens run for more bandaging stuff, don't need all the thick pads because I'm not draining much and I have a lot of tiny incisions to cover, almost 20 (I think), I'm glad he did it that way though, more points of entry results in less tissue damage from the cannula. He did less on my inner thighs and wish he had done more as I will post the pictures of my significant bruising and swelling in that area. Also taking high dose arnica, bromelane and turmeric for ant inflammatory benefits. My supra pubic area is SUPER swollen and jiggles like jello with no compression, it's kinda funny! At least my actual genital area is not swollen. Im pretty sure I'll have great results, a little hard to tell with all the swelling so far. I think the legs will take twice as long to heal due to the swelling and bruising there. Trying to rest with my legs elevated as often as possible. I'm thinking today will be my last day on pain meds, gonna try Tylenol and arnica only tomorrow.
Overall, I'm still very excited and glad I went through with this!

Day 7 post-op, delayed drainage

I'm still very swollen and my legs are VERY bruised! Thankfully I had some delayed drainage on my legs (started day 5 and still draining day 7) I'm hoping this will help reduce the swelling and bruising a little faster. I went to a friends party on my 5th post-op day thinking the large band aids or had one were sufficient since I had such minimal drainage up to this point but boy was I wrong!! I bless through the band aids on my legs all the way through my compression garment and the maxi skirt I was wearing. Word of advice: bring extra bandaging and stuff with you when you're out-and-about, even if you think you won't need it. Day 6 post-op pain was quite significant too, I was unpleasantly surprised by this and had to go back to taking my Rx pain meds! I think I was active too soon and over-did it the day before so keep that in mind too, listen to your body and let it rest when you need it.
I still can't tell what kind of results I'm going to have because of all the swelling but I'm keeping positive! I Have my 1 week follow up with Dr. Hall in 2 days. I'll keep you all posted on any progress. As you can see in my pics, my legs are still very bruised.

7 days post-op bruising

Couldn't upload photos yesterday for some reason so here they are. Also, still pretty sore, tender and painful particularly my flanks and posterior thighs and some of my abdomen. I get tired easily and need to rest a lot more than I was hoping to 1 week out but otherwise doing good :) purchased a Lipo board and a corset to try and help flatten my abs more and release some if the swelling there as well as my lower back. Do far my CG's haven't put enough compression in my lower back, hoping the corset will help.

Finally, less discomfort!!

I'm happy to report I'm barely even taking Tylenol now for pain. I'm still a little stingy and sensitive in all my treated areas but it's much more tolerable now, more annoying than actually painful. I'm still very, very swollen and trying not to get discouraged. I can tell there is improvement in my shape, just not as much as I'd like after spending almost 7k! I know I need to be patient and wait for the swelling to go down though. Dr. Hall reassured me that I was very swollen and that I won't start to see my new shape until about 3 weeks post. I'm still wearing compression 24/7, Dr. Says to do so for an additional week after surgery but I'll probably wear for longer if my significant swelling continues. I am experimenting with different types of compression to see what I like best. Might go for a lymphatic massage next week!

5 week post-op update

Hey real selfers! I haven't posted in a while because nothing major has changed besides my energy and physical level. I can finally work out almost as hard as I could before I had Lipo, yay!! Overall the surgery was worth the down time, discomfort and the money but I'm REALLY hoping to see more improvement of the next few months as my body continues to heal and swelling decreases. I can tell I'm still swollen. I see a drastic difference from a posterior view, especially in the love handles area and my clothes fit much better now with no big fat roll to hang over the waist of my jeans! Lol! I hope to see more of a curvy look though. I've got some hips and a booty so I'm surprised that the straight on view looks so straight with not much definition in my waistline. Still looking for the perfect garment because I'm still swollen and feel like there us more shaping that can be done even this far out from surgery. So far, Marena comfort wear garments have been the most comfortable. I'm waiting on their high back bodysuit with suspenders and hook and eye closure in front so I can cinch my waist (comfortably) a little more.
It's hard not to become obsessed with 'fine tuning' things after surgery huh? I really want my breasts done now!! I'm also researching doctors in Tijuana who may be good for breats and/or more aggressive Lipo sculpting if I'm still not thrilled with my waist in 6 months. I'll post more pictures as I see any changes and will update once I find the best compression garment.
Oh yeah, forgot to mention legs! Definitely improved but still swollen so all my garments are mid calf coverage to apply compression to inner thighs and knees.
Scottsdale Physician

My overall experience with Dr. Hall has been excellent! I couldn't be more pleased with my choice in my cosmetic physician and I am very happy with my results. Dr. Hall was extremely professional and very on-time. I never had to wait more than 5 to 10 minutes to see him. Even on my day of surgery he was in the room working on me maybe 10 minutes after the nurse got me ready to work. I think this speaks volumes for him and his offices professionalism. Everyone there has been very friendly, helpful and easy to talk to, particularly Shannon his right hand and office manager. In fact I'm so pleased with my results that I am planning on going back to Dr. Hall for a second procedure six months from my original procedure to treat some new areas and hyper focus on my waist. Dr. Hall instilled very realistic expectations of my results and was honest about what he would and wouldn't treat. He's not the kind of doctor that's going to work on you just because he wants your money or just because you ask him to, he'll tell you yes or no if the treatment is appropriate. Dr. Hall is a skilled physician who's been practicing in Scottsdale for over 10 years which says a lot considering the amount of plastic surgery facilities competing in the area. If you're in AZ and considering having this procedure done I highly recommend checking out Dr. Hall at Infini skin! Overall, very professional, meticulous in his work, but really approachable and easy to talk to.

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