27 Yo Mother of 5, Breast Lift with Implants - Scottsdale, AZ

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I've been wanting to have my breasts done for as...

I've been wanting to have my breasts done for as long as I can remember, but wanted to wait until I was done having children. Well once I decided 5 kids was enough the search for a dr was on. I've been doing a ton of research for the last year. Been to several consultations, and I finally found the one. Dr Sumer Daiza. My surgery is just 2 days away. So excited!

Night before surgery and am surprisingly calm

I thought I'd be a bundle of nerves, but instead I'm feeling like it's just another day, kind of feel like it hasn't hit me yet.

8 days post op very itchy

I had my second follow up appointment with my surgeon today. She said everything is healing very well there is minimal bruising but she does not want me to start massaging or anything just yet. She wants to wait until my next appointment in 3 weeks to start doing massage. Not sure what her reasoning behind that is but hey she's the doctor right so I must follow her instructions. My breasts are so very itchy but I'm not sure what to put on them to help that. I stopped taking the pain meds today because I got tired of how drowsy they were making me. I am still in a bit of pain but nothing too unbearable. I have now noticed that my right breast looks much bigger than my left and it is bothering me a lot. I'm hoping it's just part of the healing process and they will even out but it has me a little worried because before surgery my right breast was already much bigger than the left, and my surgeon said she would remove breast tissue from the right side to make sure that they were even. Patience is not one of my strong suits. I am just so ready to have them looking normal again. Can't wait to see the end result.
On another note, I'm very bloated havent had a Bm in over a week. Even with laxatives. ...

Almost 2 weeks post-op

And still not convinced I made the right decision. I mean I never expected it to be this hard to sit still and just heal. Pulled a muscle have been extremely swollen the whole time because I can't just lay down and do nothing. I feel like I'm going crazy trying to just take it easy. I think if I could do that I would be alright and not be in so much pain, then I might start to actually like my new boobs. I feel like they look different every single day my right one seems to have began to drop a tiny bit. But not by much so I am posting a comparison picture today with my before and afters up to this date. I can see how much of a difference it has made when I look at them side by side, I just hate that they are so high right now, everybody keeps telling me I look like I have a female body builders chest with the way it's shaped right now. ... ???? sigh

Today was a better day

Today was a better day, not a whole lot of pain at all (except When my daughter was dancing next to me on the couch, lost her balance and she landed with all her body weight on my right breast, can we say ouch) I had to laugh afterwards because I fully expected it to swell up. And my right breast is the one that has been bothering me with the swelling and it has had me thinking that my right breast is way bigger than my left. But today when I woke up and looked they looked pretty symmetrical.... so that is definitely a plus. I have been experiencing a lot of discomfort with wearing clothes even just the sports bra touching my skin makes me cringe. So there was a lot of topless walking around the house today, and I expect tomorrow to be no different. But on the flip side, having my sports bras off for too long makes me hurt too. So I was sort of at a loss today. But as far as everything else go things are looking up. I can't wait to get these bloody pieces of tape taken off of me. A few of them have already started to lift and the doctor told me to tape them back down. I wish I could just take them off already so I could see exactly what the incisions look like. When one piece of tape started to pull up around my nipple area I cheated and took a look at where the incision was. I was delighted to see that you could barely see any mark at all, if I hadn't had been looking for it I probably would have not noticed the cut at all. So it is healing very well. I wish the sensitivity would go away, but, all in due time. :) heres a photo I just took. I kind of like my cleavage at the moment haha.

So disappointed in results

So my fear became a reality , the unevenness of my breasts never resolved itself, in fact it only got much worse... Now it seems that my right breast has begun to shift and migrate to the right armpit. So now a lot of the implant feels as though it is bulging out. I've called to try and set appointments with my doctor to have this issue looked at, it's only been eight months since surgery , but I am being told that I will be charged for a visit ! Over $12,000 later and the works not even insured for 8 months? Grr. I'm sure another surgery is going to be needed to correct whatever issue I am having. So I am highly disappointed! I'm embarrassed when I take off my shirt and there are certain things that I cannot wear because the asymmetry of my breasts is so noticeable! I regret ever having this surgery done... the last time I spoke to dr. Daiza she assured me that my breasts would even out, but seemed to almost be asking me if my right breast was the one that she had taken tissue from, I kind of feel as though that's something that she should know and not be asking me because I was not the one doing the surgery! something seriously went wrong !Here is an update with photos
Phoenix Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Daiza has so far been very attentive informative and honest about what my likely end results will be and what was needed to get the look I was searching for. She's always friendly and happy to take the time to answer any questions I have! Would recommend her so far to anybody, and she came recommended to me from a friend who's father is a plastic surgeon in brazil. He said " you can't go wrong with her" and so far I think he's right, i highly recommend her!

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