26 5'4 105 Lbs Petite Pear Slim Athletic Breast Augmentation - Scottsdale, AZ

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Hi Everyone! I'm usually pretty private when it...

Hi Everyone! I'm usually pretty private when it comes to personal things like this, but i've decided it would be worth it to share my experience (since I am spending thousands of dollars) for myself and to others considering getting this done. Hopefully i'm doing this review right and it's helpful for some of you!

Shoulder Width 16.5"
Breast 30"
Bra Size 32A (Proudly 32B in Victoria's Secret)
Ribcage 26.5"
Waist 24"
Hips 36"

I have always been very very slim. In my teens, my hips and butt filled out which has been great because I am shapely in that area, but nothing ever happened up top. I've always been secretly envious of the other girls with bigger boobs and a slim figure. (Not fair... How the f did that happen?!!) I also figured out that I have pretty wide shoulder width and tiny rib cage and waist, which I feel makes me feel un proportionate with the rest of my body. I've never had confidence issues with boyfriends or dating but as I'm getting older I am super self conscious with having this awkward "childish" body. My family, boyfriends and friends tell me I'm perfect, and it's sweet but I really want a more womanly and proportionate figure.

I've always wanted larger boobs, but actually been thinking about doing surgery for 6 months. I've had 2 consultations and pre-op and I'm ready to go- set my surgery date for this Tuesday! It's SO soon and i'm still researching what to expect.

Deciding on Size
I can tell you it has been ridiculously hard deciding on a size because you CAN'T compare yourself to anyone else unless they have the same measurements as you. I went in thinking .. oh yeah maybe a nice small 250cc will be perfect for me. After trying on the simulated cups, that looks like almost nothing. Different CCs are going to look different on everyone. My friend who got a 370 I thought.. Wow I would never want to go that big, especially since i'm smaller than her! ... after my consultation I have actually decided on 386-400cc. haha! Since I am starting with almost nothing, and I have wide shoulders and hips to proportion the size out, so I'm hoping that will be perfect for me.

I don't want to look augmented, just shapely in the right places. I am still concerned if this size will be right on my body. I've tried the rice test and seems great in sports bras, etc. I hope when i'm in a swimsuit I am not top heavy or in a tight t-shirt it's not overbearing. Also don't want too much attention staring at my boobs instead of my face. *Side note: I was trying on my rice testers under a tight white tee and maintenance came in.. I caught him starting completely at my boobs when I tried to walk out of the room unsuspectedly.... how awkward. Will this happen all the time? Oh BTW, 2 days after surgery I have already committed to attending my boyfriend's work conference, consisting of socializing and dinner, so I'll be sure to fill you in how that goes. HA-HA... should be interesting..

I will be posting timeline pictures for reference.

Outcome Goals

Like a moderate / moderate plus profile that has a wider base. These are my inspiration pictures. Saharan Ray is obv my boob goals.



This morning was the big day! I wasn't nervous even though this was my first surgery since tonsils and wisdom teeth. More so excited. The staff and center were soooo great and made me feel more then comfortable. We waited in the nurse office for around 20 minutes filling out paperwork until Dr Parson came in. We discussed again the outcome I wanted and discussed open in the bottom picket in the slightest. He said there should be no chance of bottoming out.
He did his drawings on my breast and 5 minutes later a Super friendly PA guided me into the surgery room to help me on the table. I was pretty nervous at this point - but the anastisiologist came in and kept my mind off of it by asking me qiestions... And BAM within 6 seconds I was out, and awoken to a nurse telling me it's over and time to go!

The feeling and memory was very foggy and dizzy. I had help getting into the wheelchair to the car where bf gently helped me in. I remember coming home and feeling like I may throw up, but quickly laid down and didn't.

I've been snacking throughout the day and drinking water, squeezable chia seads, light pop corn, cheese its. I read not to eat anything spicy for at least 2 weeks.

The pain has been completely tolerable all day. It's just a heavy pressure as of now. Better than a sharp stinging feeling! I need help getting out of bed to be safe, and walking down stairs.

So far I'm extremely happy with my result.

Day 2: Couldn't resist trying on clothes!

Day 2 morning woke up feeling great. Was hungry so ate a little and drank gadorade. Doing my hourly exercises lifting my arms over head. Walked around the house and tried on a few old swimsuits and open dress I've had to see how they look. So far I'm still loving my new and improved +2s! They are pretty firm right now, riding a tad and not giggling yet so I'm looking forward to to feel the end result!! I massage every few hours too.


Day 3 Post Op

Day 2 I felt the surgical bra was getting really tight so I headed to Vic Secret for a second option and found their great lounge bras with no underwire... I've been wearing ever since. Gave me a little more room to breathe. I know the size will probably change over the next few weeks but it's a 32D now.

So day 3 was the magic number for pain. Woke up feeling sharp pains and really sore. Took my meds asap to help them subside.

My post op was early AM. The Dr. Said everything's looking perfect. He took off all the tape and just replaced the scar site tape. Said I'll have much nicer cleavage once the swelling goes down. I have bruising on my sides. Also said I don't need to be massaging right now, maybe in a week, but just keep doing arms over the head exercises. He approved my new bra.

I had to get ready for a trip out of town an hour away so I showered my body except under my arms just used baby wipes (incision is under arm) had my bf help me pack a little and we were off. Had to do some light walking, and socializing which I wouldn't recommend. Very uncomfortable all day but I tried to keep a smile on.

My left feels more swollen than the right underneath and has a bit of a small bubble indent... it freaks me out a little so I changed back to the original bra just incase... but I'm trusting all of this is part of the process.

I'm writing this on day 4 btw. More updates later.

Day 7

Updates from the past few days:

1. I stopped taking any pain meds 2-3 days ago because I can tolerate the pain and it doesn't feel that bad. I don't want any withdraw feelings so I don't like taking heavy drugs. I did wake up 2 days ago middle of the night with extreme pain on my left side and popped a hydroC but that's it.

2. I noticed a bubble formation on my left breast a few days in and freaked myself out about having a "double bubble" for the rest of my life. Cried once. Came in to talk to my PS and he said nothing to worry about, he had to make my breast pocket slightly lower and larger on the left because it was asymmetric so it just needs time to drop in. He gave me the go for 2 new "exercises" in order to spead up that process and put tape under the left side for support. I'm trusting him. I will not put myself in a depressive state and ruin my emotional well being over boobs. You have to be strong and patient.

3. I drove for the first time yesterday (day 6) it felt risky but I tried to not use too much muscle while doing it.

4. I've done general things around the house like cleaning up, walking a little bit and had sex. Oops. I know you're not supposed to for a little while but we couldn't wait. I tried to take it easy.

5. MY BACK KILLSSSSSAAA AND ALL I WANT TO DO IS SLEEP ON MY SIDE AND STOMACH!!!!!! I've been a habitual stomach and side sleeper before this and it's driving me insane ???????????? Please God let me get through these nights. I tried a pillow under my lower back last night... I guess it helped... a little. I'm gonna come up with a plan for fixing this and get back to you guys. SUGGESTIONS EVEN BETTER! :(

6. I'm patiently waiting for them to drop and soften! Boyfriend loves them so much and thinks they're perfect and soft as they are. Really? Blank stare. There's men for you... It's day 7, they are NOT soft, but if he loves them now I can't wait to see what he thinks in a few months! :)

Day 7 Pics

Also meant to add my PS said my sternum is so swollen and I'll have much nicer cleavage once it goes down.

Sounds good to me!

One Month Post-Op!

Tomorrow marks 1 month since surgery! That's so exciting and it has flown by. They feel like a part of me now instead of an attachment. They are softer, squishier and just started to even have a little bounce.

Recap since my update.

*Look amazing in clothes and fills them out so much better!
*Shopping for bikinis is fun now!
*I can wear any outfit without a bra and it looks great
*Looks great naked
*Feel more womanly and curvier and my boyfriend absolutely loves them, he compliments me all the time

Recovery Cons: Can anyone relate to these?
*Bras!! I have had such a hard time finding the right bra that I don't get uncomfortable in after a couple hours. Because we're being cautious about the old muscle line, I've had to wear underwire and bought maybe 5 different kinds so far and they either become too tight after a while, or too loose. It's probably because I bought 2 32C cups.... I don't know what I was thinking.
*Sleeping on my back. It hurt but I've gotten used to it, and hey better for preventing wrinkles.
*Hypersensitivity and slight numbness. July 4th weekend (end of week 2) I went on a road trip and by the end my underarms became SO sensitive almost to the point I couldn't handle it. I could feel my nerves poking out of my skin and it made me cringe!! When I went in for a post op my doctor said I needed to do more stretches. The nerves become more and more tight/tense if you don't focus on regularly keeping them stretched. About a week later the pulling sensation went away.
*Hypersensitive nipples. At the same time of the nerve problem, any touching or rubbing of my nipples against my clothes was HELL. It has since gone away thank goodness.
*Transaxillary scars. Shaving my armpits has been tough Bc of the scar line and sensitivity but not a deal breaker.

Overall - totally worth it!!! Just wanted to talk about some things I went through to see if anyone can relate or to prepare someone going through recovery what can happen and that it will eventually go away :)

Evened Out - 2nd Month

It's almost scary looking back at some of the photos I posted at the beginning! Everything was so high and un-even. If anyone is ever feeling like they are uneven definitely make a plan and give it some time. The bubble has completely disappeared now and they have finally dropped and evened out with no indent.

I am a 32D in Victorias Secret and its so nice being able to wear what I want and feel confident. I'm very happy with my wonderful doctor.

I wore an underwire bra every day and that may have been what saved me... or they just dropped into place after a while. But I did notice when I went a day trading in for a sports bra, the indent came back. So I kept wearing underwire until I felt comfortable enough to switch up, and by month 2 I can wear anything without the issue coming back so it must have healed. If anyone has the same issue I recommend doing the same if your doctor agrees.

Stretch your arms every day if you have under arm incisions! The nerves get tense and I keep having to remind myself to stretch or they get right.
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