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**HONEST REVIEW** Each individual is going to...

**HONEST REVIEW** Each individual is going to experience different levels of pain depending on both how sensitive their teeth are, and what kind of preparation they do. I got Zoom Teeth Whitening done by my dentist, who carefully explained the procedure to me beforehand, and about these "zingers". In order to prepare my teeth, she gave me a prescription for Duraphat 5000ppm Sodium Fluoride toothpaste which I was to use for about a week beforehand to help de-sensitise my teeth (not that they were sensitive before). I was also given a painkiller directly before we started. The actual procedure itself wasn't that bad a all. Like many of you I read all of these comments and went into the Dental Surgery almost dreading it as I did not want to be in as much pain as I had read everyone else was in. The first 15minutes were fine, no pain, no discomfort. The second 15minutes were ok too, got one or two very minor zingers which weren't really anything to write about. Ok so I was really not looking forward to the final 15minutes as this seemed to be the most painful. It was absolutely fine! In fact the little zingers in the 2nd 15minute stage were worse. So I completed the 3 sessions and the Dentist took out all of the stuff in my mouth and then showed me the results. My teeth were much whiter. I'm 24 years old and don't drink coffee or red wine so my teeth were quite white to begin with but after the treatment they still were noticably whiter, which I was really pleased about. When I left the Dental Surgery and went home, I did start to have zingers, however my Dentist had given me soothing gel to rub on my teeth, which helped. I just took another 2 painkillers and went to sleep, which I think is the best thing to do because when I woke up there was no pain and there were no zingers. Although I do want to state that when I was having zingers they were not the "ungodly, excruciating" pain that people are scaring you with on here. Bottom line is, it's not that bad, and certainly bearable. The results are good, and if you prepare your teeth beforehand by using the correct toothpaste (which your Dentist should be giving you prior to the treatment anyway) then you'll be fine and pleased with the results. I am now continuing to do the home treatment to keep them white. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me

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