26 Year Old, Depressed by Getting Large, Colorful Chest Tattoo. Scotland, GB

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I am so depressed and angry. So many good things...

I am so depressed and angry. So many good things are happening in my life now, and I thought a tattoo would complement my vibrant life, but it has completely depressed me. I'm not eating or sleeping and I'm dreading getting undressed to see my new tattoo. The artist did a very good job but it's not for me + turned out a lot larger and higher up than I originally wanted, but as so many of you here say - you didn't realize or thought it mattered until after... and I'm feeling constantly anxious, worried, short of breath and upbeat heart rate, and I have wrecked my self-esteem. I've never had doubts about my body in the past few years of adulthood, but now I do. It's only a week old. I haven't told my parents, which is the toughest part, and I'm having a horrible time. I try to do things, see my family, talk with them, walk outside, but I can't shake the feeling and I'm hating myself for it.

Please, I'm right now just looking for comforting words. I want it all gone right away, but funds are insufficient, and I'm worried I've ruined myself forever. I know I have to wait it out and see, but I'm so stressed out about telling my parents, and even friends. Recently I've just overcome a year long depression, just to ruin everything and kick myself "voluntarily" into the spiral again...

Do you think there is any hope? Do you at least think there is any way I can remove just that third eye and cover it with orange? I don't want the artist to know I'm dreading this, as she did a very good job, but I'm freaking out... Writing this review to get the ball rolling on either treatment of feelings or removal.

Good and bad days

Thank you so much for all your support everyone, it's been vital to me. However I had to get off RealLife for a while because I felt so much regret and anxiety when constantly reading about the pain and slow results from other people's removal, constantly being remonded about my tattoo and how it's there, permanently.

I'm writing in to tell you all that I have had two good weeks, also been showing it off when outside, twice. It felt weird but I only got positive feedback. However I didn't like the attention too much, but at least no one judged me or were obvious about it.

I've also been trying to ignore it which has helped, but there's just no way I can't go one day without seeing it. I thought I was getting on a good path with positive thoughts, but then I got home for Christmas today and I just can't focus or enjoy anything without thinking about the tattoo. I feel like it's robbing me of half my experiences brin in on mind all the time. Just had to tell you because I have no one to talk to about it.

Also, anyone in Edinburgh know of a good therapist? I really feel I should talk about this with a professional.

Thank you all again for your support and for listening to me. I'm let you know how things get on, and if I decide to go for a consultation for removal when back in Edinburgh after Christmas.

Going for a consultation tomorrow

I can't really afford removal, nor do I want to start right now as I'm giving myself a year to contemplate my decision, but I'm going for a consultation tomorrow just to hear the voice and opinion of a professional. It's SK:N Clinic in Edinburgh. Anyone been there? They don't have Pico lasers, which I'm kind of looking for, but then I would need to go to Newcastle. Any thoughts? What should I definitely ask my professional at the consultation?

I just want to be normal

Today I just wanted to feel normal, so I splurged on corrective makeup and spent two hours in the bathroom. I took an unnatural amount of selfies and got pretty emotional. Am I totally weird?

Later I might write a wee review of the DermaBlend makeup by Vichy that I bought at Boots (after watching the tutorials and reading more I have found that there's a different Professional version of this brand to get a better result - or am I wrong? Have anyone of you tried? Thankful for input here.)

PS! It looks much better on the pictures (and far away) than in reality unfortunately. It is very thick and you can defintely see up close the layers of makeup. It is lightweigt though, so it's easy to wear. Was difficult to apply. The feeling of looking at youself in the mirror is however priceless.

All the best to you! I am more certain than ever that this thing needs to come off. Stay tuned for SK:N Clinic review after my consultation. Adding some details soon!

Just for fun

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