Very Flat Chested Mum in Her 30's UK

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Here goes. I've wanted this done since I stopped...

Here goes. I've wanted this done since I stopped developing. I was always small but since breastfeeding my children, they disappeared to nothing but a bit of saggy skin. I rarely come across anyone as flat as myself so i hope to help some who are similar to me.

I'm wondering if I can edit this so there is a post trail like others have?

My surgery will be with Ben Chew, Nuffield, Glasgow. So far I can't praise him enough. He was very friendly and put me at ease. I have a very small BWD at 10.7 and I'm hoping to get 300cc HP Nagor Impleo round silicone implants which he says should take me to a 'c' cup. I don't really know what my bra size is but I wear a 32a. It is smaller than this though but it's difficult to find bras in a size smaller!! I don't need to wear a bra but do so for the padding. Surgery is booked for this month and I paid a few days ago! Can't wait now.

What do I need for the big day?

I'm staying over night in hospital after my op. What sort of things do people recommend taking? And what should I be doing in the run up? I've seen people taking vitamins etc and should I be moisturising to try and reduce stretch marks?

Wish boobs

I'm very petite and actually love the look of little boobs but don't want to miss this opportunity so I'm going as big as my body can take without looking fake.. I suppose i won't be disappointed if they are on the smaller size. Some pics that I like ranging from small to medium!!

More wish boobs and some definitely NO NO NO!!!

Kim has big ones but I like the shape here.

Had my pre op assessment.

Now I'm panicking that something will come back abnormal and I won't get my surgery!!

It lasted about half an hour. Staff were all lovely and friendly.

I first completed some of my details on my nursing documentation that will be used pre and post op.

It ran through yes and no questions about my health... heart problems, head problems, lungs, bladder, breathing, etc.

The nurse took my past medical history and family history, height and weight, mrsa swabs from my nose, groin and armpit, bloods taken, blood pressure, pulse, oxygen level in my blood, temperature,urine sample and measured my calves for TED stocking. If I'm colonised with MRSA which is quite likely given I work in healthcare, I will have to have my op postponed until I have treatment that will eradicate it! ????????

The cardiologist then came in and listened to my heart and my lungs.

The nurse then gave me details about where to report to on the morning, medication I can take on the day, details about blood clots and other leaflets and a sponge impregnated with soap that I have to use on the morning of my op!

Fingers crossed all is well!

Operation day - 0 day post op

So I'm still here to tell the tale!!

I had my early breakfast at half past 6 this morning. I almost kept forgetting I couldn't eat or drink and automatically went to open a bottle of juice. ????

I was taken to my room by a male receptionist who was very nice. I felt extremely awkward as I hate people fussing over me and he wanted to carry my bags, asked if I would like the stairs or the lift, etc etc!! I know I paid a lot of money but this was the last thing I thought of. So used to NHS!!

There was a 3 and a half hour wait and in between times the nurse came in and did all the usual pre op questions and obs. Also a pregnancy test which would just be my luck!! Obviously negative!
Then the anaesthetist who was a lovely woman. I told her I was worried about dying and being able to feel the op. She put my mind completely at rest.

Then, I got all marked up and the surgeon took photos. Not really too sure what you talk about when he has his face practically in your boobs!!

I was very nervous. I never had a dressing gown or slippers so i was given some to walk to theatre. Somehow I managed to nod off and the nurse came in and I wasn't even prepared with my teds or gown. Couldn't believe the time but that was better than sitting worrying. I think it was the heat of the room that made me snooze!!

Got to the prep room, was given an IV pain killer (assume morphine based) and an anti emetic, instantly I felt great!!! The feeling didn't last long as then I got the anaesthetic and some oxygen and the next thing I know I'm waking up!

Can't remember feeling much pain on waking, I had the airway removed from my mouth, which irritated it a bit and i felt really dry and still a bit sore now.

Returned to my room soon after where i scored my pain around 5 so got a strong pain killer. Made me relaxed and worked well!

Honestly now, 3 hours on, i feel great surprisingly!! My back where my bra strap would sit feels more painful I think. I got up to the toilet very soon after and my IV fluids are down as I'm drinking well!! It's all very achey but it's not at all agony or painful... things may change I understand though.

I've had my dinner and I put in for my breakfast menu... I wanted everything to get my money worth but didn't want to feel like a complete pig!!! The only complaint I have is my tea was too weak!! I'm a bit gassy feeling in my tummy but that might just be from eating a meal after a long fast.

So far, I'm over the moon.

I'm a bit tired so I'm hoping to get a good night sleep. Xxx

More post op 300cc hp Nagor impleo no bra.

Ben Chew

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