23 Years Old, 290cc Mentor CPG 333 Under the Muscle, Awaiting Final Results! - Scotland

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Currently only 10 days post op. I wore a 32B bra...

Currently only 10 days post op. I wore a 32B bra size pre op, but I was more around a 30A. I had 290cc Mentor CPG 333 (highly cohesive, tall height, high projection) inserted under the muscle 10 days ago. I was quite happy with the results to begin with, but now I just feel that my right breast is sitting different to my left. It was always slightly larger but nothing too significant compared to now :/ I feel the right has more implant at the side if that makes sense. I know it's early days but I'm starting to feel a little down about the shape just now and really hoping they even out! I've heard about 'dropping and fluffing' but I can't imagine mine doing that!! Ughh I have 0 patience and I hope they settle soon!!! :((

Booby greed

Today I have boob greed!! And I am so annoyed at myself because I told myself that I wouldn't let myself think this way! I know that my boobs are a whole lot better than pre op (flat, ironing board like!!) but I can't help but think I want BIGGER!! Even though my PS told me the 290 was the biggest he was willing to go. And I know it's still early to be thinking like this. We spend so much money and then not as happy and content as we thought we'd be!! I think that's what is annoying. I don't have another 5K to spend making my boobs bigger unfortunately so for now I'll have to try and be happy with what I've got because I know it's a huge improvement than what I had before...

My before and after photo..

Started with nothing!!

Feeling good!!

Tried on a new sports bra, size 34DD. I love it!! Little tight but love the look it gives me. Might not have the biggest boobies after BA but they are making me feel super sexy tonight!!

Visit to the nurse and trying on bikinis today

Today I went to see my nurse at the clinic for some reassurance about my concerns with the size difference of my breasts following my BA on 25/7.

My right breast has always been a little bigger but I had seen a bit more of a difference since the BA. She really put my mind at ease. She had a good feel and I have quite a bit of swelling and fluid on the right hand side and hopefully when this goes down they will look more alike as my left breast has pretty much settled swelling wise. My right nipple is also bigger than the left giving the impression the breast itself is bigger. I am going to look in to getting this areola reduced in size in the near future. Think I'll phone my clinic at the start of the week!

Anyway, to make myself feel better as I've been thinking my boobys are small (lol!) I tried on a bikini and felt amazing!! I've added a photo of it as I love it!!

Trying to feel happy about what I've got

So I didn't have a good night last night. I cried and cried and cried. All over boobs! I don't even know what I'm upset about. The difference in sizes? The difference in nipple size? Wanting to go bigger? Who knows. All I know is that when I try to take photos of them I need to delete them as I hate the way the come out in photos and when I look in the mirror I am critical of every little detail!!

Thinking about my boobs is kind of taking over my life now and I am SICK of it! I'm sick of feeling unhappy. My boobs aren't perfect I know that but I know I'm only 13 days post op and they still have a way to go until final results...

So I am going back to the clinic in 4 weeks for my six week post op appointment and I will see how I feel then. If I'm still this unhappy I will be discussing a revision and/or nipple correction (whatever PS feels is best).

I hope I'm feeling better by then as I don't want to put myself through all of this again.

Four weeks until review with clinic :)

I'm quite looking forward to my six week review. Although I'm not 100% satisfied with my BA results, I know that this is NOT the end and revisions can be carried out at some point in the future. I do want to give my body time to heal from my BA so I will discuss options with my surgeon to get a revision possibly done March/April 2017.

I have kind of accepted that I'm unhappy with my breasts, and I am adamant that I want to go under again to get this rectified.

My surgeon did a great job, but cosmetically I'm not happy and I'm not the confident woman I thought I'd be after BA.

I really need the asymmetry corrected and I'd also like to go bigger!

So yes I'm super excited for my 6 week review to discuss these issues!!

Thank you.

I would just like to say thank you to the doctors on this forum helping me feel more "normal" and content.

And of course to the ladies who have supported me also.

Thank you, everyone.

5 weeks on.. I eventually love them!

5 weeks post op now. I began by hating my new boobs!! It's mad how I now love them. There are slight asymmetries but they are unique and perfect for me. Here's some updated photos...
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