Sclerotherapy Has Not Helped Spider Veins in Shin and Ankle Area.

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I have been treated with sclerotherapy injections...

I have been treated with sclerotherapy injections for several years with mixed results. The veins in my upper legs have been helped, but the spider veins in my shin and ankle areas don't seem to be any better. My doctor told me that because these veins are so tiny and numerous he probably would not be able to get those areas looking much better. I am most unhappy about this because my shin and ankle areas always look reddish and unhealthy - and they are hard areas to cover or hide unless I wear long pants and boots year round (hard to do in Florida!).

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This is a hard question to answer with a straight yes or no. He is a board certified vascular surgeon and is a good physician. I just have not been satisfied with the results.

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