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HI, I've been wanting an augmentation since the...

HI, I've been wanting an augmentation since the age of 16. I've always had small boobs. After giving birth to two children (whom I only breastfed 6 weeks yet still was left with sagginess) I lost volume and my size dropped from a perky full b to a barely fitting b. I had my first appointment yesterday to discuss the augmentation. I chose my doctor because of research I had done, and word of mouth from several people in the area. I'm nervous because I am a single mother and I naturally fear the worst. However, I've been trying to think only happy thoughts and am keeping myself occupied with thoughts of finally having nice boobs again!!! My dr. gave me good news that I don't require a lift (thank you bench presses!), and I have decided to go with subpectoral implants and a inframammery (idk how to spell it) incision. I will most likely go with silicone although I'm not 100% positive. Any feedback on silicone vs. saline?

As far as size, I'm not so much concerned with cup size as I am shape and proportion. I'd like to be around a full C or D tops. I want it to look somewhat natural. I clearly don't have pics up yet, but I will be sure to add some tomorrow. Please provide feedback, advice or tips! I will keep you updated!

I just had my pre-op today. My dr. recommended...

I just had my pre-op today. My dr. recommended 375, 400, or 425 cc's for the look I want. He did mention that because of my wide breast bone, that I would have to have support (like a bra) to keep them closer together. Has anyone had any experience with that? Also, while I prefer the larger look (425 cc's) I'm also trying to think long term. Do large sizes like that have more sagging and quicker? more likely to have complications? I'm finally started to get excited (instead of just scared). :)

p.s. will get pics up asap!
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Both from internet research and word of mouth from several different people.

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