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My tummy problems began when I was 22 days old, in...

My tummy problems began when I was 22 days old, in 1950. No that is not a misprint.I was born two months premature. At 20 days I began projectile vomiting. After a couple of days a diagnosis was made, pyloric stenosis. Surgery was performed. That surgery left my midsection a mess. As a child and teen I was cursed with a huge vertical scar surrounded by bulging flesh. Nothing like being a teen and wearing a long line bra. Body issues were definitely present.

My first reconstructive surgery to repair multiple hernias was in 1970. There were other hernia surgeries in 1982, 2000, 2005, and 2007. After the surgery in 2007 I was left with a huge bulge on the upper left quadrant of my ab region. 3 different docs told me I did not have another hernia. Finally, as I was shopping for a gown for my daughter's up-coming wedding, I was becoming more and more discouraged. Dresses in my usual size were not fitting.

In frustration, I went to Dr. Barach (ps). He made an appt with a surgeon. They both felt I had another hernia. So on March 22 the surgeon took care of a hernia and a wall tear next to it and Dr. B took care of the tummy tuck. I am so thrilled. The first time I saw my middle, 5 days po, I cried. I never thought my middle could look this way...I look great with my drains and swelling.

Based on the stories shared by others here, I can only imagine what I will look like 6 months from now. I have been seen by my ps two times since returning home and have another appt this afternoon. Keeping my fingers crossed that the drains will be removed. Thank you to everyone who reports here.

This website has been very useful and comforting. I am looking forward to returning to the gym and am continuing to eat healthy....well...Easter doesn't count...Does it?Have a great day! PS...Insurance covered the hernia portion of surgery but not the plastic surgeon's bill. The use of the OR was also prorated, and we had to pay @ $875 for that.

I am now 13 days po. On day 10 my drains were...

I am now 13 days po. On day 10 my drains were removed. Today, PS removed stitches from my bb; not a comfortable experience. PS was surprised that I had feeling so soon po. I hadn't taken my own before pics. I asked for a set, which they gave me. Now I have to figure out how to scan them onto my computer so I can post them. What a difference! My pre op size 6 jeans fit with no muffin top. Yay! I bought Assets (Target) Spanx to begin wearing today, but the high waisted shorts kept rolling down. I am short waisted. Luckily, I have a one piece Spanx type garment. That seems better, plus there are snaps in the crotch. I may still wear the CG at night. I am only taking 1 hydrocodone at bedtime. It's about 5:15 p.m. now, and I haven't taken Motrin or Tylenol today. I have begun to walk slowly outside. PS reminded me that my walking should not resemble exercise, when I complained that it took 15 minutes to walk about 1/4 mile. PS said I shouldn't even consider using a treadmill for a 6 weeks. I was in the gym 5 days a week prior to surgery. Due to issues that make me easily develop hernias and tears, I can't do CORE exercises. I want to thank all the flat side members who share here.

I am dpo 15. A friend of mine visited this morning...

I am dpo 15. A friend of mine visited this morning. I showed her my before pics and then unveiled the new me. She cried for me because she was so happy for me. I never had shown her my torso before. She was truly overwhelmed by the difference.

Today is 18 dpo. I drove the car for the first...

Today is 18 dpo. I drove the car for the first time last night. Today, I drove myself on errands, to hair salon, and to PS. OMG...when I went into the exam room I saw a tray with instruments, betadine, and other medical items. Little did I know they were for me! PS is very pleased with my progress. Since he is going on vacation this week, he had other PS come in to talk about my case. PS showed other doc my befores. He seemed proud of his work. So when that was over followed by chit chat...I thought I was done. But NO...The materials on the tray were for me. PS gave local anesthetic shots around BB. Then he cut and cleaned and tugged. It didn't hurt because I was numb, but I still could feel the I think it was just the idea of it. I have to rinse out BB 2x a day, use a q tip to clean it out, and then apply a specially lubricated pad to BB so that a part of it protrudes into BB. Then cover with gauze and tape. He would not refill hydrocodone. Said if needed I could take 3 motrins with 2 ex. str. Tylenol. All in all I am doing well. I will get around to posting pics. He did take more photos today. Best to all....adream

Well I was 3 weeks po yesterday. I have the...

Well I was 3 weeks po yesterday. I have the continued aches and pains and swelling. I sleep with the ps provided wrap/velcro garment and wear Maidenform one piece spanx type garment all day. So here is the wonderful part. My daughter is getting married in October. I was so frustrated because none of the gowns I tried on before surgery looked good. My waistline had become nonexistent somehow since my son's wedding 8 years ago. Well, this morning I asked my husband if we could go to Saratoga Springs to a couple of bridal salons to browse. 3 weeks out I had no plan to try on anything. At the second shop I saw 2 possibilities. I decided to bite the bullet and try them on. OMG...the second one is the one. is a gown with a natural waistline....Me with a waistline!!!!!!!!! There is even a jeweled detail around the waist. I am over the moon. So....I still think the pain, swelling, etc. are well worth it. Yay!

Today is one month po. I am doing well. I haven't...

Today is one month po. I am doing well. I haven't weighed myself since about 5 days po. At that point I didn't weigh myself til I had eaten breakfast, which included drinking a large glass of water and mug of coffee. In addition, I was wearing binder, sweatpants, zip up hoodie, and those lovely drains. At that point I was the same weight as the a.m. of my TT. So given the circumstances, I was very happy. I am concerned about being sedentary due to restrictions. I am walking outside and will increase to two 1.5 mile walks a day. A few of things I have noticed are the following: 1. My thighs look improved. I think that is due to the pulling of the lower flap of skin. Also, when I walk my upper thighs tire. Prior to surgery, I was in the gym 5 days a week doing the elliptical or treadmill at an incline of 15 for 60 minutes. 3. Now that the torso swelling is less, my waist doesn't appear to nip in. Growing up I never had a narrow waist. I continue to feel that the surgery was well worth it. While I had thought about having a TT for years, I am glad this was the time. Why? While I am 63 and some may think why do it now, I am retired and don't have to worry about returning to work as so many of my "sisters" on the flat side have had to do. Also, I do not have to keep up with children. How you younger ladies have done it, I don't know. More power to you. My PS didn't do lipo at the time of my surgery. Because he and the general surgeon did not know what the condition of my insides were, he did not want to put me through too much at one time. He said he could always tweak at a later time with lipo. I do plan to post before and after pics in the future. Thank you to all of you who post your experiences and ask your questions. You benefit us all.

Saw PS today. Friday will be 5 weeks po. At last...

Saw PS today. Friday will be 5 weeks po. At last visit he tended to bb. Evidently I had necrotic tissue that had to be taken care of that day. Incisions are doing well. He did apply silver something or other on bb to help it scab. I asked about the marble in the bb. He told me it was interesting that I mentioned it, because a med school friend who is a ps in another part of the country was recently telling him about it. He said to do it. So tomorrow I will buy some marbles and try it out. Any marble trick experts out there? Fill me in with the details, please. Thanks a bunch.

Friday, May 3, 2013 was my 6 weeks point po. I am...

Friday, May 3, 2013 was my 6 weeks point po. I am feeling well. The only negative is that my bb closed up. I see the ps on May 15. I had read about the marble trick, but the information I read said the bb had to heal before using a marble to shape the bb. I know I would never wear a 2 piece bathing suit other than a tanktini, so it isn't a big deal to me. I'll see what my doctor tells me next week. While I have been cleared to return to the gym, the weather has been so beautiful that I am walking 5 miles a day. I have a 4 kg ball that I am using for arm toning. I still feel the pain and expenses were well worth the outcome. I have some love handle action on my back, not horrible. I am considering lipo there in the future. I do wish my waist appeared nipped in, but I do have an issue on my upper left side from kidney surgery. The urologist had to remove part of my rib, so I have a bulge that has nothing to do with the TT. That bulge isn't pronounced in the morning. It is very obvious by evening. I know I should post photos. Perhaps I will feel comfortable in the future.

7 weeks and 3 days. Continue to feel the TT was...

7 weeks and 3 days. Continue to feel the TT was worth the drains, pain, and period of healing. At this point my bb has closed. I see the PS on Wednesday. I'll see what he has to say. The only observation to share is that while my tummy is flat, my waist isn't nipped in. PS didn't do lipo because I had a gen surgeon too. I had other issues that he took care of. PS doesn't believe it is healthy to be too radical. I may have lipo in the future. I wish every flat side sister and wanna be the best. I am back in the gym. Only 3 lb hand weights. Lat machine lowest weight. Treadmill for 60 mins. Vary incline and speed. Listen to my body.

8 weeks

Here I am at 8 weeks since TT. I saw PS the day before yesterday. I am very happy. The results exceed ps's and my expectations. My belly is so flat. My waist isn't nipped in, but as a girl it was never nipped. I am considering lipo of my love handle area...although I don't have bulging love handles. My issue is the following. I am a 34/36 D bra. I have no intention of having a reduction. My size 6 jeans are now loose, so I can probably do 4. The great part is that I don't have a muffin top over my jeans as I did before TT. Depending on the cut of tops I am either a M or L...on occaision XL due to bust size. I suppose this is a nice problem to have. I will have to bring clothes to the seamstress or tailor for a good fit. My daughter is getting married in October. Bridal tends to run small. I had to order a 16 for chest fit. Waist and Hips will be big. Oh husband pointed out..."Better to have a large chest and small bottom than no boobs and a big bottom."
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