30 Yr Old Wanting a Better Look! - Schaumburg, IL

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I have been researching the different types of...

I have been researching the different types of Liposuction for about two years now. I have always been serious about getting it done but never felt comfortable enough to go through with it. At the age of 30 after 3 kids I was officially ready and determined to get my body back. I really wanted to travel to have it done because places here in IL can be expensive, but once I factored in the price of the procedure that I was being quoted along with travel expenses I decided to look a little closer to home.
After several consults in the Chicago area and I decided to go with Dr. Paul C Dillion. He has 26 years of experience as well as an appropriate price. His assistant Elizabeth is super nice and is also very informative. She didn't pressure me into anything and was more concern about what I wanted done and what my expectations were.

One Week Post Tumesent Liposuction

The first couple of days were rough, my abdomen was very sore whenever I transitioned from sitting to standing and vice versa. The pain wasn't intolerable, I haven't taken anything for pain besides Mortin. The Dr gave me some Arnika which i believe is working for bruising and swelling. I still have some numbness in my lower back, the nurse said that was normal. Every time I contacted Dr Dillon's nurses they were prompt in getting back to me and giving the answers that I needed.
I received my stage 2 garment yesterday which is in the size XL because my stage 1 was a 2XL and over the first couple of days even after washing it had become to loose which shows improvement on my waist line.

Sleeping has been a task for me as I had my upper and lower abs as well as my flanks done so no matter how I sleep it's very uncomfortable. I have been sleeping in an up right position using my pillows for comfort as I have found this to relieve pressure from my sore sites.

I haven't experienced any draining as that disappeared day2. I will keep everyone posted as I didn't want to post pics until I'm a little further in this process. FYI, everyone around me has been saying since day three how they can notice my slimmer appearance.

Headed Into my 3rd Week!

My results so far are phenomenal compared to what they were week one. I still have some swelling but not as much as I had last week. I'm in my stage two compression garment and it is already too lose so I have to order a smaller size. I started in an XL went to a L and now I'm sure I need a medium!
I have been sleeping in my garment as it keeps me compressed and comfortable at night. I usually have it off for a few hours during the day to wash it. my back is still a little numb the nurse said that was normal. My 1month follow up is next week. I still have not needed to take any pain meds and sleeping has become less of a hassle. Overall, everything has been going better than expected. Better photos will be coming soon. I wanted everyone to see the change so far.

Before and after pics

Before(left) 1 week (middle) 2week (right)
Chicago Plastic Surgeon

Dr Dillon was very nice and paid attention to my concerns. I'm not a fan of needles nor pain but I didn't have to fear either because Dr Dillon was extra gentle and professional. I never felt any discomfort on the table. I did notice a slight difference in my appearance the day after the operation as I was still very swollen as expected.

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