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I initially went in to see what it would cost me...

I initially went in to see what it would cost me to have 4 sections done and because I was not approved for all 4, I was only able to get 2 sections done. I told my consultant, Shaena Mansoori, that I would have to go speak with my husband about it and I would call her back on the following Monday. She called me on the following day stating that I could have the procedure done this coming week and I would not have to have the $1,000 down payment. My husband said I could do it. I also never received the $250 off special when I made the appointment initially.
Shaena Mansoori then had emailed me forms that I needed to initial, sign and etc. I did not have any ink in my printer so I electronically signed them. But I was unable to enter any text so I could fill out the credit card information or any comments. Shaena Mansoori called me and I gave her the information for the credit card over the phone.
When I went in to set up the procedure date, Shaena Mansoori, had me come back to her and finish up filling out my financial paperwork. She then asked me for 2 forms of Identification. So I gave her my driver’s license and a credit card. She then copied them and gave them back.
The next day she emailed me and stated “The financing company told me the credit card number on file doesn’t match the photo of the credit card I took a copy of. If you can send me a photo of the credit card number you gave me for the financing company. Front and back please. Thank you =)” . Then I got very upset because the card I gave her over the phone was for the payment of the procedure, she asked me to bring it in the next time I came in, I did. When the woman at the front desk was going through each form to make sure everything was in order, she said she had EVERYTHING that was needed so I assumed she had the card info needed. So my response to Shaena Mansoori was “That is because you asked me for two forms of identification and I gave you one, of my two credit cards. That is why it does not match. I do not want it on the credit card I gave you for IDENTIFICATION.”
So in the process of this con, I lost my small wallet that had my credit cards in them and I had to declare them lost and I am waiting on the cards to be mailed to me. I messaged her to let her know I will contact her.
Shaena, stated to me that “We” (Sono Bello) are accredited because we want to be, not that we have to be. Yet, as I have been doing (a little too late) research on your company, I found this statement below because of a death of a girl who went to Sono Bello.
“When Aura had her procedure done at Sono Bello, it wasn't being licensed or inspected because it's classified as a cosmetic clinic that does not use general anesthesia. But after KING reported her death to the health department, the state established new rules requiring all clinics to be accredited by one of four national agencies.”1

I should have right then and there gone with my gut instinct and not have gone through the procedure. Close to the end of the procedure I started feeling pain on my left side of my abdomen. I told the nurse and Dr. M. Vincent Makhlouf, that it was starting to hurt very much. Both of them just said “your blood pressure and heart rate are fine”. That had nothing to do with the pain I was feeling. I know that if the blood pressure or heart rate goes up, that it is a sign of pain. But obviously it was not an indicator for me. The nurse put a rubber ball in my hand for me to squeeze, I assume for being nervous. I was not nervous, I was in pain. The doctor kept going in and when he moved to the stomach area, I really started to feel extreme pain. I repeatedly told them that it felt like it was burning. The doctor and nurse kept saying “your blood pressure and heart rate are fine” . I kept saying how much pain I was in and the doctor kept on going. He said, “We are almost done” and kept on going. I was in so much pain I wanted to vomit. I was shaking so badly from the pain I could not control my hands. It is now 12 days after my procedure and I am still in a great deal of pain near the stomach area.
When I went in for my one week visit, I told the girl that if I would have known it was going to be this painful, I would never have done this. I can barely sleep, sit or stand for long periods of time. She then tells me that “for some people it takes longer to heal” Well; I don’t think most people felt like they were having surgery on them while awake with no numbing agent like it felt on me. And most likely the doctor would not give me anything to help with the pain because he never does. (after the initial medication).
She then tells me that “this is a six month process”. Which I was shocked at hearing because you are told from their email and in the office, that within 2 days you can go back to work and the following week you can lightly exercise. I could barely get up out of bed or stand from a chair or the couch. I was to be given a second compression garment and I was never given that either.
“By now you should be moving out of the discomfort stage of the recovery process. You may still be experiencing some tenderness, swelling and/or bruising. For most patients, the worst has already passed. Any remaining swelling and bruising will diminish over the next week to 10 days.

This is a great time to get out there and resume exercising! Start out slowly, and increase to a comfortable level. Your body will tell you what is too much. The same lymphatic process that is helping your body remove damaged fat cells from your procedure kick starts the metabolic process as well. This means that any exercise you do now will further stimulate your body's change and give you a better outcome from your body contouring procedure.

Now that your body is in a more advanced stage of recovery, you may have some different sensations around your treated area. Tingling and partial numbness are normal from this phase until about three months into your recovery. As we remove fat from your body, some nerve cells can be disrupted. As they "re-engage" themselves, you may experience numbness or a tingling sensation at times. You might also feel some small lumps and bumps in your treatment area. These little deposits are damaged fat cells that your body is in the process of removing. They are perfectly normal and will dissipate over time.
I am not complaining about the swelling, or discomfort, I am complaining that I was having a form of surgery done on my body and it was not numb and he would not stop. When I think about the pain I was in, I want to vomit. I am still in a lot of pain and pretty swollen. And as of today, I am still in a great deal of pain and it is interfering with my way of life.
I did this procedure to help me be able to advance in yoga and to help me start the path of healing and losing weight. I didn’t even lose one pound yet. I see a little difference in my stomach but that is all. Even as of today, January 2, 2016, I have lost no weight and feel a little smaller in the upper waist area but that is it.

I am hoping that something can be done about this. If I would have known any of this would have happened I would not have had this procedure done. I am upset, hurt ( in many ways) and I wish I did not have to pay for something that was defective.

shaena mansoori

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