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I did my consultation and everything went well I...

I did my consultation and everything went well I am set to go in for my procedure in two weeks. I don't see very many reviews or photographs of Dr.Dillion work but I'm still researching. The office staff was very knowledgeable and answered all my questions in person via text and also via email. I would have liked to meet with the doctor during my consultation but I won't see him until my surgery.

Surgery completed

Day 2 of my surgery still very sore but it's getting better. I know that I feel much better when I get up and move around

Before pics

Just updating yall on my progress

I did it!

My surgery was 5/5. I was a nervous wreck but did it anyway. Everything went according to plan. I would've liked my pain meds much sooner to relax because I was so tense. The lipo was aggressive but I gothink what I asked for. I wanted all my belly fat removed and he removed 4 liters. I must admit I'm use to being in a more upscale or professional office. A few times I thought to myself .... that's not professional but hey that's just me. I over analyze everything. Overall Dr Dillion was very good and had a great down to earth personality. I'm currently one week out and still sore hardly any bruising and its getting better every day.

Lymphatic Massage is wonderful

Lymphatic Massage yesterday and I feel brand new. Dr Dillion office also offers massage but it was way to aggressive for me so I found someone that specialized in Manual Lymp drainage (MLD). It is VERY gentle and reduces swelling big time. I feel so much better today and cant wait to go back for my next massage. Meanwhile Im still tight on my sides but my waist is looking great. I also have lots of lumps but with the massage they are becoming softer. I also massage myself daily with a Arnica gel. I really miss working out and cant wait to get back to it. For now Im just walking. I will post more pics soon.

More pics. 2 weeks post

2 weeks post lipo

Still sore and lumpy but getting better. I massage myself 2-4 times a day. I make my daughter rub me down after work toon lol. Oddly enough I haven't heard from the Dr office. Not good in the follow up area. They also didn't provide me with enough after care info or who to call in an emergency.

Post Lipo Day 15

Doing better every day. I'm finding massaging through the pain is working. Its went from hard rocks to firm lol. I'm able to walk with no pain and very little tightness. Any free time I have Im massaging. I bought another garment but now I see that if you wash it and dry on LOW heat it tightens right back up. Yesterday I was actually able to sleep on my belly. Felt very weird at first but its fine after your body relaxes. I'm getting sensation back in my lower back. My sides are still numb and so is most of my belly.

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