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Hello everyone!! I've been reading reviews for a...

Hello everyone!! I've been reading reviews for a while now and Im finally beginning my journey. I am scheduled for tomorrow evening and I am nervous.. I have had issues with my pouch, muffin top, as many call it and my back fat. I decided to look into it when my best friend got a tummy tuck. Loved her results but not the recovery. So i opted in for just lipo. And now I'm ready!! I'm excited and nervous at the same time. I'm praying everything goes smoothly. If anyone has any suggestions for me pre-op and post-op, I would really appreciate it. Thank guys!!

Surgery went well

So I had my procedure last night everything went well. I was out of it last night. My skin is really loose like it was after having my son. But with my compression garment it should be ok. I can tell a big difference already. Once I change my dressings I will take pics to show you guys...

Day 2 post op

Finally got to take a shower. And look at my tummy. Its still a little ugly but Im hoping it will be better b4 my 1 week check up.

Day 3 and still in the bed..

Hello everyone. I'm 3 days post op and I've been out a few time prematurely but I'm not in pain, it's just discomfort. I drove today for the 1st time without my garment and I must say I won't be doing that again. I felt every bump in the road. I gave my body a break from the garment today because I've had it on for 3days. The only time I took it off was to use the bathroom. I have the one with the shorts attached and there is no way I could use the bathroom through that whole that is provided. Lbvvs. But it hand washed it today and I'm just wearing my binder. The garment I was told to wear for at least 12hrs and Ive worn that and my binder constantly for 3days. So it needed a deep cleaning... and it got one today. Im not draining anymore. So nor more tape and pads so thats a good thing and it's getting easier by the day to get in and out of the bed and maneuver once I get in. So I'm progessing slowly but surely. I can say I haven't been taking the pain meds because I don't need them but I do take regular strength Ibuprofen. I take 600mg or 800mg. That's doing me just fine. So be stong ladies it's really not that bad. ????????????????

Swollen swollen and more swollen....

So I'm a week post op and I've swollen up like a balloon. Apparently he told me this after my surgery was completed but I was out of it and was reminded of it when I went back for my 1-week follow-up today. Lbvvs. I had noticed my belly had started to swell more a couple of days ago and panicked. He told me I would go from small to swollen in a matter of days. So now I look and feel like a little ballon.. I was told I needed massages so today I got one and let me tell you... Hunnty... Swelling and massages don't go well together. I wasn't prepared for the pain but I had to have it done to minimize swelling and lumps so I did it and I have to get it done again next week. A little afraid to go for another one but it is necessary and I will be taking pain pills before I go next week. I'm telling you ladies this because I wasn't prepared so hopefully when you go you can know what to expect. ????????????????

Abdominal Board is a must!!!

2 weeks post op and I'm moving around a heck of a lot better. I purchased the abdominal board and it helps with the lumps in my belly. I sleep in it and wear it around the house. I wear my garment constantly. I have been taking Tumeric pills to help with all of the stiffness and swelling. Im happy with my results thus far but I do realize that I'm still swollen. I just can't wait until my final results. Got my 2nd massage today. Wasn't as bad a the 1st massage but it did still hurt.. but I have to take it if I want to get rid of the lumps... So now I'm patiently waiting to see my ultimate results.
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So far, he's amazing. He is quite the comedian and I feel very comfortable with him.

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