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This is a brief account of my Sonobello experience...

This is a brief account of my Sonobello experience at the Schaumburg IL location. My initial consultation was with a "Patient Care Consultant" who is not medically trained or part of the procedure. The Consultant is basically a Sonobello sales person who handles the scheduling for your procedure. After a high pressure sales technique I was persuaded to pay $6800 for upper/lower abs and love handles (flanks) which I paid in full before leaving the office. I was then pressured into scheduling a pre surgery consultation 4 days later and the actual surgery 3 days after that without been given a chance to process the information received. The "PCC" then instructed me NOT to go online and look up any information pertaining to Sonobello to avoid getting discouraged and changing my mind. After reading MULITPLE NEGATIVE reviews from all the Sonobello locations which seemed to be endless, I decided to give Sonobello the benefit of the doubt against my better judgement. I met with the doctor that was going to do my procedure during the scheduled pre-surgery consultation and immediately felt uncomfortable. The doctor stood by the door and was clearly rushing me through the process to get me out the door and appeared disinterested in my concerns. I was given paperwork to read and told to ask any questions but when I did I was made to feel like I was being a bother. I had a very uneasy feeling and after receiving the paperwork I left. I went home and began to research the doctor and could not find 1 positive review. I felt like I was reading reviews on procedures performed by Dr. Frankenstein. I called the "PCC" and explained the situation and stated there was NO WAY I would allow this doctor to do a procedure on me. The "PCC" said she would reschedule me with another doctor because Sonobello did not give refunds. Reluctantly I went along with the process and was scheduled for another consult with a different doctor. The experience went better but everything still seemed rushed. After reading the financial agreement it states that if you cancel 5 days before your procedure you are not entitled to a refund which is why I believe everything is rushed from the beginning so you immediately fall into that category and give Sonobello a reason to fight you for a refund. The "PCC" insisted on immediately scheduling a surgery with the second doctor to "save my spot" telling me we could reschedule if needed. I informed the “PCC” I would need time to check with work and make arrangements to have the needed recovery time since my job is physically demanding and was told it wouldn’t be a problem. After a few days I contacted the "PCC" and stated the date they assigned me did not work for me and provided a date that would give me time to make the proper arrangements. The "PCC" then verified the date which was approx. 2 months away and stated there was an opening and everything was ready to go. The “PCC” also told me I would need another pre-consult that would be done about a week before the procedure. During that same conversation the "PCC" told me that the doctor that I met with initially was no longer working there due to lots of complaints which made me wonder why they would have given him to me in the first place. Two months have passed and the day of the consult comes which is 1 week before the scheduled procedure. While sitting in the waiting area I'm listening to 2 patients that are there for follow up appointments complain about their procedures, follow up care and their doctors. These 2 ladies are even lifting up their shirts showing how bad there experience was, their individual results and 1 of them was complaining about the doctor that was going to perform my procedure. I was then taken to a room and a short time later the doctor came in. During the pre-op consult I was told I gained weight since the last time I was there where and the nurse and doctor seemed to make a joke about that which made me very uncomfortable. While in the room with the doctor and nurse, someone from the front desk came into the room and informed me that she was sorry but the date I was going to have my surgery has been cancelled. The doctor then responded "this isn't my problem that's something you people need to work out" then left the room. The doctor was very cold and made me feel unimportant which made me question how I would be dealt with after the procedure. I was NEVER contacted about the change in schedule and was told I would have to wait 7 days for the doctor to become available. I was then escorted out of the room where my consultation was conducted and brought to front desk (on the employee side) where I feel I was ambushed by the staff. I was surrounded by 5-6 employees and told to sign paperwork if I wanted the next available appointment with the doctor 7 days later than originally scheduled. I asked to speak with the “PCC” but was told she was in a consultation and couldn’t see me. To avoid making a scene, I signed the paperwork for the date pushed upon me by the staff and left. While in the parking lot, I attempted to reach the “PCC” by phone but was only connected to her voice mail. I left a message explaining what had happened and that the new date pushed upon me would not give me enough time to recover and asked for a return call. I waited a week without a return call so I emailed the “PCC” as well as left another message on her email. Eventually the “PCC’ called me and I explained the situation as well as all the negative feelings. I explained that I could no longer ignore the obvious unprofessional treatment and truly felt my wellbeing would be an issue having anything procedures performed on me. I asked for a refund and explained how Sonobello failed to honor the contract when they cancelled on me and was told that I still was not entitled to a refund, I can either lose the money or have the procedure performed. I have spoken with the “PCC” and was then directed to the office manager requesting a refund and was denied by both. I was told that “corporate” denied my request but were willing to waive any rescheduling fees. I then asked to speak to the mysterious “corporate” personnel that denied my request but was told “we cannot give out that information.” The reviews I have read are almost a blue print of what the Sonobello experience provides and I refuse to let Sonobello perform any procedures on me. I am not a masochist and don’t want to be the person who is laying in a hospital bed wishing I did not get the procedure done and just gave up on recovering my money. I will be seeking Legal representation to recover my money as well as lost wages from taking time off work to have the procedure done that Sonobello failed to do as well as any court costs associated with this.


Sono Bello has resolved the issue to my satisfaction
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