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Hey real self! Well I must share my disappointing...

Hey real self! Well I must share my disappointing Sonobello experience! When you go to Sonobello for a consultation, it's with a sales person not a Doc. I actually expected to meet the Doctor during my consult on 2/13/16 in Schaumburg, IL. That made me uncomfortable but I wanted the Lipo so I paid and booked it for 3/9/2016 with Dr. Jeffery Flagg. I planned my procedure, took a unpaid leave from work for 5 days and hired sitters. Went to my pre-op appt 3/5/16 and was eager to meet Dr. Flagg. I given a gown to change into, I changed, and then his nurse told me she had bad news and to get dressed. She tells me I have to be 6 months postpartum to proceed with the surgery. My child is 5 months so Dr. Flagg refused to meet me and canceled the procedure. Dr Flagg could have at least came into the room!! My child was at the consultation with me, and I told them his age before I booked the surgery! However Sonobello canceled my procedure after I took a unpaid leave from work. And to add insult to injury the sales lady finally contacted me 3/9/16 (after I demanded a refund) and told me that the Doctor was mistaken and I only had to be 3 months postpartum. She wanted to reschedule for the following week. For their mistake I'm taking a loss of about $1000 in lost wages and sitters. I asked for $500 back to compensate me for some of my financial loss so that I could reschedule for the following week and Sonobello Refused! Their mistake but my loss! I'm not rescheduling and taking another unpaid leave from work because of their mistake! What a waste of time!

Was pissed but did reschedule

My first review was honest, but it was written while I was Upset! I did renegotiate with Sono bello successfully, and my procedure will take place in the near future!! I also finally met Dr. Flagg who was very professional!!!! Befor and after pics coming soon!
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Did not meet the Doctor

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